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  1. Item refunded to the player in person. T/C
  2. Yeah, lets see. Good JVM Arguments may fix some of the lags. I'm just wondering why the poll is still open. The results haven't changed much in the past 1-2 weeks. The last time the poll was closed after 2 days. Many players are waiting for that
  3. I think that atleast one of these 2 highest voted Packs ( actually ) will fit to you. Also both of them need atleast 6gb of ram. If you want a classic Kitchensink like Revelations ( you still can't compare these 2 ), then ATM3 is for you, i haven't played it long enough to give more Information. If you want a really hard progression Modpack built around Gregtech5 with a lot custom written mods and with pretty realistic Chemistry, Machinery, Space Exploration ( 20 Planets iirc ) and the Stargate as Endgame, you really should try GT: New Horizons.
  4. Yes, probably not anytime soon. We don't have an ETA for the Polls to be closed yet. But I can promise you one thing: We're just as excited as you are!
  5. Hi, Are you sure this happened on Omnifactory? I didn't find anything at these Coords nor have you ever joined Omnifactory. Please reply with the Server you are playing on.
  6. Mistakes happen. T/C
  7. Same opinion. Long lasting fun but a 1.7.10 pack. Very active Modpack-Devs which fix bugs pretty fast. Due to the massive Progression tree, you have to invest a lot time, dealing with the good and bad things happening while running diverse machines, players may get binded to the server for a while.
  8. Item has been refunded to the Player ingame T/C
  9. Items refunded to the Player ingame T/C
  10. Items refunded to the Player ingame T/C
  11. Items refunded to Player ingame. T/C
  12. Item refunded to the Player Ingame. Please make sure that chunk loaders don't work on the moon yet. T/C
  13. Hi, this is the main Invite-Link: https://discord.com/invite/RexFCWu
  14. Items have been refunded to the player ingame. T/C
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