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  1. Rank Information: Permissions: Requirements: Application: Please reply in blue. Do not reply in bold. I wish you the best of luck!
  2. After a long time with no updates, we updated our server to latest minecraft version 1.12.2, this is a full update and not a compatibility update, it needed for plugins to be updated from 1.10.2 to latest. We will try to push out some more plugin coding to get the server ready to replace the original server. You can always support our work with a donation on our store: http://craftersland.buycraft.net/ Now a summary of the entire update progress: NEW Server full update to Minecraft 1.12.2 Added player health under players names. No fall damage when landing on Hay and Leaves Blocks. Players can roll to reduce 50% of fall damage if they crouch on landing. Re-coded the assassins climb feature. Disabled 1.9 attack cooldown. Added infinite Lapis Lazuli to Enchant Table. Added AssassinS music in key map areas. Re-made the enderchest plugin and the new code is much more optimized. Added particle effects when the enderchest is upgraded and enderchest name is now Vault. New spawn traders added using a different system with NPC's. The economy system will be formed by NPC and Villagers to trade items and the Players Market. The changes in prices are more similar to the first assassin version when the server was first open. AssassinS Masks will change players skin, there are multiple assassin masks types, each one with a different assassin skin. AssassinS Masks will also hide your real name and give you an Assassin code name. AssassinS masks will not allow you to equip armor but will give you effects to make you stronger. Added particle effects when activating masks. Added particle effects when repairing items on anvils. Anvils will self repair when get damaged by usage. Added action bar messages when player balance changes take place. Added option to control the anvil rename feature, we may restrict it for VIP's. Repairing items with right click on anvils will cost money and not coal. Added permission to drop the repair price by half, we may use it on server boosts. Map size reduced from ~600MB to ~80MB by removing chunks outside the map. Should improve map loading time. Removed the lava outside the map and replaced it with barrier blocks. Small cosmetic changes to some buildings. Shopkeepers are replaced with a Player's Market GUI. More coming soon, stay tuned!
  3. [Rollback Request]wewillbeheroes[DW1.7]

    rollback complete
  4. Possibly a Server wipe?

    hmm, wondering, is there still room to build on the main map?
  5. Hello guys, last night Minecraft 1.12.2 was released, check more about changes in 1.12.2 here: We updated all our network servers to be 1.12.2 compatible so you can join the network with latest minecraft version, the server is still compatible with older versions . Have fun!
  6. [Rollback Request]

    looks like this rollback is no longer needed
  7. Betterchunkloader?

    yes, if the saved chunkloaders are broken then the next chunkloader placed will be saved
  8. data saves times out alot of players

    someone's base is causing it, I will have a look
  9. Disable creative.

  10. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    Yes, there wasn't a wipe in 1 year or more? What are the reasons we need the wipe?
  11. valdovas1215 reviews

    Hi, please give us a link to all reviews and tell us what was your review like
  12. Lost my rank after a name change

    Well, the Premium+ was bought on LittyFamBruh, and 2 days later he just upgraded his rank to Sponsor+, he used the same paypal mail and same ip. The Premium+ rank no longer exist because he upgraded the rank to Sponsor+, so he didn't pay the full price of sponsor+
  13. Password

    Hi, password removed ,join now