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  1. MrE

    [Command Request] Xx_MrE_xX

    Worldedit works now thanks! /thru doesnt work yet (says u dont have permission) but its nothing i cant live without, its just /thru no biggie 😀
  2. Account Name: Xx_MrE_xX Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: /thru and WorldEdit Reason for Request: I transfered over to Sky Adventures but /thru and WE didnt even tho i put it in special perms in my rank transfer post. Im not mad at staff, they just do their job and i should be grateful for all the good staff CL has. Thanks MrE
  3. Account Name: Xx_MrE_xX Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: /thru and WorldEdit Reason for Request: i would like /thru to easily navigate through the base i currently reside in. I would like world edit (copy, schematics, drain, fill e.t.c) to easily help my fellow town mates with construction of various buildings (filling in ugly quarry holes et.c) Thanks in advance - MrE
  4. MrE

    [guide] Advanced fusion reactors + knowledge

    This is actually really helpfull! I've long wanted to understand atomic science a bit better so thanks i guess? ?
  5. MrE

    Inventory rollback request

    Fun thing. I found ur lab once, think i set a home there lol.
  6. MrE

    Im confused about S+

    Thanks Henk Köttbulle
  7. So i recently bought Sponsor+ on the tekkit server and im a bit confused, i read the benefits on the buycraft and all but i thought id have access to /thru. When i try to run it it says "You are not permitted to do that, are you sure youre in the right mode?" I've tried the command in both creative and survival. So in conclusion, is it an error or is it a command ill have to request? Thanks in advance.
  8. MrE

    Rank upgrade

    OH thanks EPIC
  9. MrE

    Rank upgrade

    When i bought my Prem+ rank a couple of weeks ago it said that ranks were upgradable nad yesterday when i checked the Sponsor+ rank was on sale. I coudnt find that much information about upgrading a rank, it still says it costs 69.99 40 euro. Am i missing something or am i just dumb in general?
  10. Thanks :) Now i just gotta transfer my Premium+ from tekkit to Direwolf hah
  11. So i am thinking of changing servers from tekkit galacticraft too Direwolf20 1.12 and when i start the modpack it says that the server is on 1.7.10 and im 1.12 but isn't there a 1.12 version or am i wrong and in that case how can i change minecraft version.

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