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  1. Always_Ein

    [Complaint] (EPICFighters)

    Actually it’s not, if they falsely punish you you don’t insult staff you take it with a cool head and try your best to get everything sorted out, instead you constantly call staff and other players names and such.
  2. Always_Ein

    [Complaint] (EPICFighters)

    If this relates to a staff member of the server that I play on, then it is my business to make sure what’s said is true, and to make sure he doesn’t get harassed by those who constantly try to con people out of everything they’ve done, and to make sure that epic, one of the greatest staff I’ve seen) isn’t wrongly accused.
  3. Always_Ein

    [Complaint] (EPICFighters)

    It shouldn’t matter if your a donor or not, the punishment is always he same for every player, no matter who they are. If you are to break rules it should be that you be punished.
  4. Always_Ein

    [Complaint] (EPICFighters)

    Everything Epic has done is for the better of the server, everyone can make a mistake once in a while, but I’m sure if he did something henk and bruny didn’t like then he wouldn’t be a GM still would he? And considering he still is, I see that what he did was for the better of the server, and for those players yet to play on Craftersland. If you can’t handle your own mistakes on the server, then more then likely you shouldn’t play on it.
  5. Always_Ein

    [Complaint] (Swimsam1)

    In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about) Time and date: 7:45 10/13/18 Description of what happened: (In chronological order) My clanmate had informed me that swimsam was accusing me of stealing 1 million enderium from him and a few more things, also he then messaged me in discord saying either fight Scorp and Reich together against TIK or keep getting harassed verbally(not exact wording) Screenshots or Proof: http://imgur.com/EnISPpO http://imgur.com/CxdwRkM List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below) the screenshots provided
  6. Always_Ein

    [Complaint] (EPICFighters)

    If we’re being honest here you and members of Scorp as well as Reich have been trying to complain against staff only recently, I believe it is because you do not like them defending TIK enforcing rules and such, so to me this seems like a targeted attack on those who try to help those who are being verbally attacked/ harassed, staff. Because of the recent events of destroying “The wall” it was quite obvious what you were trying to with it, as you were blocking part of the map to others who weren’t in your town, and or had access to your base, also just because players can enter your base does not mean they can grief it, as you put it, unless you know a way how to, which you should then report it to the staff you are complaining against.
  7. Always_Ein


    Even if you are sorry for your actions you should go through your punishment like the rest of us would.
  8. Always_Ein

    [Complaint] (MeanManSlayer)

    ZeeDerpSlayer you are now breaking rule 9: 9] No Insulting Staff. 1st offense = Kick and warn. 2nd offense = 1 hour mute and warn. 3rd offense = 1 day mute. 4th offense = 3 days mute.
  9. In-Game Nickname: Swimsam1, Zeref, everyone in Scorp. Time and date: 7:30 10-8-18 Description of what happened: After what had happened yesterday about the accusations of swimsam cheating, he accused me of making people in my clan private message him calling him a cheater, which I never did, also he stated multiple times that he hated when I ask why, because I invite people to my town, he then goes on to threaten people in my town, or others outside of it, that he and his clan, as well as Reich, will target and kill them, he even stated he doesn’t care what clan your in, just not TIK (My clan) there were many people there during all this. Screenshots or Proof: http://imgur.com/koSlCqU http://imgur.com/lJ9muY6 List of eyewitnesses: Trixx305, members of TIK, Members of Reich, Members of Scorp, and more outside of the clans.
  10. Always_Ein

    (Swimsam/jackseno accusation)

    What I am complaining/reporting about is that I believe swimsam used his alt to get all of those items, as there are ways to remove the “spawned in by” tag.
  11. Always_Ein

    (Swimsam/jackseno accusation)

    In-Game Nickname: Swimsam1 Time and date: 8:53 pm 10/7/2018 Description of what happened: today I have been on all day, and see swimsam on his alt account jackseno, nicknamed fish, all day as well using gmc to create his base, later when I saw swimsam1 join for the first time today, or at least since 6 in the morning, he had power armor to the point where he could fly, go invis, jump assist, and more attachments, he also had 4 energy cells in his inventory, but when I accused him he hid 3 of them and said he only had 1, he also has a sharpness 5, looting 3, unbreaking 3, fire aspect 2 ruby sword, keep in mind this is all on Day 1. List of eyewitnesses: AO_Playz, WadeTommyWilson, and more in global chat, I cannot scroll up as swimsam has used legendary keys to block chat up.
  12. Always_Ein

    [Money Refund]

    Your Name: Always_EinItem Name + Amount: All he money you get for premium and sponsor + Coordinates: None yet (will make an empire LEGIT)Description of Issue: it was all removed in the wipe. Sceenshots (Optional):
  13. Always_Ein

    Is it time for a full server WIPE on our Tekkit server?

    Think I can get a copy of the world, for if I want to use this map in single player?
  14. Always_Ein

    Request for a wipe

    Honestly I don’t see why everyone wants a wipe, the current map is fine, and I see tons of unclaimed areas all the time
  15. Always_Ein

    [Town Removal] Xerxes

    Your Name: Always_Ein Town Name: Xerxes Coordinates of Town: -2924, ~, 1970 Town members: ANTHONYs_LEGEND Reason for request: it’s in the way Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): Commands: /seen <player> - This commands lets you see when the player was last online /town info <townname> - This commands lets you see the town members. The town is case sensitive. Disclaimer: Towns will not be open to raid, the chunks will be reset to their original state and when that has happened and only then will the town permission be removed. For a town to be eligible to be removed all members of the town need to have an inactivity of 1-2 months. This does not guarantee a town wipe and the call is always up for staff to decide. If you are a staff member requesting a town removal DO NOT show a printscreen of the /seen command. IP-addresses should be private. Town permission removal happens on a weekly basis and is done on Wednesday.

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