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  1. It's usually a visual bug so relogging or just launching it again should fix it.
  2. Items refunded in your inventory. T/C
  3. Keys refunded in your inventory. T/C
  4. If you lost anything valuable make a refund request here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/312-skyfactory-4-technical-support/ Using the right template
  5. You where banned by a malicious person who managed to get admin access in our server, the problem has been dealt with and you are now unbanned. T/C
  6. Portals seem to work perfectly, if you lost anything bcs of a server error you can make a refund request in https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/287-technical-support/
  7. I don't think the temperature is high enough in the swamp, I tried it in the jungle and it worked perfectly. About the withering bees I just ran a small test in the nether with netherwart next to them and they produced their stuff so that shouldn't be an issue either : http://prntscr.com/rtopae
  8. Block removed, tell me if you are able to join now.
  9. Even if it's a bit tricky the White Willow can be obtained in this modpack, first you'll need to get the forestry versions of oak and birch (by placing them inside the portable analyser). Then you just have to breed them together either with bees or just using pollen collectors and a grafter. The tricky part is that to get the sapling you need to be in a biome with high temperature and humidity, an example would be the jungle luckily you can change your island's biome with /is setbiome jungle. The other mutations to get zebrawood should be trivial. Also could you explain why you can't get the withering bee?
  10. Please send the crash report, you can find it either as a link the moment you crash or inside your minecraft instance in the crash-reports folder.
  11. Bonsai are one of the biggest lag sources in SF4, so we only allow a bonsai pot per sapling type on each island. In a normal setup and automating it ahead this limitation shouldn't feel as one at all during your playthrough.
  12. The laggy part in your base was your power gen setup, it has been removed and now you should be able to remove the laps on your own if you wish. T/C
  13. You can find an unstuck free package in buycraft, it'll send you back to spawn. It's located under the Fixes section and may take up to 15mins to be applied.
  14. Item refund in the player's inventory. T/C
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