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  1. I'm Making a Minecraft Server and I Need Help!

    There must be something wrong then, corrupted file perhaps, try looking at step by step videos on YouTube about this issue
  2. I'm Making a Minecraft Server and I Need Help!

    The EULA file forms if you try to run the run.bat file atleast once
  3. Father Daughter Minecraft Yourtube Channel

    Nice pilot video, Keep up the great work! The youtuber rank is still available, yes, but I need to talk to brunyman on what the requirements for it were
  4. Discord rank

    Role added
  5. Rank in Discord

    Role added
  6. Report

    Normally complaints are meant to be between the Author and Staff only, unless there is some information with evidence from a normal player. Let a network staff member review this situation and decide. Don't post anything here unless you have any valuable information + proof to back you up
  7. Hello

    Hey there man, remember me :P?
  8. I refunded him the items so an inventory rollback is no longer needed :). Topic Closed
  9. Hello

    Now two people do :P. Welcome to this community!
  10. Tesserect changed in obsidian [bug]

    Refunded and confirmed Topic Closed
  11. Hi, yes sorry about that, there was a bypass with it unfortunately but there was a fix rolled out for it, looks like it's not working. Can you confirm this NEI patch not working by asking other sponsors+'s if their NEI isn't working too? Thanks
  12. Bye crafters 2

    Going to be the bad cop again and edit out that passive aggressiveness, goodbye and have fun in life and all
  13. Unban Request for MaxMinecraft101e and Krafter166

    Something to note, on 10th of January the Rule 4 was updated. You can find evidence of rule 8's permanent ban condition on older ban appeals on this forum. The gray text on each rule are special notes and/or clarification which should be read for anyone who hasn't done it yet aswell. Are you sure that finding dupes was really the only reason you tried to mess with the monitor? I'm sorry for doubting you guys on this but alot of your friends have had a history of messing up the computer in tekkit spawn. It's just a common practice I've seen in tekkit, you find an exploit, mess up with the spawn monitor and share it to others aswell. The last issue of that was by dumblore in January iirc but that's not related to this appeal Finding a carpet bug and still trying to abuse the bug on other spawn blocks should also have been a Rule 2 offence aswell. It's common knowledge that if a tile entity as a carpet can get affected by it then so can other tile entities in spawn. Why did you keep the creative server in your inventory? Either way, your ban is going to get shortened down to 10 days, but remember that if it happens again, there will be a much stricter punishment and at that time, no one will buy the reason that you didn't know the rules etc.
  14. [Unban] Isma

    @SW33TDR34MS Do you know what happened to your other ban appeal on your main account? The one which you made after you got banned by bruny
  15. [Unban] Isma

    Passive aggression is not the right attitude for this situation Isma.

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