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  1. I 100% agree with this post. As i haven't played on craftersland the past weeks/months i wouldn't say im qualified to approve this post. But i feel like i am able to share my opinion on this situation. I've had my fair share of talking to staff members and i've been in this community for long enough to know that this would improve the server. Some staff might even be biased (Which has happened numerous times before)
  2. Is someone just not going to do anything about this?
  3. I've managed a forum before and i know how support tickets and forum posts can get pushed away. I'll keep bumping it untill i get an answer.
  4. I'd consider it is. Considered that no one is gonna reply to this based on the fact that, Ness is busy and Epic isnt available. It's gonna get pushed away before someone replies to this and fixes my tag's. And it also ruins my gameplay experience considered that i cant sell anything on the market because im limited to how much i can sell.
  5. "had" I assumed we had 1000. But they were limited from what dabe said.
  6. I belive you are. And if im wrong here then i want you to tell me how i am wrong.
  7. Just because it isn't the core of the post doesn't mean you can blame somthing on us when we aren't the ones at fault.
  8. To make things clear. You were building lasers in overworld which we didn't do. And the diffrence being we had a better design then you did and our town member Dabe00593 has knowledge of what to do. Instead of throwing everything at us you should really start looking with you're eyes cause we have told you multiple times that we had limited our lasers aswell. And the major issue being that our lasers wasnt loaded when the lag spikes began.
  9. So i changed my name from thejoikabolla to Ev0lutionn and swosh all my premium things went away and i need to request then again. Fun isnt it? https://imgur.com/MwZMa8d https://imgur.com/MRpp0ka https://imgur.com/yP5w6vm Market merchant was also bought on my account but im not able to find it in my email. I want &e[Road to baltop] first with animated prefix after. and [S+] first And while you are at it reactive my rank and my commands. Appriciated.
  10. In-Game Nickname: WargonYour username (Optional): Ev0lutionnTime and Date: 19:55 - 20:05 GMT+2 17.04.2020 Description of what happened: So, Wargon has been going around and trying to act like hes staff even tho hes not. Hes been sending messages to my discord saying this and that about players maybe duping and im sick and tired of it. Im tired of wargon going around and acting like hes staff. And i honestly want it to stop. I have screenshots of him saying stuff in discord but those cant be included as discord isnt related to CL. Screenshots or Proof: Lets start shall we?
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