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  1. i can agree with Akira_Mitsoshy . id also like to add that if you ask duck why he is being rude to others him and sloth both try to turn it on you like your being the racist/ disrespectful one. makes it so you dont want to play when he's on duck has received a jail and the very next day a day ban but that doesn't seem to stop him at all
  2. server wipes tend to be every 7months but i agree it is extremely laggy
  3. ive been hunting around for decent schematics to use but cant ever find anything thats ftting enough for modded mc im abit of a neat freak when it comes to cable management. but to get to my point if you uses them for modded where do you go for yours? ive only found the 1 place for just standard vanilla ideas but half of them need uploaded to worldedit =[
  4. i have /god /world edit /speed /settime but there are way way more you can request like /enchant "but you cannot use the command to enchant items to sell etc" endless possibilities to pick from jsut dont expect to get /vanish etc xD
  5. buy sponsor or sponsor+ and request world edit :)
  6. having this shop added would be a great benefit for majority of the players and definitely the newer players coming late in to the game. Hope this gets approved.
  7. im just saying pal im sure the staff will pretty much say the same thing ive just said too also [7] No Excessive Use of Profanity/Swearing/CAPs. There are multiple cases in your logs there which you've used swearing/caps
  8. there around 9-10 messages there of caps "excessive" is where you use caps more than just typing it normal if it had of been once or twice you might of been ok but where you did it multiple times its classed as excessive. sorry
  9. but most things you can reclaim after a wipe was wondering if this is 1 of them
  10. Hello going over some of the servers I've reviewed a while back just wondering after you reviewed and received can they be re-obtained after a server wipe as you cant review again from the same account. looking to find out for infinity evolved
  11. was playing on the 9th/12/2019 with sponsor+ and yesterday 10/12/2019 i logged in with craftersland launcher and launched though the hub as wanted to cehck it out. doing this caused my account to duplicate with 1 being s+ and the other without a rank and being a fresh account i asked ness to look in to it and got a very minor reply about he cant do anything may a topic "not that helpful" .but here is a prior post to when i last had this rank as its not moved since then only from 1.7.10 to 1.12 if this could get fixed would be amazing and im guessing i still have a claim somewhere on the map with all my stuff that i can no longer access. i cannot get a payment id as i no longer have access to my old paypals that ive used jordi was the last one that i disccused the ranks with as he cleaned up my rank spreadsheet if your refer to this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GXDoUap3F9zYnuq9fUDKQDB4vF2fG6E-Ln2_4-eYpaQ/edit?usp=sharing you will see my ranks apart from the most recent one thats on rl craft
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