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  1. I'm sorry I've come this thread so late, forgive me. I've got a few points to make. First of all, I play as LeJoueur_13 and I have rank on Infinity Evolved and I voted YES. The week before last, I concluded that vote-crate keys had spoiled the "explore and build up from nothing" play I very originally learned on Minecraft and still enjoy (especially now with Expert Mode). So I've been demolishing everything I've built and giving away all of I've harvested (including from vote-crates). Kanzanka_1234 can tell you how much I've been begging to have my mining undone so I can start over.
  2. Well done my friends, very well done! You took more than I could have hoped for. Congratulations! I hope you took some of what you needed. Yours Superlatively, Fang
  3. Oh, sorry. I thought this being in the Infinity Evolved / Creations folder would be a good clue. My hammerhead dirigible base is on the Infinity Evolved Expert server! Good luck and go forth! Yours Pleasantly, Fang
  4. I'm not entirely sure where to post this, so I'll start here. I'm moving and I want to start over COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH! (And capture a time-lapse stream of it.) I've already requested a rollback for my base / town; so this is a limited time offer. I don't want any of my inventory, whether in my chests or storage drawers or anywhere, absolutely nothing. Coordinates: Town = -272, -32 × -113, 111 Further, if anyone wants any of my stuff (I've deleted my town), feel invited to sack, raid, or grief my base before my rollback. I hope you can get some of what you need.
  5. Your Name: Fang Langford Town Name: formerly: Doomstadt (I deleted it because I'm asking for raiding and sacking.) Coordinates: Town: -272, -32 × -113, 111 And if it isn't too much trouble, could you also erase the path from -261, 12 to -237, -32? Time/Timezone/Date: I'm not sure when I started, but back to empty / blank would be great! Mebbe around a year ago? Description of Issue: I'm moving and I want to start over COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH! (And capture a time-lapse stream of it.) And I think it would be nice to leave a pristine, virgin wilderness f
  6. Wow! I mean it! Oh wow! It took awhile to get around to it, but Schematica works. Oh boy, does it work. It did indeed record the Carpenters' Collapsible Blocks correctly, in shape and sculpting. It also did for all the Forge Microblocks I was using. It even captured the colours I had used. It caught every detail. It even showed the content diagrams for each of my Storage Drawers; you can see what's in every one. After examining the image from every conceivable angle, there was only one thing it didn't record. I used a fair number of Leadstone Fluxducts to power the monstrosi
  7. Your Name: Fang Langford (dba Ingenieur_13) Town Name: Mayhemstadt Coordinates: -244, 80, 128 (8) and chunks nearby Time/Timezone/Date: 8:28:36 CDT (-5 GMT) / 6 July, 2020 Description of Issue: I'm not sure I'll have Internet in the hospital and last time I needed to take a long break the server reset. It would be nice not to lose my whole build this time (I'm a little bit farther with it than last time, but I haven't had a chance to screenshot or 'film' it yet.) Is there any possibility someone could copy the build (for pasting)? (Those Collapsible Carpenters' Block
  8. Thank you so much! Reactivation was not immediately clear; next time I'll know. b^•^
  9. In game name: Ingenieur_13 Proof of Purchase: http://imgur.com/gallery/NXtLvSM Description of Issue: Incomplete delivery of the privileges of Rank (INF Premiun - while it was on sale). Time/Date of Purchase (day/month/year): 15:48 PDT/Thursday/August 30/2018 Items/Rank Bought: INF Premium Screenshots (Optional): Can provide upon request. Any other important information: I received all the Commands: /heal, /feed, /enderchest, /workbench, /hat, /sethome (6 homes), and /fly. I can can create signs with color, format and magic codes and use format and magic code in a
  10. I'm not entirely sure where to post this.Your Name: Fang Langford (ingenieur_13) Coordinates: -245, 73, 130 (In the Hammerhead Shark Dirigible) Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 1:47 am CST USA Description of Issue: When I signed out last night my Assembly Table was at about 10% of goal (50,000,000) When I logged in today, it was back to 1% Screenshots (Optional): I neglected to snap any, but if you check it should be obvious. Thank you for adjusting where it was in the process. Fang (Yep, legally change it.)
  11. Your Name: Fang Langford - Ingenieur_13 Description of Issue: We've all experienced this: you want to craft something advanced on the Infinity Evolved (Expert Mode) server. You consult the recipe listed by the Not Enough Items (NEI) mod. All the ingredients go into the crafting matrix and no output appears. Or even more tantalizingly, the expected output flashes in the expected place for an instant. After consulting the internet, or other sources, an 'expert' recipe is found and it works! Or it doesn't. I've come up with a work-around of my own. (A simple, but
  12. In-Game Nickname: TOMMAS026175 and SharkPlatinum Time and date: 2018-11-16_7.10.00 Description of what happened: Suddenly I died! /back and I die again! "What is going on?" I wonder. /back again and I find TOMMAS026175 and SharkPlatinum looting my grave. And then they kill me again. This time when I /back, they begin throwing my inventory at me...but not all of it. I lost a fair amount of raw materials and a Carpenters' Hammer in the scramble to hop around and collect items that 'missed' me. Is there a way to flag yourself as a non-combatant? I never
  13. Account Name: Ingenieur_13 Rank: Newly Spawned or Premium, depending where you look. ^•^Requested Configuration Change: in the Carpenters' Blocks Configuration File, set the flag "Routable Fluids"=true (Add the node of the commands if you know it so they are easier to add.) # When enabled, unobstructed stationary fluid adjacent to block will render in the block space. B:"Routable Fluids"=false Reason for Request: For example: if I create a ship, such as the Black Pearl (which I've been preparing for for years), I will be able to put it in water without t
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