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  1. Hi, which server do you play on (Network or server modded)?
  2. Hello Speaking of new players, why not add a super basic kit for newcomers? op players take advantage of new players as they have nothing to start with. Another topic that i would like to touch on (Spawn Camping) i was seeing some suggestions made by a fellow staff Suggestion 1 seems great to me as well as Suggestions 2 in general they are all very good. Have a nice day!!
  3. Hi User Warned Thank for the report Have a nice day!! T/C
  4. Hello User Banned Thank for the report Have a nice day!! T/C
  5. Hi,my idea is to add the NPCs when bruny decides to remove the GM1 from pure survival, the duplication problem was fixed. right now in pure the sponsors and premium+ can have infinite money, clearly abusing the GM1. @xByrad i thought they would say that and why i suggested making an exclusive world or change creative, they will not lose permission rather move it and in pure they will continue to have /fly. I don not see any sense to this advantage but hey, it came to mind why not add warp as in (AC) that there is warp Vip,Premium,Sponsor what do they think? it would be
  6. Hello Suggestion 1 Currently in (Pure Survival) there are ranks with access to GM1 my suggestion is to remove this permission, it does not make sense that this permission exists on a survival server, it is also harmful to the server and we all know the problems it causes. it is also frustrating for players who play survival they get things with sacrifice and a player with this permission gets everything from GM1 and the truth takes away their desire to play. Suggestion 2 Another option is to create a type of (PureCreative) exclusively for players with this permission. i kno
  7. Hello In the previous post i told you that (for the next post you must do it in english), please edit your post and must following the template
  8. Hi Please, you must do the post in English
  9. Player Banned Thank for the report T/C
  10. Hi User Warned Thank for the report Have a nice day!! T/C
  11. Player Banned Thank for the report Have a nice day!! T/C
  12. Hello /Time set- The phantoms do not naturally spawn in [AC], you can use /ptime. /Weather- In AC there is no clime. /Workbench- Crafting in AC is disabled.
  13. Hello The ban was not unfair, i found illegal items in your inventory and enderchest also you used those items to kill another player Unban Requests denied Please, for the next post you must do in englihs Have a nice day!! T/C
  14. Items Refunded I verified that you were killed illegally, the player responsible was banned Thank for the report Have a nice day!! T/C
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