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  1. From what country do you connect?
  2. As some of you already know, this morning one dedicated server had issues. Minecraft servers affected are FTB StoneBlock2, FTB SkyAdventures, Network AssassinS and Creative servers. We got this server less then 1 year ago when intel gen 9 processors were finally available, we actually got 5 such dedicated servers at the beginning of this year and unfortunately we had issues with 3 of them during this time, we changed sata cables and hard drives as 2 servers were time to time having HDD failures and degraded raid arrays, to replace burned power supply and even the entire server except for the h
  3. Our new server is now open to public! It's running on latest version of GT New Horizons and you can download the modpack from Tekkit, Twitch and on CraftersLand Launcher, where it has few additional optional performance mods. Server address: gt.craftersland.net As all our other server this features: Economy with spawn shops and player's market Clans Jobs Live maps MyTown as land protection Crates Daily rewards and more! Download our launcher HERE! Read more about this mod pack here: https://www.curseforge.com/mine
  4. The list of restricted items on our GT: New Horizons Server. Last updated 28. November 2020 Restricted Items: Arcane Bore > Thaumcraft - Protection bypass. Armor Stand > Travellers Gear - Dupe bugs. Weather Obelisk > Ender IO - Weather control Block and Chain > TwilightForest - Protection bypass. Block Breaker > OpenBlocks - Dupe bugs. Block Placer > Project Red - Dupe bugs. Bottled Taint > Thaumcraft - Protection bypass Brews > Witchery - Protection bypass.
  5. Thanks, WIPE will not take place, we will check again in 1-2 months
  6. I could count about 10 votes for no, coming from players on the server
  7. So, time for a server WIPE check, the last wipe was about 6 months ago on 17 May 2020. If we WIPE all data will get a reset except for ranks, we will generate new map seeds and provide a download link of the old map. Server lag will be reduced and a fresh map for all to explore! Vote in the pool above and let us know what to do next. Server live map: HERE If we wipe we will generate new map seeds and provide a world download link for the existing main world.
  8. Time for a Forum Theme small update, with some fixes. Changes: The content box on the Privacy page now has a background which helps to improve readability in certain themes. The “Source” feature in the editor is now coloured correctly in dark themes. The iAwards plugin is now formatted and coloured correctly. The validation colours on text fields are now coloured better in dark themes. The community is everything, thanks for being part of it!
  9. Our Network Creative server is now fully updated to Minecraft 1.16.4! Enjoy all the new blocks to build epic stuff! A full server WIPE was required for this big update. Changes: Updated to full Minecraft 1.16.4 Full data WIPE except for ranks. Updated all plugins for 1.16.4 Updated configs where needed. Download the old map here: Just build on our Creative Server! mc.craftersland.net play.craftersland.eu play.craftersland.us
  10. Here you can download on the old Vanilla Network Creative plots world. Old Map Download *The download link will be available for 30 days.
  11. We will have a patch for it today, thanks for sharing the info
  12. Server address: rl.craftersland.net Our first WIPE on RLCraft server is complete! We had a full server reset, generated new map seeds for all worlds and attempted to fix some reported issues. You can download the old map below. Changes: Full data reset Generated new map seeds Villagers should no longer be removed by the lag detection system Raid world is now on hard difficulty Reseted all lyncanites mod configs in an attempt to fix textures issues, unsuccessful so far, still working on it. Patch on economy plugin to not allow sending less
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