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  1. brunyman

    [Unban] Kipperoner

    Hi, that happened after some chargebacks on that name, what rank or purchases did you had on that account?
  2. Hi, the problem is not bungee. It's an mod entity that causes it, we don't know yet what mod.
  3. brunyman

    [Command Request] (xGatoVlogs)

    permissions added. Use it on small areas at a time.
  4. hello, please, read my post :( 


  5. brunyman

    Infinity - Old Map Download

    I no longer have the old map, I may still have some backups but like 1 month before wipe
  6. Time for another large mospack update! No new mods or removed but updated 84, so there should be lot's of fixes and new stuff. The new modpack update is also available on our launcher! Update changes: Updated 84 mods, including configs and patches. Updated scripts. Updated Perms and Nucleus plugins. Official change log: Modded Adventures! rev.craftersland.net
  7. brunyman

    [Buycraft Issue] Orneister

    Thanks for support
  8. brunyman

    [Buycraft Issue] Orneister

    Yes, looks like we can cancel it, on a side note this was paypal quote: eCheck estimated completion date is 10 December 2018 I made the cancel request.
  9. Hi, I never heard of such issues and we use this plugin on many servers including modded. Please give us details about how and when the items got changed so we can test and see where the problem is. Thanks
  10. brunyman

    [Buycraft Issue] Orneister

    Hi, the issue is the payment status is not complete yet, it's pending, so buycraft waits until payment is complete and then activate the perks. Gateway PayPal Status PENDING ECHECK HELP CHANGE Amount ----- This means the payment wasn't done from paypal balance and paypal now waits for the bank to send the money, if the bank does not approve the payment will be canceled
  11. brunyman

    [Buycraft Issue] Market listings

    try again now
  12. brunyman

    Buycraft issue [Always_Ein]

    saved, items placed in your inventory
  13. Source: xisumavoid Official change log
  14. brunyman

    [Buycraft Issue] Steellz

    so it did changed after server restart? all fine now?

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