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  1. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but you're deaf I wish to have a proper sleep cycle
  2. A payed chunkloader-ish thing

    Brunyman and I had a little chat about the chunkloader system the other day, you can actually set custom amount of chunks for players with the plugin he has coded. So, what we can do in the future is add more saved-chunkloader slots as the donator tier gets higher. Say maximum 8 or 9 total slots for Sponsor+. Since Skyfactory never really had massive tps-lag instances from player bases in the past few months, we can introduce this system to skyfactory's donator ranks if brunyman likes it. Also, in 1.10, the chunks are cubed now (16x16x16), so for 1.10 servers, we may have to increase the number if enough people vote for it and the server is capable of handling it
  3. /break and world edit

    Don't worry, there are world edit logs for each server, even though you guys have already thought up a bypass for creative via world-edit, any abuse can be caught by just looking at the logs. Also, I don't want to restrict him even further with what he has to deal with for participating in the economy. I trust him enough to not abuse it. Right now, we're thinking up ways for a better rule than the currently highly-restrictive creative rule placed. There's also another reason why I asked him to get world-edit but it's more or less staff-information which I haven't told him either.
  4. Question regarding a rule.

    From Henk's two points, option 2 seems more feasible. Yes, it's slightly complicated for normal users to follow, but from a developers point of view, option 2 would consume alot less RAM and processing power compared to the former. I've developed an anti-swear and spam bot within a week and even though it may not seem much, having a message be checked within an array of 500+ words does take a fair amount of RAM compared to everything else. Lets compare this to minecraft, for Option 1, when a person spawns in an item via creative mode, an object array is created in a json file/other storage type methods with the spawned in item's ID as a sub-object of the player ID that spawned it in. That alone under intense hours where 4-6 people are using creative will likely cause corruption with some issues down the road. Then we have the blacklist checking part of the plugin. On every command execution event, it checks if the command executed was market related or auction related command. Then, it checks players ID if it matches with any ID in the stored json/whatever file, then it compares the item ID in hand with the item ID in blacklist and execute the code to allow the user to sell that item or not. Both of these main steps combined will surely use alot of computing power, including the fact to add some countermeasure code to prevent same Player ID -> Item ID being written twice etc. While for Option 2, the object array json storage method would more or less be the same, but only with the Player's ID and date of when it happened. This alone would reduce alot of RAM issues needed compared to option 1's storage method since it wouldn't need to update multiple times for the same player, it's either that the player's name is in the blacklist or it isn't. Then for the blacklist checking, it would just simply check for the command execution event as shown in Option 1, check if it's a market or auction related command. Then compare the player's ID who executed the auction command with the player's ID in the object array and finally it would execute the code to allow the player to sell the item or not. Comparing this to option 1, you'd use alot less computing power since you're skipping the item ID checking part which in the long run would've created 100's of item ID's for a single creative player. The only downside is your corporation needed for allowing you to grant your creative abilities/removing them. Aswell as the ~30 day time limit. If anyone has any other idea which wouldn't use that much computing power plugin-wise then it would be appreciated aswell. These 2 options aren't full-fledged conclusions aswell. People will find a way to bypass these trading restrictions as Voodoo said. This would just decrease the amount of auction/market trading between creative and non-creative players, not completely eliminate it. Otherwise we would have to stick to keeping the rule as it is unfortunately. Though i'll say this, even if either one of the options would get implemented, something would need to be done to avoid creative players sharing items with non-creative town members, which in return would end up in market listing by that non-creative person. There are just too many loopholes with this issue :D, that's why we've highly restricted this grey area with what quagma said.
  5. Right so, out of 89 of your posts, ~55 have contained either @'brunyman @'powerwarp or both. When will you realise that it doesn't work? Massive daily/bi-daily @'s like these are why brunyman completely ignores them, even if it's something highly important. This isn't something only for you to take note, it's for other people who use these @'s too frequently aswell. Please limit yourself in using them.
  6. [Refund Request]Cjthefatcat89

    Refunded and confirmed, have fun! Topic Closed!
  7. In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your inventory rollback request topic.For your topic name, use [Inventory Rollback Request]*YourName* Your Name: Coordinates: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional):
  8. Giant Area Clearance - Map Editor Needed

    Having an attitude like that won't give you much help Topic Closed.
  9. Staff with emotions and feelings....

    Most likely one of the trusted people on your claim took it from you, send me a list of names via PM and i'll investigate their places. Also the list of people in Access Trust just in case
  10. Reactive my rank

    Confirmed with /seen. Topic Closed!
  11. Staff with emotions and feelings....

    Best to open a rollback ticket for this honestly, I doubt the griefer would just take away your drum and only your drum of liquid uranium, check your ME contents and other things. We don't really have a reason to refund/rollback on player-made mistakes yet we still do it to keep everyone happy. Also, be more cautious of others, even though this was a pretty brutal lesson but at least you'll know the consequences of trusting people so lightly. What henk did is just simply follow the best course of action, he didn't imply that you were stealing items but this is what we have to deal with unfortunately. There was a reason why selling items for the whole /gm 1 players was forbidden, it was because of some people lied about selling 'legit' items without creative tag (which were found to be gained by illegitimate means). What was the result of that? Every player with /gm 1 access was restricted by staff to prevent such things from happening again. I know it's unfair but this is the reality. Moreover, we can't make special exceptions otherwise someday those exempted people would just gain our trust to fool us from behind (Although there hasn't been an exact situation of this that I know of but there have been plenty of back-stabbing in this community in the past 6 years). The same thing happened with huge refund requests, take a look at this topic for example. He blended in so well with most of the average skyfactory player yet he still lied to get items which he never had in the first place, I hope you can understand this situation for having proof on large refund requests. However, a question in your head might be that why isn't this regulated so often with smaller refund requests? The truth is, the amount is more or less insignificant hence we refund it without paying too much attention to proof but when someone makes small refund requests one after another without proof, then I would deny his refund request for being too suspicious. There have been times where I doubted a player to have even a small number of items and during one of these small refund situations, (Be1008 for example). He was forbidden from making refund topics in the future without any proof of his claim, just because of him lying on a refund process on ~10 wand focuses If you can get a staff member to vouch you for this claim then i'll start the refund process but next time please be careful of who you trust onto your claim. Brunyman did monthly backups today/yesterday but he should be able to rollback your base if this wasn't more than a month old issue.
  12. First thing, if you have something to add then use the Edit button in the bottom left corner Also if you have too many calculation going on in your island (aka entities and tile entities, use common sense to understand their intensity), then that's the reason for you crashing so often on your island, The only concrete fix is to keep on removing machines and making stuff more efficient to the point where you no longer crash again
  13. SF Balloon in spawn

    :P. Suggestion Accepted! Topic Closed