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  1. Terminator

    [Island Rollback Request]TheSwordLogic

    Rollback Complete.
  2. Hi, sorry but we don't have backups that date back as much as 4 months, I've checked the latest one we have and your island isn't there. We can try and refund you with a bit of in game cash so you can have a faster start if that's what you wish, just give us a number.
  3. Terminator

    Refund Request

    Moved To Continuum technical support.
  4. Terminator

    [Island Rollback Request] DarthAssassin

    Rollback Complete.
  5. Terminator

    Is it time for a full server WIPE on our Tekkit server?

    Yes, If, and after a server is wiped, bruny provides a download link for the old map.
  6. Terminator

    [Refund Request] pisikopat115

    Moved to Sf2 Technical support. When someone is available and sees this topic they will refund you if they see this as valid. Please stop putting your topics in General Discussions. Thanks.
  7. Terminator

    Bee Kit @Legendary Crate

    Hi, we aren't giving 27 Alveary on purpose. We don't have an intention to change it either. You will just have to make the other 3 by yourselves.
  8. Moved to SF2 technical support. If you want a refund request you will have to edit your post and use this template:
  9. Terminator

    i am stupid please help

    No problem
  10. Terminator

    i am stupid please help

    It's okay, simple mistakes happen, are you sure you have the right IP ? ftb.craftersland.net = DW 1.7.10 dw.craftersland.net = DW 1.12.2
  11. Terminator

    [Buycraft Issue]Sedva

    Topic Closed as per request
  12. Terminator

    I am lost 25k upgrades PLS HELP

    Moved to SkyFactory 2.5 Technical Support. I know you had a lot of transfer nodes, and a lot of upgrades, but 10K might be a bit overestimating them. And as Manyouforgot said, so many upgrades can lag the server thus they are removed by it. We can refund them if you tell us the exact number you had per node and how many nodes. But do not put them all inside the nodes again. You will just lose them again if you use them massively.
  13. Sorry, but we don't have a rollback point for as far as may. If you lost any essential items you can ask for a refund or we can refund you in in-game money for your loss. Just tell us how much.
  14. Inventory rollback complete. If item is still missing make a refund request instead, this was the furthest rollback i could do.

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