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  1. brunyman

    [Rollback Request] RigCrack

    Fixed the world border, you should be able to get there now
  2. Our Network is fully 1.13.2 Compatible! All our mini-games and we did a full 1.13.2 update on Creative, Hiipo, Pure and SkyBlock survival servers. This update only brigs fixes and performance optimizations. If you want to know what was changed in this update check the video below: Official Change log: Next we will do a full AssassinS update, stay tuned!
  3. Source: xisumavoid
  4. brunyman

    Issues with Agricraft Wooden Water Tank

    That was crashing the server, i did some patches to prevent the crash
  5. brunyman

    rollback request

    doors removed, try to join now
  6. brunyman

    [Pure Survival] Kicking message error

    ok, something was corrupted at that area, had to reset the chunks, if needed it may need a rollback
  7. brunyman

    Can't login

    hi, can you join now? We will update the network lobbys soon
  8. Tekkit server WIPE is complete! We got new map seeds and increased overworld map size. Everything except ranks got a reset. Changes: Full server WIPE. Generated new map seeds. Increased main world border radius from 5500 to 6000. Old world download link: HERE Banned Items List: HERE Enjoy a new fresh new Map seed to explore! Lag will be reduced too. tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 Galactic adventures!
  9. brunyman

    Old Map Download

    As WIPE was complete, here is a download link of the main world of the old map right before WIPE. DOWNLOAD Link will work for 14 days starting now.
  10. Help


    Password Reset

    Name: Mr_Batman_Kebab

    Rank: none

    Server: Tekkit (tekkit.craftersland.net:25567)

  11. Wipe will take place in a few minutes

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