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  1. Refund Skyfactory2.5

    I'll leave this topic open for a while incase brunyman wants to say something :P.
  2. Refund Request Lucy_Anne2012

    Forgot to say this yesterday, grave found in dimension, items restored and confirmed from player. Have fun :P. Topic Closed!
  3. Discord rules

    You've been given countless chances to improve yourself yet you can't. Discord ban length increased to a full day I'm not going to discuss this issue as you can figure out all of our staff's answer yourself. Topic Closed
  4. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    Looks like majority of the staff isn't in favor of a wipe. Brunyman, if we're not going to have a wipe in upcoming months then it's best to fix the current dupe issues listed in henk's topic during a weekend instead of waiting for a wipe :P.
  5. Abusive staff HunterHQ

    Let's get started then. About your missing quarry, I was the one who deleted it. Normally Quantum Quarries use about 0.5-3% of Time/Tick but yours was using 15%. This was causing the server to lag heavily and I used /blockzap to eliminate the source of lag(Your quarry) which did result in the tps remaining stable (~19 tps) for 3-4 minutes before it started to lag again. If you're worried as to why GunnerHQ didn't put the blame on the quarry to staff was because I never informed him about it. So in his mind, the highest possible reason for the quantum quarry disappearing would've been someone griefing you. Eitherway, the quantum quarry was refunded in a chest at (-851, 90, -482). Hope you're satisfied for that, let me know if there was any filter/enchanted book in it. I noticed that you only talked about your quantum quarry issue for which gunner did reply. Then why did you state this in your report that you asked him before about your quarry and he didn't reply? Perhaps you didn't read it or understand what he meant but the paragraph above and the chatlog should explain the situation. If a staff member doesn't reply for a while, then you should ask about the issue on the forum or ask other players playing on the server. I'm sure you can realise that we're not bots and can't monitor the chat 24/7. All of us have personal issues to deal with aswell. Gunner did look at the chat on and off and replied to concerns listed. You can't always expect a staff member to watch the chat every second if he doesn't have anything to do other than refunding players and just reading the chat. Just to clarify, we are not paid to monitor the servers but don't take this as an excuse this is merely a reply to your "business model" question in your previous topic. As a rule of thumb, giving some respect to staff will result in getting a better response to your situation, bashing on them isn't going to help alot. Finally, about his attitude. When you reply to a person in a joking manner, more precisely: "[CHAT] [Premium] Lucy_Anne2012: Must have been the minecraft faries then........", you shouldn't always expect to get a serious reply from him :P. I don't see him anywhere acting like an egomaniacs with god complex's if i'm being honest with you but I realise that not everyone can take jokes lightly. If you're concerned as to why he replies with alot of dots(.) in his sentences, don't be. He isn't using them to simplify his sentences for you to understand. He uses them just to convey whatever he's thinking as accurate as possible. Not everyone has had perfect education in English language and you should pay some respect to those who still try their best in speaking English despite being a bit weak in certain areas. As a conclusion: I don't think anything should be done, having a staff on the server who atleast replied on issues after 3-5 minutes is better than having no staff to tend to your questions. Try getting along with him, instead of /ignore'ing him and making smirky remarks in the future. He's a really good guy. Also, his name is GunnerHQ, not HunterHQ :P.
  6. Abusive staff HunterHQ

    Hi, can you send me the entire chatlog of this conversation? It's usually located in a directory similar to this is you are using the legacy launcher, E:\FTB\FTB_Pack_Install\FTBPresentsDirewolf20110\minecraft\logs For the twitch launcher, I myself haven't used it so I don't know it's directory link C:\Users\Username\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10\logs
  7. [Fame] Ac v1

    Moved to Network technical support
  8. SF 2.5.6 Not running

    Confirmed from player in-game, looks like everything's fixed now Topic Closed
  9. SF 2.5.6 Not running

    Hi, use a optifine version under than D6
  10. Skyfactory 2.5 island stolen

    IP's don't match, void complaint. Don't lie next time. Topic Closed
  11. [Refund request] feduss

    Restored grave items which were in dimension, have fun on the server! Topic Closed
  12. Refund Request TK_Cartman DW1.10

    Found your grave :P. Best to check your deathpoint in the end when you die. When you enter the end portal from spawn, it either teleports you to the actual spawn of end or at the set of coords you listed above. Have fun! Topic Closed
  13. Betterchunkloader?

    4 Online-only chunkloaders per player? 2 seems very low in my opinion. Unless the chunkloaders are "Always active" then I think it should be 3
  14. Paintings~

    There's a QUAGMA drawn! Amazing work!
  15. [Prefix]

    Either you're daft or haven't noticed this yet but if you've @'d him once and he hasn't responded then you wont get a reply in any further @'s. I'm pretty sure brunyman just doesn't check his notifications because of all this @ spam.