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  1. Roll back

    rollback complete
  2. ring refunded in your inventory, money refunded, to get all thaumcraft research join the server and wait few minutes
  3. Can u make something ...

    ok, but that was already refunded: Bob €4.99 Refund Nov 21, 2017 19:03 View BobiPedala €4.99 Complete Nov 21, 2017 18:36
  4. Rollback claim request. Aneega

    rollback complete, is it fine now?
  5. [Suggestion] Vote for server restart

    Hi, well, what are the restart reasons you had? The existing system will auto restart the server if server is running low on memory or starts to lag, and few other conditions
  6. Rollback request

    Hi, the world copy was from 7 November, as we only keep few backups so old, the chunk is still messed up?
  7. [Refund Request] Knapsack bug

    Hi, we don't have a good rollback point but refunded you the 3 items, if you have more items lost please post a list
  8. [Rollback Request]

    Hi, we had a dedicated server crash that morning after a DDOS attack and because of the OS crash we lost some data on the RAM Drive and had to use a backup to restore the services, all data from that morning was lost. We can help you refund items, i sent you $20k as compensation until you post the item list. I'm sorry for all the trouble
  9. [Refund Request] Matycus

    refunded, keys placed in your inventory
  10. Reactivate Premium Kiriha95

  11. [Infinity] Pure ... Crystals despawn

    should be fixed now, can someone confirm?
  12. Random Chunks Rolling Back

    hmm, i didn't heard too many complaints about this, how many are affected?
  13. [Complaint] Matycus

    Hi, sorry about that :D, there was a bugged chunk in a players base