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  1. second rollback attempt complete
  2. brunyman

    Request on claimed area rollback

    second rollback attempt complete
  3. well then the coordinates are wrong, there is no claim there -996 Y 64 Z 2559
  4. brunyman

    Problem in crafting Ic2 stuff

    refunded, placed in a iron chest at your location. What about adding them to the spawn shop also? Any price suggestions?
  5. brunyman

    Request on claimed area rollback

    rollback complete
  6. brunyman

    Can't login

    error fixed, try to join now
  7. brunyman

    Direwolf20 1.12 Going Down Super Frequently

    It was a laggy base, is it better now?
  8. brunyman

    Mobs and animal spawns

    Is this when the server is laggy? or everytime
  9. could you check my post again?

    NEI access one, everyones saying its NEi access config, its hard to do what i want when you cant...

  10. brunyman

    [Transfer town ownership request] BradIGuess

    ok, i made you moth mayors

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