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  1. I'm not sure where to post this, so I'll put it here. Feel free to move it to the appropriate forum! Let me preface this by saying the overlap in question is not a physical matter of one obscuring the other; I know very well how to reposition the WAILA display. I like having the WAILA information on 'constant display'; it aids my play-style quite a bit and I'm not really willing to disable or toggle it. My problem is that there's a tooltip at the top of the screen (see upper center of picture for an example) which duplicates the information WAILA provides (but only a fraction of it). With both visible, this eats up a lot of my screen real estate and is redundant. So my question is "How do I disable this feature?" I'd even settle for "What mod or Vanilla setting affects this?" (Thus I might even be able to adjust it's position to off-screen.) Thanks in Advance, for Your Time and Attention, Fang
  2. Your Name: Ingenieur_13 Item Name + Amount: One each: Energized Dark Helm, Energized Dark Plate, Energized Dark Leggings, Energized Dark Boots (Even though I lost two sets, I only need one refunded.) Coordinates: x: -5302, y: 152, z: 3430 Description of Issue: I set up an Ender IO Basic Capacitor Bank (with a Survivalist Generator for power) to charge some Dark Steel Armour I'd made (and Energized with Vibrant Crystals). The first time each item (Plate, Leggings, Helm, and Boots) received a small charge because I was moving them from slot to slot, learning how the interface worked. One time my connection 'timed out' and when I got back on, they were no longer in the Bank. Having dealt with numerous occasions of inventory glitch high-jinks, I thought they were simply invisible. So I took my pickaxe and broke the Bank [pun intended]. When I re-placed the Capacitor Bank in the same space, they had returned. I put them on to see how the side inventory slots worked on the GUI for the Bank. Unexpectedly, when I right-clicked them, they went from there into my regular inventory. So I expected them to return to the side armour inventory when I right-clicked them in my inventory. They did not.... They vanished. I assumed they were invisible again and repeated the above; no luck. I relogged; no change. I tried both together, nada. To check if the 'right-click something into a supposed empty space' trick worked (that's how I get disappearances in my inventory to reappear), I made a second set of Energized Dark Armour and attempted to 'click and move' a piece to an 'invisible' item's location (it works with inventory glitches), it too vanished. Desperate, I tried right-clicking another; failure. So I repeated the relog and redeploy tactic, only to be disappointed again. TLDR; Twice I've made the this armour and 'anviled' in the crystals, but both times parts vanish at the instant they should appear in the Basic Capacitor Bank. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/57b4vDy
  3. Ingénieur

    [Complaint] (Oozoozami)

    In-Game Nickname: Oozoozami Time and Date: 2018-09-23 18:00:56 Description of What Happened: While I was visiting Spawn for a quick purchase, I was ambushed by Oozoozami who cast Paralyze on me. While I worked on screen capturing what was happened I realized they were spamming chat with, "Everyone come to spawn for freee keys!" I also saw they were hounding other spawn visitors, though I was struggling to capture screens of this. I also missed getting a screenshot of who else was there; sorry. Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/72horNo https://imgur.com/a/alhCHvA https://imgur.com/GEcb0e5 List of eyewitnesses: I was a little too clumsy to screenshot them and Timed Out before I could /list them. Sorry. I'm Ingenieur_13 in game on the Infinity Evolved Expert Servers. ^.^d
  4. In case you were wondering about my full hot bar; I teleported to a mineshaft I had 'sethome'd, to harvest some wood for tools (and I couldn't resist a little fence-post collection while I was there). The first tool I made was the axe so I could get more wood down there; thus it's almost spent. I came /back to my deathpoint and began to tunnel upward in a 3x3 staircase (per habit); from y: 2 to surface (around 70, I think) generated all that cobblestone (and the gravel, which nearly strangled me). And who can mine in the dark? So I'm toting around a charcoal-making slab furnace too.) The Hammer I'm after and I'd been using to gather resources was brilliant: moss, fully redstoned, silky gem, paper plates, steel head, and pink slime handle...difficult to replace (even though reachable in early game). Thanks again! ^.^d Fang
  5. Your Name: Legal? Fang Danger Langford. (Changed it last month.) Forum? Ingénieur. In-Game? Ingenieur_13.Coordinates: When it happened? Where I died? X: -316 Z: -246 Y: 3, in Mining World [sp]Time/Date (When everything was fine): Server Timestamp: 1:40:00 PM 9/3/18 (a little earlier is okay, if it's easier.)Description of Issue: I touched some flowing lava and caught fire. I backed off, still ablaze, struggling to type "/heal", dying but for a typo. When I went '/back', my grave was nowhere to be found. To make sure, I tunneled all the way from bedrock to open air and found nothing.Screenshot: (I'm not sure how much this will help, but....) [Edit]: Replaced image I had posted before I got the hang of Imagr. Thank you very much for your kind attentions, Fang Langford (Danger is my middle name, check my DL ^.^) [Edit: p. s. Should I have mentioned this was on the Infinity Evolved - Expert server?]
  6. Account Name: Ingénieur: Town Name / Character Name: Dwœmer / Ingenieur_13 Coordinates: x = -5284 to -5285; y = 2 to 3; z = -1664 (The sign is at x = -5288; y = 3; z = -1672 for reference, I can fix that myself) Time/Date: 2018-06-16 20:30:00 is Yesterday, at 8:30 p.m. to rollback to. Description of Issue: A large chest (the bottom one) and a half (the bottom half of the top one) went empty while I was away (possibly during a restart) and since the top half of the the top chest was exactly the way I recognize it, and a nearby sign went blank, I suspect a system glitch got them. Screenshots: I'm sorry I haven't been tracking my loot that way... Sincerely Yours, Fang Langford, Ingénieur

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