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  1. My suggestion is Project Ozone Lite. Project Ozone 2 is prefered but it is very heavy weight for a multiplayer server. The lite version is basically Project Ozone with least mods possible to make it Lighter for servers. https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/project-ozone-lite
  2. Terminator

    Opinions For New Mod-Pack?

    We already had a suggestion for the same modpack (altho it got burried), try and get this post to reach up to bruny brcause he doesnt view this subforum very often by himself. Heres the previous suggestion.
  3. Terminator

    Goodbye Crafter's

    We go way back to the good old days man, and as you said, the memories are countless. Thanks for all your help, I know you gave your hardest to help as much as you can. I'm really sorry to see you go, even tho it's true, we can all see you can hardly spend any time here, school is more important after all and im sure we will all be happy to have you back anytime.
  4. Terminator

    Parkour needs a home

    It would be nice if you could make an album with more pictures on imgur and just send us a link. I would like to see more of it. Also what is the size of all that. Maybe we could fit it on an island and have the island public. Also someone should move this to SF suggestions. Thanks.
  5. Please bump the post only when at least 48 hours have past from last bump ir creation of the post. Thanks.
  6. @LooooL can you PM me on discord, i've got a solution for you. This is my tag TheCookieLord#2940 .
  7. Do keep in mind that this mod can get rid of the issue only if you are a premium user.
  8. Terminator

    [Skyfactory 2.5] Bee hives or Queen bees

    Thanks! Topic Closed.
  9. Terminator

    Spawn Shop - Wrong Items

    Thanks! Topic Closed.
  10. Terminator

    LogRider Report

    I don't understand Turkish, but since Profanity/Speaking Languages other than English in global is a same rule, LogRider , patrickvandborg and TheMCU will all be punished for Rule 7 as seen they were all speaking Turkish in global chat. Thanks for the report! T/C
  11. Terminator

    I lost my Rank ?

    Hello, which server is this for.
  12. Terminator

    Rollback request

    Talked to player in-game, rollback successful. T/C
  13. Talked to player in-game. Rollback Successful. T/C
  14. Terminator

    Spawn Shop - Wrong Items

    It would be nice to add the items that were originally on the item frames, Inferium Essence and Silicon. Same price as the feathers/ink sac have is fine aswell.

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