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  1. Manyouforgot

    [Complaint] Hotboy_PVP & uskut

    Players have been punished.
  2. Manyouforgot

    [Complaint] (Oozoozami)

    Player has been warned.
  3. Manyouforgot

    [Town Removal] Kim removal

    Town removed
  4. Manyouforgot

    Chunk, no Captain Chunk

    As Kaszanka said @Forkvu you need to edit your original post and use one of these templates below. Refund Request: Town Rollback Request: Refunds can be done any staff Mod+ Rollbacks are done by Brunyman on maintenance days which occur on Mondays and Fridays. I believe the bug is if you have a smeltery in the same chunk as chests it will clear them. So it's best to have all your multiblock structures in the same chunk I believe f9 will show these borders. And your chests separate.
  5. Manyouforgot

    [Purchase Restore] Esoren

    Topic edited to match the request.
  6. Manyouforgot

    Crusher ate all my items

    Topic moved to Technical Support. Please follow one of these templates. And edit your original post. Refund Request: Rollback Request:
  7. Manyouforgot

    Wall of impassable town

    Hello, the topic has been moved to Technical Support. Can you please edit your original post and follow this template below: I will check out the claim this afternoon and see if it qualifies to be removed.
  8. Manyouforgot

    Raided on a PVE server

    As Ivanova said you may make a post in Technical Support asking for a refund, but please follow the template as well for a refund. On a side note this is a PvP server.. But that doesn't mean people can try to bypass town protections, the item was supposed to be protected. What perms did you have for your plot for the ender quarry? The proper setup is like this you'd make a town for the ender quarry that's 3x3 chunks big. In the center chunk you would put your Ender Quarry and make a plot for that with the perm "modify" set to true. And change your town perm "Enter" set to false. Doing this people cannot get to the Ender Quarry to break it and it'll still be able to operate.
  9. Manyouforgot

    [Refund Request]Ivanova

    Item's refunded to player in-game.
  10. Manyouforgot

    [Refund Request] Krothesis

    Item's Refunded to Player In-Game.
  11. Manyouforgot

    Recipe Suggestion

    Here is the Updated recipe for this (Overlooked returning of buckets.) Mudball.zs Here is the recipes below for examples:
  12. Manyouforgot

    Corrupt Chunk

    Player sent to spawn. T/C
  13. Manyouforgot

    [Refund Request] Sponsor+ Ahryman

    Please be patient Brunyman does maintaince on Mondays and Fridays typically, and to clarify your wanting your sponsor+ perks restored? Money, Claim Blocks and any other perks included?
  14. Manyouforgot

    Creative Flux Capacitor issue

    I spawned one in the server yesterday and it worked like I described above. Perhaps the one you have has glitched/bugged out? I could exchange yours for a new one, or another staff member could that is mod or above (as I'm busy for most today with work but I can in about 6-8 hours myself.)
  15. Manyouforgot

    [unban] [MrEnderson]

    Player is no longer banned. Topic Closed.

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