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  1. Corrupted ME system

    Could be a world anchor? If so remove it, then go to spawn/reload and go back to your base.
  2. [Refund Request]EnergyTR

    Item Refunded to player ingame. T/C
  3. [REFUND REQUEST] Got memed

    Item's Placed in Inventory.
  4. [Town Removal] WhorVile

    Town Removed. T/C
  5. Rollback request

    Quantum armor placed in your inventory.
  6. Botania Sparks vanishing

    This has been discussed before here The antilag clears them if there is more x amount in the world. And this is combined with other players that have them. Maybe more should be allowed in the world in the configuration? @brunyman
  7. Pam's Harvest

    Maple Tree's (Item ID: 1903) need to be made with a spruce tree and maple syrup. To make maple syrup you need a Maple tree. BoP didnt spawn Maple trees in the overworld, could we add this to the spawn shop for like 100$? And possibly the rest of Pam's trees I'll make a list later of id's.
  8. my hole inventory stolen

    Since everything is good now. T/C
  9. Complaint craftyguy23

    You did have duped bags in your me that had the exact same inventory and without any proof where they came from how do we not know you didn't dupe them? And if you did acquire it from killing someone I would imagine you would have seen what you got.
  10. Lilith's Blood and Warm Blood getting custom recipes

    I'll look into adding a recipe for it, if that's fine with everyone else. What about it also being sold at spawn?
  11. Nether deaths

    Item's Refunded, placed in your inventory. Talked to player in-game refund was successful. T/C
  12. [Refund Request]

    Item's placed in the players inventory. Was unable to refund the Legendary Key's
  13. [Refund Request]

    Item's placed in a chest at your last login position.
  14. [Refund Request]

    Sorry about the time it took to refund. Item placed in your inventory.

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