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  1. Your Name: Kiyanox Coordinates: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine, including timezone): 8th January 2020, 11:30pm UTC+1 Description of Issue: Someone spawned in tons of Backpacks with Creative Items inside. Unfortunately, it was the same type as mine. So i voided these spawned in Bags and my own. Screenshots (Optional):
  2. The Cake sends you to the 0;0 Coordinate in the Void. Unfortunately, another guy has set up his base there. If you're able to escape his base, fly abit around and set up your base at another Coordinate.
  3. Items refunded. I added 2 Mystic Keys for the circumstances. Please let me know if anything is missing. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
  4. Hi, Yes, we use MyTown. Regardless of the mod we use, you will still get the "claimblocks". It increases the amount of claimable chunks instead of claimblocks. The costs for a claim increases for every chunk by 20$ ( 100$ + 20$(amount of chunks)) I've forwarded the Issue with the "No loss of xp on death".
  5. Well, we can discuss about the Stainless Steel, but the other stuff gets useless pretty fast too. Ok, we can remove the Rerolls. Sounds good. Thought about the Endertank already. Maybe i put the tank into the Mystic since its sort of a gamebreak. ( You can avoid pipes and can send fluids intra-dimensional)
  6. I plan to change the Legendary and Mystic Crate a bit. Items like Calcite Dust or Gypsium Dust become useless pretty quickly. As a result, these crates quickly become unattractive and no longer worthwhile. Now that we have some advanced players on our server, I ask you to come up with suggestions for these crates. These Items shouldn't be gamebreaking. We will then discuss these in detail. Possible changes so far: Legendary Crate: - Remove Calcite Dust - Remove Gypsium Dust - Add Stainless Steel Dust or Ingot ( Maybe i put them into the Material Rescue Kit ) - Add Magn
  7. In game name: Kiyanox ( Needs to be completed for LouisFerdi and G_G_Marvel too) Quest-ID: #1431 Reason: Seems like the Filled Fuel Canisters don't get recognized. I have them in my Inventory as you can see in the Hotbar. Screenshot:
  8. Can you describe it in more detail? The claiming was not changed much apart from the price increases
  9. Aura Nodes naturally spawn in many Dimensions. Exploring the Map is an important task in GTNH,that's why we're not going to add Aura Nodes to the spawn YET.
  10. Your Name: Kiyanox Town Name: Kiyalabs Coordinates: -915 ; -2023 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10:50 pm CET Description of Issue: Some of our machines turned into .name Blocks, so they are gone and won't change back. Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/B0T1y4w ## It took us few hours, but we fixed the base, so no Rollback needed anymore
  11. T/C Player has made another post with the correct Template
  12. Hi, for which Server is this? Also please use the respective Server Sub-Forum and use the template which can be found under Technical Support.
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