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  1. I do actually play on CL thank you In fact I just bought another friend of mine the second tier reward yesterday, he's not the first and certainly wont be last. It's one of the ways I try and support the servers, what did you say you've done again? I build my base out of good looking blocks depending on the theme I'm going for. My last one was made out of thousands of bricks that I manually collected over the course of two weeks while I had people insulting me because I made a good looking base and they felt it was a waste of time because it's not their idea of progress (this behavior ac
  2. I think the issue here is that you and I have different ideas of what a reward it. I like planning and implementing a good looking and well running base, that is my reward. That makes me happy. I spent literally 12 hours optimizing one machine two days ago that gave me joy finishing it. I'm not sure what your idea of a reward is but it has no bearing whatsoever on what I enjoy and what I want to do. It also doesn't change that in six months if I can't continue then why play now. What if it's Mars. Nobody can get to Mars, it's not the end of the game but you can't progress past there, why
  3. By your own admission though the issue isn't the GMC players it's the machines themselves. Having the problem now vs having it later doesn't change it. The OPs argument is that it's caused by creative players is wrong. I'm aware that pollution spreads but it also dissipates. I'll be honest we ran a net neutral pollution base by using steam until midway through MV then switching to a railcart farmer and using a pyrolyzer on the charcoal to get benzene so the rocket launch we had a few days ago didn't do a whole lot and dissipated rather quickly the three people who remained in the base whi
  4. It seems that a lot of people complaining about creative have not actually read the rules on creative use on the server. People with creative for instance cannot give any creative generated item to somebody outside their town nor can they sell them. There is no "race" to get anywhere. On a private server run by me, myself and two friends managed to get to the moon in the last month without creative. With it I have no doubt we would have gotten there already This server is several months old and as such I have no doubt those with creative have already gone where they want. I'm going t
  5. I'm going to be honest I'm not sure why this is a thing, but Mining World when reset is a literal copy of itself. I would suggest it be randomized for a large number of reasons -Being non-randomized benefits long term players over new ones as long term players will have waypoints set already to all the ore veins. This is problematic as it makes it harder for new players to get the easy close by nodes they need to progress as older players already having the waypoints will have mined out the easy to reach nodes. -Non-randomized means that I may go and WP every village in Mining world
  6. I would like to see the removal of the rerolls in the chest, I'd rather get 4 vote crate keys then 1 legendary key from a legendary chest and etc. The noise on the crates and amount of time we wait to open them isn't awful when we only have to hear it once but hearing it getting excited then getting told to do it again is annoying.
  7. So a couple things I noticed in the rank purchases are odd. For instance the ranks offer claim blocks as a reward but the server used a different mod to make claims that doesn't use blocks as far as I can tell it just costs IG money? Also the Premium says no loss of xp on death, that's definitely not working either.
  8. NM Kiyanox was IG and was nice enough to fix it for me.
  9. Your Name: Obeliske Item Name + Amount: 80 levels Coordinates: See screenshot Description of Issue: ASOOD and I were testing if the Premium rank benifit that says you no longer lose xp on death works, (hint: it does not! ) Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/eJwbi2s
  10. Your Name: Obeliske Item Name + ID + Amount: Base Coordinates: Description of Issue: I was working in my base when my rewards appeared in my inventory literally taking the place of the item I was placing in my hand and caused me to place a mystic key instead of the xp book I was using. This turned it into a hook on the wall Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/OJ85TnJ
  11. In-Game Nickname: ROUBLE2K00 Time and date: 615pm PST 16/12/20 Description of what happened: Keeps attacking random people in spawn including myself, Slov3, and anybody who was at spawn for the party. Killed himself on Slovs armor a couple times and did manage to kill at least one person punching them to death. Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/JxQcdpT List of eyewitnesses:
  12. Your Name: Obeliske Item Name + ID + Amount: 1 Legendary and 4 vote crate keys Base Coordinates: Description of Issue: Was in creative when I put them in a chest to save them for later this tagged them as spawned by me and makes them unusable Screenshots (Optional):
  13. Stuff I was to dumb to remember is a thing
  14. Personally I'd be willing to play more PVP if there were rules that took away armor and enchants as those are really where pvp is. Remove them level the playing field and I'm in.
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