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  1. Sorry for not responding earlier, I was asleep during that time. To clear a few things, yes, the launcher connects to minecraft's login system with one special exception of the "Play Offline" button which bypasses said system and logs in the player as a cracked user. The launcher also does not and will not ever store a user's login details to any file in the server. I checked the relevant core code again of the launcher which deals with logins and I couldn't find any file log system of user ID's and passwords. About the anti-virus issue, unfortunately it's because all .exe and .jar files in most browsers will be treated as suspicious programs unless they meet certain requirements, either we buy a digital certificate costing well over hundreds of dollars, or if the file has been downloaded over tens of thousands of times, or if the file has been downloaded from a trusted website. I'm not exactly sure what the third requirement is but it would be something related to a SSL certificate for the main hub page. Try to login the launcher using your email and password instead of your name and password. Maybe try to close the launcher, restart your router and launch the launcher again. I can't recommend a concrete way to fix this since this has been the first time hearing about such an issue. Let us know how everything is going on your end. Thanks
  2. Yusixs

    Town Rollback

    Rollback complete
  3. The line ( x/a ) + ( y/b ) = 1, where a and b are positive constants, meets the X-axis at P and the Y-axis at Q.
    Given that PQ = √45 and the gradient of the line PQ is -0.5, find the values of a and b.

  4. Yusixs

    [Inventory Rollback Request] ShinyPorygon

    Rollback complete
  5. Yusixs

    [Inventory Rollback Request] Dan4531

    I cannot rollback as the oldest point I have is 1st September, our only option is a refund now.
  6. Yusixs

    Infinite sewage Ender Tank

  7. Yusixs

    [Claim Rollback Request] TensorialBlaze

    I do remember rollbacking this base 2 times to fix the issue in the past, only choice we have is a refund and conversion to AE2 system
  8. Yusixs

    [Rev]amped Spawn (With Concepts/Ideas!)

    I need more people to comment on this before anything is implemented, a poll would be helpful aswell. These are some great ideas
  9. Yusixs

    [Town RollBack request] Kdzxc

    I was able to roam around quite well in your base, try again perhaps? The issue might be related to your client
  10. Yusixs

    [Inventory Rollback Request] Kdzxc

    Can't do rollback, you do not have a proper UUID due to being a cracked account. Please post a list of items below for a refund
  11. Yusixs

    Crusher ate all my items

    Would a rollback even be beneficial if these items will just disappear again? Post a list of items for a refund
  12. Yusixs

    Quantum solar panel

    Refunded in this chest https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/277517386800955393/490475160608964619/unknown.png
  13. Yusixs

    Recipe Suggestion

    Added, will work after a restart
  14. Rollback not possible, latest point I have is 9th september, I'll delete your blaze farm to solve the issue but you need to post a list of items to refund later for the spawner

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