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  1. DaBe00593

    [Inventory Rollback Request] JoeBrito

    Did a refund request in game at the request of the player Topic resolved T/C
  2. Your Name: DaBe00593Coordinates: X -1246 Z 1801 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 8:56PM 2019-02-10 AST (Atlantic standard time (UTC -4))Description of Issue: Was mining and had an issue with my flight dont know if it was server lag or client side lag. and i fell in lava and lost a lot of stuff unfortunitly i couldnt remember a lot of the things i had Screenshots (Optional):
  3. DaBe00593

    Didnt get the Review money

    The process is done generally every Monday and or Friday because bruny has the check the reviews
  4. DaBe00593

    [Inventory Rollback Request] donoskaro

    Player said everything was good T/C
  5. DaBe00593

    Market Mail Command

    It isn't a plugin suggestion, its a command for a plugin already implemented
  6. DaBe00593

    End of stream error please help

    Issue resolved T/C
  7. DaBe00593

    [Unban] Joey4213

    If someone logged into your account you would have known it, you have no proof of this and if you did you would have brought this up earlier. your story has changed multiple times The first time we talked to you about it you blamed Donoskaro, then after that you said that someone could have put it into an ender chest so its unlikely it was logged in from another location
  8. DaBe00593

    [Unban] Joey4213

    That does not prove your innocence it says that there is a very small chance you are innocent unless you can prove how the Creative energy card with your spawned in by tag is there we cannot determine if your innocent
  9. DaBe00593

    [Unban] Joey4213

    We cannot be held accountable for players issues, we don't know how the ban got removed from his record, and we re-banned him because the evidence says he griefed spawn
  10. DaBe00593

    [Unban] Joey4213

    If i may ask how are you on the server?
  11. DaBe00593

    [Unban] Joey4213

    those logs dont really tell us anything because the force field at a large capacity has to build itself so if they died then the field could have been setting up
  12. DaBe00593

    [Unban] Joey4213

    Actually im pretty sure DezeGames bought him his rank, And no he wouldnt have had to go /home because he owned the force field he wouldnt have been affected by it
  13. DaBe00593

    [Complaint] EPICfighters

    Deze didn't say that it was a violation of the rules i did, I said to _Xflex_ that its against the rules to speak while jailed because the "You don't have permission to speak in this region" so you cannot say that he was not informed of the bypassing of rule 2
  14. DaBe00593

    [Town Rollback] thejoikabolla

    Player asked for it to be locked T/C
  15. DaBe00593

    Inventory rollback

    Player confirmed all items received T/C

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