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  1. [DW 1.12] Fixes update.

    is this to all transfer nodes?
  2. Corporea requests kick players

    Not sure if we can fix this, the crash takes place in the proxy bungee cord, for some reason the server sends an empty packet and that crashes the client. We do not have the source code of this modified proxy server
  3. Corrupted ME system

    World anchors can bug out and cause that on chunkload, and that base is filled with world anchors. He should try to re-place the cables, removing them first
  4. [Rollback Request]

    rollback complete
  5. [Rollback Request]

    rollback complete
  6. Ritual not working

    Any staff knows more about this issue?
  7. Outer Lands/Eldritch Dimension weekly reset

    looks like DIM-42 is already on the maintenance reset list, it resets everything except for the map seed, so the new map will generate on the same seed, should we also reset the map seed?
  8. [Town Rollback Request] Rurede94

    rollback complete
  9. [Town Rollback Request] Doctor_MooDM

    rollback complete
  10. Time for more updates to AssassinS Test server! Today update is adding the fame system to the server. The new plugin was coded from scratch and while with similar function as the old plugin the most improvements are at the core. The new plugin will save data on a database and will remove the old issues where data would sometimes be lost and also allow us better performance storing lots of players data and also better scaling if will be needed in the future. Fame features: Data stored to a database instead of file based. Better info about players fame and fame needed to rank up. /fame Commands for easy fame transfer. Sound effects for kill streaks. Better fame rank up and fame gain messages. More coming soon, stay tuned!
  11. [DW 1.12] Fixes update.

    We did a bug fix patching today and fixed mod related bugs. Fixes: Fixed Thermal Dynamics ducts not working. Fixed Extra Utils transfer nodes not working. Patched Draconic Evolution Energy Pylons, may need more testing. Please note, if you notice any issue like something isn't working or not working right, report the issue in the link below. If we are not aware of the bug we cant fix it. Thanks! https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/80-server-problems/
  12. Twilight Forest Bosses Bugged

    was this fixed in the last modpack update?

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