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  1. brunyman

    Some bugs

    for the mining world, is this always happening? What does the log say?
  2. brunyman

    [Refund Request] Megaave

    items refunded and placed in your inventory
  3. brunyman

    [Rollback Request] Disappearances in Dwœmer!

    Hi, we can only do entire base rollback, because of modded data this is done externally, if you don't what the entire base back then post a list of items for refund
  4. brunyman

    old island

    should be fixed now
  5. brunyman

    Refund request llaya

    items refunded and placed in your inventory, could not refund the head
  6. brunyman

    SkyFactory 2.5 Nether spawn griefed

    the spawn protection does cover the entire platform
  7. brunyman

    SF2.5 Achievment book

    Problem is the system is not well built for multi player, saves all data in a single file and at some point lags the server out loading it, because of this we need to do a lot of data resets on this mod.
  8. Sure, post a list of items, we can also send you in game money to cover the loss
  9. brunyman

    [Complaint] Ahryman

    land regenerated and claim removed
  10. brunyman

    [Claim Rollback Request] its_a_magikarp

    This is a major bug with this modpack version, basically that error is caused by industrial foregoing Black Hole with the new forge version used in this version, it was crashing the server also, we had to patch the mod in order to fix it, but to fix crashing the clients the only way is for players to have the patched mod installed too. You can download the patched mod here: DOWNLOAD
  11. brunyman

    DierWolf20 1.12 Noted Issues and Solutions

    are chunkloaders still going missing? Mine didn''t
  12. wasn't it working before? If yest when did it stopped working?

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