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We should be able to /ignore who we would like


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Due to actions done by certain staff members on non craftersland associated discord servers i am unable to make a complaint, but i strongly feel like we should be able to ignore who we like. these events happened awhile ago and i refuse to play tekkit because of it, i have already blocked said staff member in discord but i am unable to /ignore them in game, these events happened 2 months ago which is right around the time i stopped actively playing 

 ^these are the screenshots that show when mikewerf became hostile towards me and he also made threats to disband the clan i was in at the time
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/700661633063714897/701087727466053772/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/700661633063714897/701087769866272798/unknown.png
 ^ also when i was talking with mikewerf this time be became increasingly hostile when i told him that he had no right to ban someone without keeping the proof (for more information about this event a unban request was made and they were unbanned due to lack of evidence) 

The evidence above makes my case very clear the only reason he hasn't said those things to me ingame is because he knows i would have made a complaint but because it all happened on non craftersland associated discords i ask that i be able to /ignore whom i like. and i would like to be able to play without minimizing chat because talking to the community is half the fun of tekkit)

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I 100% agree with this post. As i haven't played on craftersland the past weeks/months i wouldn't say im qualified to approve this post. But i feel like i am able to share my opinion on this situation. I've had my fair share of talking to staff members and i've been in this community for long enough to know that this would improve the server. Some staff might even be biased (Which has happened numerous times before)

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I'll handle this as two different posts, a complaint against mike's behavior and the suggestion per se.

Staff's duty makes it so that being allowed to speak with anyone at anytime, even more to those that don't want to listen, is a must. Verbal warnings or requests to change something in your base because it's hurting the server are some examples of those situations, and allowing /ignore would lead to arguments caused by the lack of communication. If you were to really need to /ignore a staff member it would mean that, the said staff member, is doing something wrong and that may be breaking one of the rules. In that case, a complaint will be better than simply ignoring them.

About the complaint, since the screenshots were taken outside of a CL area (forums, discord or servers) and outside of mike's staffing duty they will be taken for what they are worth. Since he's the leader of that clan he's free to disband it, and you are free to make a new one and invite whoever you liked from that old clan, if he were to delete that new clan however, that'd be a different story. And the rest are just bits from a conversation without the context around them. Mike will be given a verbal warning about his behavior and hostility.

If what he's telling you in-game is bad enough to deserve an /ignore, take some screenshots and make a complaint, since it's probably breaking a server rule.

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