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  1. Your Name: Tow121 Item Name + ID + Amount: Iced Dragonbone Rapier (renamed to kindness), spartanfire:rapier_ice_dragonbone, 1 Enchants: in order in the screenshot Base Coordinates: -9291, 82, 8438 (XYZ FORMAT) Description of Issue: Sticky enemy took my weapon and lagclear deleted it Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Several refund requests are due lag clear and us not knowing when it is. With this, it will severely reduce the amount of those requests
  3. Your Name: Tow121 Item Name + Amount: Red Tide guardian Chest, legs and boots with enchants (listed in screenshot) Coordinates: 9965 2824 145 Description of Issue: I went afk for a bit and when i came back and clicked back onto minecraft, i was instakilled
  4. also the baubles were all hearty and the quality was undying (where it applies)
  5. Your Name: Tow121 Item Name + Amount: Red Tide guardian Helmet with enchants (listed in screenshot), Dragons eye, ring of the dwarves, ring of the fairy, red balloon Coordinates: 9965 2824 145 Description of Issue: I joined the server and was immediately greeted with a death screen and several lost items and me being in a wall
  6. Your Name: Tow121 Item Name + Amount: Dragon Horn with Female ice dragon at stage 4 (76 days) named Bianca, full set of diamond dragon armor Coordinates: 9965 2824 145 Description of Issue: i flew over admsirred's base and my dragon despawned Screenshots (Optional): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/639023029522792448/822580925946396722/Screenshot_2021-03-09_021345.png https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/639023029522792448/822580928508461056/Screenshot_2021-03-09_101347.png
  7. you need to post a refund request with the template
  8. Your Name: Tow121 Item Name + ID + Amount: Enchanted Iced Dragonbone Greatsword, spartanfire:greatsword_ice_dragonbone, 1 and it was legendary quality Enchants: Curse of Possesion, Supreme Sharpness V, Arc Swipe III, Advanced mending, life steal IV, education 3, Upgraded Potential Base Coordinates: 9957, 142, 2824 Description of Issue: i was facing Rahovart and an effect he had on him was sticky, every few swings my sword would leave my hands then reappear and i would keep attacking until it didnt return and i lost it (Curse of Possesion desc: Items are unable to leave in the players inve
  9. Your Name: Tow121 Coordinates: Spawn Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 5:00 Description of Issue: i tried placing my bag down at spawn but it disappeared and all of my stuff was in it Screenshots (Optional): (i had a backpack filled to the brim and had 1 durability gone, my neptunium chest plate was in there
  10. Your Name: Tow121 Item Name + Amount: chunkloader - 1 Coordinates (format x, y, z): N/A Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: N/A Description of Issue: I do not know where i put my 10th chunkloader and i need my Balance reset
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