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  1. need help

    No, all of our servers are for both cracked and premium.
  2. Inventory refund request

    Refunded. T/C
  3. New modpack for this community?

    Honestly , I played only the Project Ozone 2 with a friend and I loved it it is my favorite pack so far. I took a look at the mods list and it's just great. This is also a 1.10.2 modpack unlike the Project Ozone 2. Altho I am not sure how does the server handle a lot of ProjectE calculations. Except that this sounds like a great idea.
  4. [SkyFactory3] Spawn Rollback

    Rollback Successful, Thanks. Topic Closed.
  5. Refunded in a chest by your blood magic altar on Zyphyr's island since your last location was there(your island is just a starting one, tree and dirt?). Use the template to make this easier next time. Thanks.
  6. string not dropping from infested leaves

    I have done several tests, it seems that Infested Leaves do spread just very slowly, maybe there is a spreading time for the leaves in config that could be lowered? Also at first the infested leaves did not drop any string, but then i tried using acceleration wand (This wand when used on a block it will Accelerate the blocks own tick rate) And after a couple of seconds of using it the leaves did drop string. This might be caused by server's low tick rate.
  7. [SkyFactory 3] Vote Crate Black Quartz Supply

    Topic Closed. Thanks
  8. Command request

    Topic Closed
  9. Could the reward from the vote crate "Black Quartz Supply" Be changed from 16 black quartz blocks to 64 Black quartz, because blocks cannot be turned into ordinary black quartz and blocks aren't very usefull in anything. 4163:2 - Black Quartz Block ID 4207:5 - Black Quartz ID https://imgur.com/a/Pl1aJ
  10. [Refund Request] SenpaiWaffle

    Refunded , can someone close the topic.
  11. [Refund Request] ggGamer13330

    Items placed inside your RS system on your island. I refunded you 2 flux gates instead "Flux Energy" (hope that is what you wanted because Flux Energy doesnt exist). Can someone close the topic.
  12. [Block Deletion] flamefurno

    Blocks Removed. Can someone close the topic.
  13. PS - Duped Items

    Solved, thanks for the report. T/C