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  1. @Mayoicu It is currently being wiped, but if you join CL's discord and check on Infinity Evolved channel you can keep track of what bruny is doing Discord Invite
  2. NANI?! I forgot this existed?!
  3. I never said I had ichior-level research , or anything in my tome of sharing. I just offered it to you for your solar panel and you accepted. After that I just gave you your panel back and told you could leave and that we won't be sharing our knowledge, and that's it. There is no scam since we didn't even trade anything. @Yusixs is a witness to this event as well.
  4. Inventory Cleared,this should've fixed your login issues. Do you still need Island Rollbacked or Deleted?
  5. Rollback Complete, Didn't have a point in september so I just did the latest one available.
  6. Moved to Infinity Technical Support as Requested.
  7. Rollback complete. Sorry for the wait. No reply assuming everything is okay now, anymore problems please make another forums post, T/C
  8. Hi, sorry but we don't have backups that date back as much as 4 months, I've checked the latest one we have and your island isn't there. We can try and refund you with a bit of in game cash so you can have a faster start if that's what you wish, just give us a number. Edit: No reply T/C
  9. Yes, If, and after a server is wiped, bruny provides a download link for the old map.
  10. Moved to Sf2 Technical support. When someone is available and sees this topic they will refund you if they see this as valid. Please stop putting your topics in General Discussions. Thanks.
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