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  1. i know for a fact i wasted my time making this but nobody will do anything about it until they're backed in a corner and forced to, i think more people need to make posts like this
  2. Your Name: ChefbutterItem Name + Amount: Wolf spawn egg, 1Coordinates: +1301, -748, 112Description of Issue: I go into more detail at but the situation chalks up to, someone had put a nametag on my dog (i was offline during all this), mikewerf killed it without talking to anybody about it. I want a new dog. I had to go to several mystcraft worlds to find it, and there was no reason it shouldve been killed vs him asking us to change the name
  3. In-Game Nickname: MikewerfYour username (Optional): ChefbutterTime and Date: 3:00 pm 6/30/20 Description of what happened: i log on and ask my townmate (iibritish) what happened to my dog, he says mikewerf killed it for having an inappropriate name. I didn't give it a name tag so obviously I'm confused, and I say mikewerf is a (bad word) for killing my dog without talking to me about it or first asking us to change the name. I had nothing to do with the nametag, so I shouldnt have been punished for it. In response, I got a warning/kick for calling out mike. Not mad at Dono for giving me the warning, but the situation pisses me off to begin with. From what I hear from LOADS of other players is mikewerf has a track record for shit like this. Screenshots or Proof: https://gyazo.com/51a750af369ea09b4fdfea4d1ce5b58d List of eyewitnesses: iiBritishLaw
  4. Your Name: ChefbutterTown Name: AwesometownCoordinates: 1376, -912, 69Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6/26/2020 6:10 ESTDescription of Issue: Got a tp request from basegoboomboom, i declined it. He somehow tpd into my town (we have no town spawn set). got a dm from donoskaro telling me he had a rocket launcher in his inventory. He used it to blow up our ME system. He then proceeded to fly around with no jetpack/way of flying (he is not a donor and has no access to /fly). It is very frustrating to lose an ME system full of items.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/cUlfeqS
  5. UPDATE: also he blew a hole in our ME heat vents https://imgur.com/a/1cjgjdy
  6. posted in wrong forum, moved to
  7. Hi, My username is chefbutter. I am a member of a town, and have the entire area protected. My friend had a tier 2 rocket, which I tried to pick up by taking off the launch pad. This caused the rocket to disappear. In response, I paid $4.99 to replace the rocket, and after putting it on the launch pad, the exact same thing happened again. I am now out of 2 tier 2 rockets, and 5 euros. I would like a replacement if possible. I can give transaction receipt for my purchase if needed. Thanks for the help
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