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  1. Corrupted inventory

    reset complete
  2. [Morph Bug] zbyshek

    is it fixed now?
  3. [Rollback Request] Flatlands [DW 1.7]

    Can you create a new mystcraft world and give me the dimension id?
  4. I need town name, town coordinates, your name and a date to rollback to
  5. claim rollback

    rollback complete
  6. [Rollback request] srares

    rollback complete
  7. Quest book

    not right now, but this can happen again, this mod is not that stable, I will have to check it every maintenance
  8. [Island Rollback Request] ILoveAnimee16

    rollback complete and kit's reactivated, I moved your items in your inventory in an iron chest on your island so you have room to get the kits
  9. /gm 1 removal

    gamemode removed
  10. Island rollback request

    rollback to requested date didn't restore the drives, any other date we can try?
  11. A payed chunkloader-ish thing

    The chunkloader save system is built with kits in mind and each player can have different amounts of max chunkloaders, we will be adding more chunkloaders to ranks and a kit, I didn't add them yest because we were still testing the plugin but seems that works fine
  12. Command request.

    permission granted, note that all commands are logged and any worldedit abuse will be punished, use with care