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  1. hey i apologise for the wait time for this, ill hop on shortly to personally refund the items it cost
  2. it is a little insane the end is destroyed with in the first few days of the reset, same with nether but its more above bedrock that around the main area.
  3. hello. seeing how much damage the chance cubes have done to the end / over world is there a possibility that we could get a /warp to a set dim or area to use them that resets weekly. from the current damage to the end i feel like this would be a better solution so we can keep the end somewhat useable. hope this makes scenes if not please take a look at the end
  4. ok so what i've seen from the clip it looks like you both are griefing protected territory's
  5. hopefully we get the wipe we've been waiting for @Timur
  6. me and @Timur aren't talking about the Tps or ping isn't the issue why we're are after a wipe. if as a new player your only base option locations are limited you can do the desert due the amount of it being destroyed "massive holes etc", if you live is a grass Biome etc you pretty much have a base right on top of you there isnt much choices for a base location unless you have to go out your way to go appeal a claim removal that may be done same day or a week or so after, i still believe a wipe is needed. and the amount of exploiters,dupers&hackers I've seen over the short time ive been o
  7. wipe is much needed, not much space for new players tbh deserts are completely destroyed . hoping this vote goes threw
  8. @Zanda to join the graphics design team? id vote for that
  9. In-Game Nickname: Lew_ Your Nickname (optional): Bioncalgaming Time and date:14:09 Description of what happened: Lews_ is fishing for my personal info i've kindly declined to answer him several times and hi then asks for different types of personal information Screenshots or Proof: [13:55:07] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <Bari> [VIP] Nick: Lews_: how old r u bio [13:55:12] [Client thread/INFO] [TabbyChat]: [CHAT] [G] <ZFG> [S+]|||||||||||| BionicalGaming: thats for me to know lol [13:55:43] [Client threa
  10. Your Name: bionicalgaming Town Name: lillipleb Coordinates of Town: x:-1969, z:1612, y:64 Town members: AlizarinCrimson , gabegdog Reason for request: we cant expand out base due to them being on south of my base Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): https://imgur.com/ennPVd0 Your Name: bionicalgaming Town Name: motorka Coordinates of Town: x:-1861, z:-1815, y:63 Town members: BlackMushroom , W0jt1k Reason for request: they are east of my base also cant expand this way Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): https
  11. i belive a user called kevin asked about this awhile back on dw20 1.12 he made his own shop wit open computers and everything, and was asking if there was a way for it to work and they denied it i belive his gone on to other places now and his shop script is working there with out issues currently
  12. i see you have a duped post please follow the template provided for more clear request thank you
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