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  1. MeJorge

    I got Griefed

    Maybe he mistaken the modded server?
  2. MeJorge

    I got Griefed

    You need proofs to prove that what you are saying is true. Becouse maybe you are not telling the truth! Also, I'm not sure but i don't think this post should be here.
  3. MeJorge


    1st picture: Momoloquendo joking about the country alexthefail is from. 2nd picture: Dennyhack saying he's staff and don't use hack.
  4. MeJorge

    [Game Request] Bedwars

    It isn't and it's fun, really.
  5. MeJorge

    Craftersland dies

    The staff has to pin it
  6. MeJorge

    Craftersland dies

  7. MeJorge

    Reporte en CTW troll manolooo

    First: Speak english in the forum Second: use the right template: Third: There isn't proofs to punish him (Spanish): Primero: Habla en inglés en el foro Segundo: usa el formato adecuado: Tercero: No hay pruebas suficientes para culparlo
  8. MeJorge

    ​Hack Report 🤡

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : MeJorge Nickname of the one you are complaining about : RobertKremer Description of the situation : Hack (Fly/Jump, don't know exactly) Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/le21NWr Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Nope!
  9. MeJorge

    Craftersland dies

    (Before you read, i wrote in red things to be fixed and in green important stuff for people that doesn't want to read, so don't ask later :P) 1st: I think the same, the server is dying and noone does nothing, but helpers are being added and by now, there are only armor bug and HB reports, not adverst or hacks (wich are very uncommon nowadays), so reports are getting lower 2nd: Yes, the owners and the upper charges don't do anything, but that's becouse (MarceLOL told me) bruny is really busy becouse he's the onwer of multiple servers, but as owner, he should pay the same atention to all the servers, including this one. By now in discord, (true that i don't read very much of the server, just what bruny tags with @everyone) he only says modded server stuff 3rd: I think CTW is doomed becouse of 2 things: Kits and anticheat. -Kits: the same as always, buggers and ranked people (Not all) abuse of them becouse of the money and the other people complaint or doesn't mind, what's making people more angry and it must be fixed to make everyone (not everyone, but most) happier by adding higher prices or take out some of them etc. -Anticheat: People dislike how it works and it's understandable,people gets kicked for pvping using hitter (not the hack, the pvp technique), for digging 5 blocks or becouse of lag. But I think that it's hard to fix, so maybe they won't fix it... 4th: About AC, (I only play the unpopular mode, v2 i think? i don't really play much,but still) why don't you change the unpopular AC to like a second map and you can keep the stats from one to other map? becouse having 2 servers with the same (or nearly the same) it's useless if people only join one. And also the HB is something that need's to be fixed to solve the abuse of it. 5th: Other games: -Hiipo plots: A nice game, but you get bored when you get full diamond and enders, so why not adding a new minigame ? There is the mob arena, so it isn't a crazy idea -Creative: It was really full years ago, but people got bored, so why don't you add like a build battle minigame or contests of the best plot? -Skywars: There were a lot of hackers before, now, there isn't people. I don't know how to fix this, but maybe new maps? new modes like team skywars? -Minigames like TNT RUN or snowball fight: They are really good minigames, i don't know why people left them, but i think the same as before: new maps, new games and new modes (team etc) 6ht: What about creating 2 new ranks: Builder and designer ? The builder would make new maps, lobbies, hubs, spawns etc and the Designer could do all the plugins and that stuff Finally: IDEAS 1: Making new games would cheer people to come here, like an eggwars, a hide and seek or a murder mystery, people love those ones! 2: 2 New ranks: Builder and Designers, for building maps and spawns and designing plugins and upgrading the server 3: improving our games: - 3-1 CTW: Anticheat and kits - 3-2 AC: HB 4: Taking out old and useless minigames or improve them 5: i had an idea: why not the server's own texture pack? there's a resource pack but just for CTW so maybe people would like it. 6: improving the "defense" (i mean guessing how to make the HB in spawn and the Armor bug impossibles) Also, why don't you pin this thread, maybe we can get a great idea from here. Thanks for your attention! 🤗
  10. MeJorge

    [CTW] Kits

    We could stay stuff like water, snowballs, blocks, arrows and food to people without rank and the others to people with rank, but not stuff that can break the games too much like notchs, enchants or armor. For example, there are blocks of iron or gold IN the game, so these armors aren't necessary.
  11. MeJorge

    Bug armor aand team troll

    I can't see atlas putting you on lava 😕
  12. MeJorge

    [CTW] Dealing with strength pots

    I think the most op stuff is the worst, becouse even if you dont have, you can kill someone with pot, but unless you use something really op, you can't kill someone with notch and full diamond enchanted. It's boring when someone uses full diamond and notch to do spawnkill and you can't report him/her becouse his team gets the wools and they place them so they don't spend much time there. Actually i think it's a reason why most ctw players left the server. People using enders with notch are really annoying and i know they paied for that but other players want to play normaly. But i agree that maybe they should increase the price for the strenght potion.
  13. MeJorge

    help pls

    If you don't play CL for a month (about 30 days) your stuff will restart, so maybe that's what happend.
  14. MeJorge

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but in 10 years you'll break your legs and you wont be able to fix them I want to be a star (literally a star, the sun)
  15. MeJorge


    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : MeJorge Nickname of the one you are complaining about : 1) JelloJams 2) _RayOfLight 3) Alexis1920 Description of the situation : 1) Scaffold/Fastbridge/Fastplace (I dont know if you can appreciate) 2) Spawnkill 3) Armor bug Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/DKGmp3R

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