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  1. What server do you want that being reset on? For Sf4 resetting advancements crashes the server so that wouldn't be possible, anyway you don't receive any rewards from them, they are just a guide of what to do and you can still read them if they are completed.
  2. Creative keys, refund the money instead. T/C
  3. Edit the most to follow this template: I'd recommend you to move from your Refined Storage System since it's bugged on sponge servers and the problem you had can happen again, if it happens again the rollback may be refused.
  4. The cave owner has to send the invites, not receive them. The command is /cave invite (person you want to join your cave)
  5. Cows refund in a chest at your base, keep the ones that you aren't breeding in stalls next time. If it ever happens again with that amount of cows the refund will be refused. T/C
  6. The item is in your inventory. T/C
  7. After your ban your island got deleted so this isn't longer needed. T/C
  8. This template is meant for cases where you would need assistance of a staff member to destroy an unbreakable block (Bedrock, effect block etc) In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your rollback request topic.For your topic name, use [Block Deletion]*YourName* Your Name: Island Owner Name: Coordinates: Screenshots (Optional):
  9. Block removed, tell me if you can get back to your island without crashing.
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