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  1. A lot of the restarts are because of low tps for a set amount of time or more. They wouldn't be able to know the tps would drop like that. Also why does it matter how much time you get? It isn't like you get rolled back or anything just don't forget what you were working on and pick back up after the restart.
  2. Your Name: VampiremasterItem Name + Amount: RAK*170Coordinates: -63837, 72, 4342Description of Issue: I spent 170 RAK for the Epic and ??? Loot chests and got a bin that popped because it is banned and the other one vanished without opening or giving me anything.Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Or just add a crafting recipe like they did for mana in INT. Bucket of etching acid + empty pcb = unassembled. If you do it the way you suggested, one bad setup spewing them everywhere and not being cleared will be doomsday.
  4. I think that to try and lower the tps drop caused by a blood-moon, that some of it's properties should be changed. I would suggest halving the rate, the mobs spawned, and the frequency of which they spawn. This will make it so that blood-moons are still harder than an average night, but won't happen so often and won't have quite so many mobs spawning at such a fast rate.
  5. I am missing 3 mimic orbs, a silver helmet, boots, and legs. Also a stage 3 ice dragon head (not sure if you can give me that)
  6. Your Name: VampiremasterCoordinates: -4878, 71, -386Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): No later than 2:45AM(GMT-5) 9/4/2019Description of Issue: Fireballed in the face by a stage 5 dragon in Twilight which killed me and blew up my grave.Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Vampiremaster


    No matter if both or just ow is reset, ow needs to be reset soon. Furnaces, astral sorcery marble, and aquamarine are rare to nonexistent on the server anymore, and new people can’t get very far without those. Even people who aren’t new will probably hit a point where they need one of those and can’t play any further either.
  8. Vampiremaster


    Although I agree with most of what you said, I still don’t think we should wipe islands yet. As far as I’ve seen there is no one that is very far in this pack, and resetting the server entirely when people are half way done, with a month of solid gameplay, would probably put off a lot of people from returning after the wipe. And although it isn’t “fair” to people who built in the ow, I would say in this case the needs/wants of the many who didn’t outweigh the needs/wants of the few who did, but that’s just my opinion. Like I said, you could always put up an announcement a month to a few weeks ahead of it, so people had a chance to move.
  9. Vampiremaster


    So no one else can progress in the pack past a point, and new players just can’t pkay period because you built your base in the ow? Doesn’t seem fair to me. In this type of pack I don’t see how one would expect the overworld not to be reset.
  10. Vampiremaster


    I mean furnaces aren’t needed at all because of the tinker furnace and eventually the gt furnace, but marble and the first aquamarines are needed to progress. I think if a reset is decided on, that it should just be the OW. If you put a sever notice either in game, or in the description of the server(like when it says 4* rewards) that the ow is getting reset on [DATE] that would be plenty of time for people to move to islands. Tl:dr +1 to reset if it’s only OW
  11. Yeah I was trying in OW. Someone had made this post before and it had been fixed, but it's broke again. ?
  12. The /rtp command says searching for a safe location and then says it timed out searching.
  13. Thank you. I bought 2 of your cakes. ?
  14. How is it fair for them to give you free stuff from an ender chest? Or to allow people with a tiny bit of omnium craft it into nuggets and then into motes. ?
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