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  1. Hi @iLeech, I need to know which server you play on
  2. Player banned Thank you for report Have a nice day T/C
  3. Hi, the player made a new post on the correct server [Network]. You can close this topic @D34DPlayer thank
  4. Moved to Project Ozone 3 [Technical Support]
  5. A witness that made the same mistake you did, knowing that what he did is ilegal the same day that I banned you, you told me that you had a witness and the player denied me all you are as guilty as mate1559, but I have no proof that mate1559 did this If you have something else to tell me, do it for Discord: ¡¡TzFermin_#1903 Unban Requests Denied Have a Nice day T/C
  6. Hi There is no way for a sponsor to send you "tpahere" from a warp, in all the cases that I have seen that a common player reaches a warp it is with the use of hack I did tests for confirm what you told me and there is no way you have proof? a player informed me of this, here you have the proofs Proof: https://imgur.com/a/o5iuxhN
  7. Moved to DW20 1.12 [Technical Support]
  8. is for avoid abuses and not harm the community of AC..
  9. Hello@Almytie /Enchant We no longer allow this command /Back Only staff are allow to have /Back in AC Have a nice day!!
  10. This is false, every day I connect, and yes someday not i'm My fellows of the staff will members be there to help you 1- You did wrong stored the potions in a chest also you no shouldn have given the shulker to HowYouLikeThatBP 2-Yes there was no online staff on that time, the betther option was to do the report TheTheadNote made the report and i as staff check them both Note: For the next time use /Helpop or make the report Advice: Never accept items/object ilegal Unban Requests Denied Have a Nice day!! T/C
  11. Hello Good in first place JaredGT: had nothing items ilegal Gondis: I found ilegal potions in your home, also dupped dragon eggs I found bottles of xp with Tag to the name of HowYouLikeThatBP you did wrong to remove the shulker HowYouLikeThatBP @Gondis why you had potions stored in a chest?
  12. I had already given you ban for the same case For what i see you keep doing the same Unban Requests Denied Have a nice day/nigth!! T/C
  13. Hi @RizzleDrizzle in which server did this happen?
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