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  1. Since we make 2-3 world backups per day, and that you only held those items for a few minutes it's very unlikely that a backup was taken at the right time. List the important items that you lost instead, and staff will manually refund them.
  2. D34DPlayer

    Chunk loading

    We have a specific plugin set up for chunk loading, BetterChunkloaders, it's very simple to use, place an Iron Block in the chunk you want to load and right click it with a blaze rod. Those chunks will stay loaded as long as you are on and you can have up to 4 of them at the same time, visit our buycraft store to increase that limit.
  3. Entity removed and your island is safe to join. T/C
  4. I'll suppose this happened on SF4, as both players play there. Minecraft-mp and the rest of sites you vote in have restrictions in place to preventing players voting more that once (to prevent servers farming votes and players abusing the vote rewards), by checking the ip, if a vpn is being used and if that MC ign has already voted. So, Elliot could only vote once per site and as such he only gave his vote rewards to someone else (if he's really the one who voted, your only evidence is that he called Lence a "Noob"). Even if starting a vote party when someone asked to wait a bit isn't a nice thing to do, it doesn't break any server rule and as such there will be no punishment. Thank you for your report.
  5. Probably an issue with your Security Terminal, if you are using it to use your wireless terminal consider placing it in a sub-network so that it won't "secure" your main network.
  6. Duplicated post. Make a refund request to get your stuff back. T/C
  7. That issue is caused by an incompatibility between RS and SpongeForge, and the mod author doesn't want to make them compatible so we can really fix it. Refined Storage should only be used to move stuff around and not storing items and a chat warning has been added so that players will be aware of it. If you remember the important stuff you lost make a Refund Request and a staff member will give you your stuff back.
  8. We can't move or resize the claims per se, as they are placed in a grid by the plugin that handles them, you'll have to move your stuff manually. To know if a block is protected or not you can simply right click it with a stick.
  9. We can't safely move modded blocks that store info as there's a risk of chunk corruption. It'll have to be moved manually, if you see staff online ask them to help you with that if you need spare hands to move it all.
  10. The server was wiped in March, this year. Since it was a full wipe, it's a fresh start for everyone and you can't get anything from the old world into the new one. About the rank reactivation, it gives you the rewards you got from your rank (money, keys and other stuff) again, just make a post following the Reactivation template.
  11. There was a server wipe a few months ago, maybe you left before that? If that's the case you can also request a rank reactivation here : https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/
  12. I'll handle this as two different posts, a complaint against mike's behavior and the suggestion per se. Staff's duty makes it so that being allowed to speak with anyone at anytime, even more to those that don't want to listen, is a must. Verbal warnings or requests to change something in your base because it's hurting the server are some examples of those situations, and allowing /ignore would lead to arguments caused by the lack of communication. If you were to really need to /ignore a staff member it would mean that, the said staff member, is doing something wrong and that may be breaking one of the rules. In that case, a complaint will be better than simply ignoring them. About the complaint, since the screenshots were taken outside of a CL area (forums, discord or servers) and outside of mike's staffing duty they will be taken for what they are worth. Since he's the leader of that clan he's free to disband it, and you are free to make a new one and invite whoever you liked from that old clan, if he were to delete that new clan however, that'd be a different story. And the rest are just bits from a conversation without the context around them. Mike will be given a verbal warning about his behavior and hostility. If what he's telling you in-game is bad enough to deserve an /ignore, take some screenshots and make a complaint, since it's probably breaking a server rule.
  13. Reseting/deleting an island means starting from scratch again, that's why your inventory got cleared. Those items are quite rare so you'll need to show some evindence that you got it for them to be refunded.
  14. To fix that bug you need to get a Fix from buycraft that will run the command needed for those items to show up, you can get it here https://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/1347142 .
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