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  1. Its usually done in the evening.
  2. Hey, Yesterday i was travelling around the map. At a certain Point I got disconnected with the Error: "The Server you were previously on went down, you have been connected to a fallback server" After that, i was not able to reconnect until i unstucked it. I thought it was just a simple one time thing. Today, i did the same and travelled in the same region as i got disconnected again at the same Spot. This Spot is a base. I took a picture via Livemap because i cant even get near the base. I've hovered the spot so you can find the coords on the top left corner The base: https://imgur.com/jrX6J9p
  3. Hi! I can absolutely understand it! On the one hand it would reduce the lag by far of course, on the other hand it would be really frustrating for some people right now. In my case, it would be really annoying, since I've been playing for only 3 weeks and my complete progress would be gone. The best thing we can do is to vote. Greetings! Kiyanox
  4. Your Name: KiyanoxClaim Leaders Name: Yee7iCoordinates of claim (use format xyz: 1845 64 2374) : 3401 72 433Claim members: Truskavvka ( Builder )Reason for request: Its a pretty small Base ( 9x9 or so ) which don't let me expand in that direction. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  5. Hi! I know its an annoying topic, but we have to look for a solution Since we have lost so many chunk-loaders in the past and some of us aren't able to pay 250 bucks per Chunk Loader, it would be nice to reactivate the Recipe of that Chunk Loader for that time. We are aware of several reports ( Ingame and Discord ) losing a bunch of Chunk Loaders per week. Sometimes like around 5-6 per Week or more! But i guess, you already know it! It looks like they are disappearing while not staying in the same chunk. But it's not possible to stick to it permanently. Server Crashes or random non-announced Server reboots makes it quite impossible. So I would ask the players to vote for this solution. If it results in some Errors or something else we're actually not aware of, just let me know. Greets from Germany! Kiyanox
  6. Your Name: Kiyanox Town Name: Anden Coordinates: x = -2119 , y = 64, z = -4116 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11:30 PM in Germany ( Germany = UTC+1 )04.01.2020 Description of Issue: I've got raided in my Base. It was my fault because I've set the modify perm to true because i thought this would be the only way to place a enderquarry in my town . Now my whole stuff ( ME-Drives ) are away. If its possible to Rollback my Town, i would request a Inv Rollback aswell because i picked up some stuff ( It would dupe those items )
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