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  1. DM me on discord @Yusixs#3763, blue screens have never appeared for anyone here so my best guess would be that something related to your hardware caused the issue
  2. Yusixs

    Command Request

    Sorry for the delay, commands added!
  3. Yusixs

    Can't launch Tekkit Main from launcher

    Please remove any java instances you have and install a fresh Java 8 64bit software
  4. I don't really understood by that but feel free to contact me on discord to continue this issue, Yusixs#3763
  5. Yusixs

    Help with CTW achievements

    I got Sniper IV by killing someone with a bow extremely far (more than 80 meters i think)
  6. Hmm, try using the portable launcher instead of the normal one
  7. There's not enough material in the crashlog to see exactly what's causing the error so let's try some random fixed 1) Check if you're using Java 8 2) Reinstall the launcher and modpacks and see if it works
  8. Yusixs

    Report - iiTzArismaltor_ - Bug Abuse - Lobby

    Useless bug. Don't report players for using this bug next time please. Instead, make a topic on Server Problems incase we feel the need to fix it Topic Closed
  9. Yusixs

    [Command Request] Kawaii_Desu

  10. Yusixs

    Command Request

    ok done
  11. Yusixs

    [Command Request] aaokigahara

    okay added
  12. Yusixs

    [Command Request] Kawaii_Desu

    Name please!
  13. Yusixs

    [Command Request] FearThisGoD

    Added, don't use worldedit on large areas as the server may crash
  14. Yusixs

    Comand Request

    Commands added, be careful when using it as it can crash the server on large areas. All actions of worldedit are logged

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