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  1. All tech reborn machines must be removed with a wrench to get them back in one piece, otherwise that will happen. Since the mod is intended to work that way we can't do a refund on it sorry.
  2. We are using the extra utils 2 rainbow gen as our main power gen rn, the reactors are mostly there for decoration and imo they look a lot cooler than the mekanism one ^^
  3. The hole where you used to come to steal our energy you mean xD
  4. I wanted to wait until it was finished to share it but since I'll be pretty busy now I prefer to take my time to finish it ^^'. This the map of the base, I'll make a better one when the base is done and put it on a screen in the hub. 1: Speaking of the hub this is it, I'm very proud of it since I made it before the EMC era and it turned quite well :P, that huge ME controller cube can produce around 20k channels ! You can also see our energy ball up there. Under the hub there's the ME area, it isn't set up yet but my goal is automate most of the things from this pack there so I need a lot of space. 2: The smeltery room, I thought it would be there jjust for decoration but it turned quite useful to make the molten metals used on the other rooms. 3: The Fluid Cows room, it seems we caught a wild Raz working hard :P, the sky blocks in this room look amazing thanks Ilaya for finding them ^^. 4: The chickens room, this was the first room I built and it turned quite well, I sweated a bit when Raz told me to fit 45 roosts in there. 5: The DE room, for this one I wanted to make an "End"-like theme and that's what I got, the ceiling's animation is amazing but you can't see it here 6: The neutronium room 7: The tech mods room, this room is supposed to have a lot of machines but I haven't had the time to add them yet. 8: The Botania room, Raz is the one working on that mod so I tried to give him enough space to work with, I might add another floor if we need it though, the blue thing at the end is molten manasteel. 9: The Thaumcraft room, this is my magic mod and one of my favorite mods so I did my best to make it look nice. Here's the infusion altar it looks really nice, the purple thing on the walls is molten thaumium to fit with what I did on the last room. For this room I had to add another floor bcs I ran out of space, it isn't that big though. 10: The void ore miners room, well I think you can guess what's going to go in this room, I just finished it so my slave Raz hasn't got the time to work on it. A: The corridors B: The reactor rooms, by far the biggest and the hardest to make because all of those fluids, and Raz wanted to make 4 of those 🤦‍♂️ Well this is our base so far, I hope you've liked it ^^. But as you can see on the map there's still a lot of stuff to do and at least 4 new rooms, I'll never be able to rest ^^'. (If you want me to help you with your base we can arrange something 😈)
  5. Your Name: D34DPlayerCoordinates: /Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 07/04 around 12am GMT+1Description of Issue: I used my luggage at the spawn and it seems like it's lost, I don't remember what I had on it so I can't do a refund request ^^'Screenshots (Optional):
  6. Blocks to add: Charcoal Log (advancedrocketry:charcoallog) Erodium (environmentaltech:erodium) Ionite (environmentaltech:ionite) Litherite (environmentaltech:litherite) Pladium (environmentaltech:pladium) Lonsdaleite (environmentaltech:lonsdaleite) Aethium (environmentaltech:aethium) Those are the items we are supposed to get from the AR's planets, since there's no way to get to the planets I think it would be a nice idea to add them to the shop. They are only used on the project E recipes so the couldn't be abused as far as I've seen. Thanks for giving a look at this suggestion ^^.
  7. With all those amazing crates the players usually want to empty their inventory to open some more and since some are too lazy to get to their bases they drop their tr*sh on the spawn where other people could pick them up and drop them again. Add some trash cans to keep the spawn clean ^^
  8. Your Name: D34DPlayerItem Name + ID + Amount: 2x Legendary Vote CrateCoordinates: - - -Description of Issue: So someone bought keys for everyone and I got 10 vote keys and 2 legendary keys, I went to my emc table to empty my inv and it seems I voided the legendary keys, the vote keys are fine.Screenshots (Optional):
  9. Your Name: D34DPlayerCoordinates: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 16/03 before 22pm GMT+1Description of Issue: I wanted to use the /ic command but typed /ci instead ^^' My inventory is empty so you can do it whenever you have the time.
  10. Those to bugs are related to GriefPrevention (the plugin that makes claiming possible), since there's no bug when you do it on the wilderness.
  11. The crafting of the fluix crystals (dropping a charged certus quartz, redstone and quartz in a water puddle) takes the items but doesn't yield and fluix crystals. Another bug that might be related to this one is that the metal press and conveyor belts in general don't drop items anymore when hitting their end Temp fixes: For the Metal Press if you put a container at the end of the conveyor belt the item will appear there instead of popping out (and actually not popping at all) For the Fluix Crystals you'll have to use the Crystal Growth Chamber instead, since it needs Fluix Crystals to be crafted you'll have to borrow someone's if you don't have any.
  12. Your Name: D34DPlayerItem Name + Amount: Efab, armory upgrade, power upgrade, digital upgradeCoordinates (format x, y, z): 1339 72 1982Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: /Description of Issue: My Efab got replaced with an obsidian block ^^'
  13. Still a WIP ^^
  14. If you know the items you had with you when you died you can make a refund request here, otherwise you can get your inventory rolledback to the last save before your death. Once you have chosen what you want to do put it on your post title.
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