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  1. Server address: sf3.craftersland.net This is a tiny update to modpack version 3.0.18, the server is also compatible with 3.0.17, 3.0.16 and 3.0.15 client versions. IMPORTANT! FTB Team decided to stop updates on Twitch launcher, so you can find the latest version only on our CraftersLand Launcher or on FTB App. Changes: Updated FTB Ultimine mod Updated CraftersLand Launcher version The update is also available on our Launcher, download here: LINK Official change log: Build your Sky Factory! sf3.craftersland.net
  2. Our new server is now open to public! It's running on latest version of Pixelmon Reforged 8.0.2 and you can download the modpack from ATLauncher, Technic Launcher or on CraftersLand Launcher, where it has few additional optional performance mods. Server address: pixelmon.craftersland.net As all our other server this features: Economy with NPC Traders and Player's Market Clans Build and Adventure worlds GriefPrevention as land claim Crates Gyms and Quests Daily rewards and more! Download our launcher HERE! Thanks to all of you for supporting our work, and too all staff members that worked hard on this server. More tweaks and improvements will come as we test stuff out. A pokemon world! pixelmon.craftersland.net
  3. Rollback complete, if you still have lost items please post a list of items for refund. Thanks!
  4. Name fixed, just join the server and wait few minutes to get it. Thanks for support!
  5. Thanks for votes, a WIPE will not take place.
  6. Hi guys, So last FTB Direwolf20 1.12.2 server WIPE was on 14 February, that's almost 6 months ago. There is still room on the map but the server is empty most of the time. As of all WIPE's all data will get a reset except for ranks, new map seeds will be generated and we will provide a download link of the old map. A WIPE will also reduce lag. Check the live server map HERE! Please vote in the pool above and let us know if we should wipe or not.
  7. download link added in the topic above
  8. Here you can download the old FTB SkyFactory 2.5 server island map, before the server WIPE. DOWNLOAD The download link will work for 30 days starting now.
  9. Source xisumavoid Change log!
  10. Hi guys, our Vanilla Network is now 1.16 compatible, means you can join the server with 1.16 but we are not yet fully updated to 1.16 yet as we need to wait for Spigot release so we can start updating plugins and then fully update our servers, stay tuned for more news abut this. The 1.16 update is also available on our launcher, download here! Learn more about this update here:
  11. Minecraft 1.16 is OUT! Here is everything you need to know about Nether Update! Check the official update page: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/updates/nether/ Check the official 1.16 change log: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/nether-update-java Source wattles
  12. FTB Skyfactory 2.5 server WIPE is complete, all data got a reset except for ranks, you can get your rank re-activated HERE! This WIPE aimed a server refresh since last server Reset was about 3 years ago, the server will run with less lag and there is a fresh start for all! Let's get our sky factory's going! You can download the old map, before the wipe here: IMPORTANT! FTB Team decided to stop updates on Twitch launcher, so you can find the latest version only on our CraftersLand Launcher or on FTB App. Changes: Full data WIPE except for ranks Generated new map seeds Small fixes on spawn computer interaction skyfactory.craftersland.net
  13. WIPE will take place today, thanks for vote
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