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  1. Terminator

    Inventory Rollback Request GaMe_beast_pvp

    Hello, if you wish for an inventory rollback please edit your post and fill in this template.
  2. Topic Closed as requested.
  3. I'll take that reply as it was successful! Topic Closed.
  4. Terminator

    botania, thaumcraft, witchery data reset

    Thaumcraft research reset done. Only botania remaining.
  5. Terminator

    Spot loader limit incorrect

    Topic Closed as requested.
  6. Terminator

    Complaint against: Lancelot

    I've taken my time to read all of this, and I still do not understand what you want Lancelot to be punished for. 1) Making you clear your own mess 2) "Blaming" BeeBeeBops for Crashes (This was cearly just Lance responding to Bee blaming him, and Lance was joking obviously, as well as llaya) 3) Giving players advices I actually always considered Lancelot to be the one helping players the most, as well as being the most polite guy I've seen on the server, I've never even seen a swear word from him. And not that he is not suited for his role as GM, but he is one of the most suited ones. Rule #9 states you're Insulting a staff member (A mistake perhaps) . But , rule #8 does state "Griefing spawn is a permanent ban." which means, griefing spawn would end up in being a permanent ban, if spawn is protected or not doesn't matter. And yes, putting 100 blocks high trees inside the spawn area is griefing spawn, so you did break the rule. But if you didn't like cleaning your own mess you could've just asked for the ban instead.
  7. Terminator

    Rollback Request

    User no longer wishes for a rollback, T/C
  8. I teleported to your island's location but there was nothing there, empty space. You can ask for a rollback but if it was gone for more than a few months it might not be possible. If you don't want a rollback just start over.
  9. Terminator

    Report - ACv1

    User Punished. T/C
  10. Terminator

    SkyBlock bugs

    For the bug we already have a topic in staff zone. No need for a new one here. For Suggestions make a post in suggestions subforum. T/C
  11. Terminator

    [Refund Request] FettnapfFee

    If you call it solved then solved it is. T/C
  12. Terminator

    SF3 Challenges

    Well, sadly it's not a challenge plugin. The challenges are just a part of the Island Plugin overall, and on SF3 we use a different plugin for islands so I don't think that will be possible.
  13. Terminator

    [Refund Request] FettnapfFee

    Sorry, we cannot refund you the items that were inside the disk, you will have to ask for a rollback instead. Here's the other template. Just put the time when the disk was in your drive before you took it out and your island will be rolled back to that point, or close to it.
  14. Terminator

    [Refund Request] Towilloughby

    Refunded. T/C
  15. Terminator

    [Refund Request] Towilloughby

    Refunded. T/C

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