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  1. Manyouforgot

    Bought a rank went wrong

    Correct that is his ingame name (IamWildtiger) @brunyman
  2. Manyouforgot

    Refund Reqest

    Item's Refunded to player ingame. T/C
  3. Manyouforgot

    [Dw20 1.7.10] Suggestions

    Typically it enables at least for me when I'm not afk but this is more of a want than a need, maybe more staff opinion on this is needed but I find it more of an annoyance than being helpful. We could still use /afk if we need to inform the players or optionally maybe a toggle command for the Auto-AFK
  4. Manyouforgot

    Rollback Request

    Since everything is good. T/C
  5. Manyouforgot

    Top Voter auto-afk removal

    Thanks Brunyman can confirm TopVoter wasn't broadcasting he was going AFK in chat anymore. T/C
  6. Manyouforgot

    [Dw20 1.7.10] Suggestions

    Hello there I've made a list of a few things for DW20 that could be changed for a better QoL. Auto-AFK: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Server Broadcast: Fixed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Weather/Time Cycle: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Playtime Plugin: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Auction Plugin: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for your time reading this, and for all your hard work Brunyman
  7. Manyouforgot

    Top Voter auto-afk removal

    Hello there I am requesting if we can remove the auto-afk spam from the Top Voter rank, the "Insert Name has gone afk" and "Insert Name is no longer afk.", it spam's chat quite a bit a player only has to stand still long enough to look up a recipe and then enter in the crafting grid and craft a few things like you have to in IE and it'll pop up could we please remove this Brunyman?
  8. Manyouforgot

    My resonant strongbox disapeared after mining

    Item Placed in Player's Inventory. T/C
  9. Manyouforgot

    [Refund Request]myke1998

    Item placed in player's Inventory. T/C
  10. Manyouforgot

    inventory rollback

    Hello there @babganoush You will need to give us more information than what you have given, please edit your original post and follow this template.. Thanks for your time.
  11. Manyouforgot

    Smart Pipe system

    You'll have to be more specific what's not working. I've used Logistic Pipe for a requester on my ME and it works fine. So please elaborate. Also that screenshot from discord is from over a year ago he also made a requester setup in that picture.
  12. Manyouforgot

    ttkami unlocking

    This guide here should help with this.
  13. Check your video settings for something with openGL enabled and maybe disable it? Read this happens with Optifine. What I found from a simple Google search.
  14. Item's Refunded to Player In-Game. T/C
  15. Manyouforgot

    [Refund Request]myke1998

    Item's Refunded to Player In-Game. T/C

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