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  1. Make a post in the tech support section following this template:
  2. In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your claim removal topic. For your topic name, use [Claim Removal]*NameOfClaimOwner* Your Name: Claim Leaders Name: Coordinates of claim (use format xyz: 1845 64 2374) : Claim members: Reason for request: Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Commands: /seen <player> - This commands lets you see when the player was last online /claiminfo - This command
  3. Balance, inventory, enderchest and claims transferred. The rank should be transferred soon enough. For the pets and any item that may be missing list them here to be refunded manually. For the homes, if you want them back, hit me up on discord to tp you to them so you can set home there again. Use /claimlist to teleport to your claims and tell me if there's anything else that's missing, I'll see what can be done.
  4. Inventory rolled back, list any items that may have been lost.
  5. Claim rolled back, tell me if anything is missing to refund it manually.
  6. Claim rolled back, tell me if anything is missing to refund it manually.
  7. I'll need you to log into the server at least once with the new account, the data associated to your account is located in several different places so I'll need to transfer everything manually.
  8. Island rolled back, tell me if the issues are gone and if there's anything that needs to be refunded.
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