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  1. Its because anyone can go into your town and change the settings on machines. if you dont want this to happen you should probably use "/t perm town set out none" (as long as your the mayor or assistant you will be able to)
  2. Actually, other than the obvious flaws to this plan being its up to staffs desecration on who gets to join. A whitelist is impossible because the maintenance uses the servers whitelist function.
  3. Your Name: DaBe00593Town Name: POGCoordinates: 0,0Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2020-04-06 5PM (UTC -4 Atlantic daylight time)Description of Issue: I keep getting a error in my town and it needs to be rolled back Screenshots (Optional):
  4. Your Name: DaBe00593Item Name + Amount: Resonant energy cell,Coordinates: +228 -267 100Description of Issue: I broke my resonant energy cell and it despawned Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Chunkloaders are already limited as it is. and adding resources to the server is pointless, the server doesnt lag and when most people say it does its mainly client side. we are five months into the current server wipe a little bit of TPS drop can be expected
  6. Your Name: CubicDraconiaItem Name + Amount: 9 redstone furnace Flux pickaxe with enchantments Fortune 3 Unbreaking 3 and Efficiency 5 resonant jetpackCoordinates: Location of death was somewhere in the nether Description of Issue: Was mining quartz and the lag on the server caused the explosion from the quartz to be delayed so when i went to mine more quartz the explosion occurred making me die in lava. Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Needs to be done again because someone decided that it should be griefed again
  8. Your Name: DaBe00593Town Name: Deponia Coordinates: x3423, y~, Z-1946Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Two-Three days ago Description of Issue: Was griefed with //regen, a lot of people have been getting griefed lately i suggest you pull logs at your earliest convenience to get the evidence for a punishment Screenshots (Optional):
  9. Im back at your page you happy?

    1. mikewerf


      You're a stalker.

    2. DaBe00593


      I get that a lot thanks 

    3. mikewerf


      Yea thats not weird.

  10. Moved to Infinity Evolved technical support
  11. Ive already moved the town over to the alt just need a manager to transfer the rank
  12. Hello, please post a topic here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/222-password-reset/ and use this template: that is the section you need to post in to get your password reset and please use the template
  13. town removed and regenerated T/C
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