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  1. [Refund Request] feduss

    Hey, refunded in a dark oak chest next to your zombie statue, nice base honestly Topic Closed
  2. Refunded you the items, we talked a bit about this in discord, usually laggy pipe setups are also behind the cause of lag You should try to space out your machines instead of all of them being close to each other, maybe that'll help Topic Closed
  3. [TEMPLATE] Town Removal Request

  4. [TEMPLATE] Town Rollback Request

  5. [TEMPLATE] Command Request

  6. In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your inventory rollback request topic.For your topic name, use [Inventory Rollback Request]*YourName* Your Name: Coordinates: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional):
  7. AGAIN??

    It's up now, sorry for the inconvenience, brunyman posted a message in #skyfactory3, be sure to read it Topic Closed
  8. Skyfactory 3 server is down

    It's up now, we are looking into fixing the issue which caused these downtimes, sorry for the inconvenience Topic Closed
  9. SkyFactory 3 Server is open!

    You can buy cursed earth in spawn :P, i need to fix item frames soon but it should be there
  10. Another Refund Request

    Refunded and confirmed, have fun on the server! Topic Closed
  11. TP killed by ryanmatt

    Hi, punished player ryanmatt under Rule 14, 1st offence, Scamming Topic Closed
  12. [Keeps Restarting]SkyFactory3

    Is 1 dirt block good enough ? with that aside, sorry for these issues, hopefully they wont happen again
  13. Refund Request

    Refunded and confirmed from colt in-game, have fun :P. Topic Closed
  14. Connection Issues

    Yes, the server has caught itself in a crash loop on startup, none of us except brunyman can fix it and he's away from his computer right now. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience but all we can do is hope for it to be fixed soon. While the server is down, you can watch some youtube videos or play other games