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  1. Yusixs

    Town Rollback

    Rollback complete
  2. The line ( x/a ) + ( y/b ) = 1, where a and b are positive constants, meets the X-axis at P and the Y-axis at Q.
    Given that PQ = √45 and the gradient of the line PQ is -0.5, find the values of a and b.

  3. Yusixs

    [Inventory Rollback Request] ShinyPorygon

    Rollback complete
  4. Yusixs

    [Inventory Rollback Request] Dan4531

    I cannot rollback as the oldest point I have is 1st September, our only option is a refund now.
  5. Yusixs

    Infinite sewage Ender Tank

  6. Yusixs

    [Claim Rollback Request] TensorialBlaze

    I do remember rollbacking this base 2 times to fix the issue in the past, only choice we have is a refund and conversion to AE2 system
  7. Yusixs

    [Rev]amped Spawn (With Concepts/Ideas!)

    I need more people to comment on this before anything is implemented, a poll would be helpful aswell. These are some great ideas
  8. Yusixs

    [Town RollBack request] Kdzxc

    I was able to roam around quite well in your base, try again perhaps? The issue might be related to your client
  9. Yusixs

    [Inventory Rollback Request] Kdzxc

    Can't do rollback, you do not have a proper UUID due to being a cracked account. Please post a list of items below for a refund
  10. Yusixs

    Crusher ate all my items

    Would a rollback even be beneficial if these items will just disappear again? Post a list of items for a refund
  11. Yusixs

    Quantum solar panel

    Refunded in this chest https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/277517386800955393/490475160608964619/unknown.png
  12. Yusixs

    Recipe Suggestion

    Added, will work after a restart
  13. Rollback not possible, latest point I have is 9th september, I'll delete your blaze farm to solve the issue but you need to post a list of items to refund later for the spawner
  14. I hope a refund is a viable option for you, the list doesn't even need to be exact, estimations are fine. I cannot do a rollback because of the reason i said in here:

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