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  1. Bueno me retiro de crafterlands ya que no me solucionan el bug adios que les vaya bien.
  2. But please can you enter the lobby to explain what happened.
  3. Please, if any admin helps me, they already advised me to kill myself by throwing myself to the end and now when I enter pure survival, I am taken out of the server, please help me.
  4. ayuda me boto de e lserver estoy en la sala principal porfavor ayudarme
  5. Hello, good afternoon, it happened to me that I have a bug since it can not hurt me and it is not an illegal pot because I have no particlesplease help me . Cheers
  6. During all my time on the server I always saw admins banning and punishing players who did illegal things and also helping new people, but I never imagined that I would be writing this post I want to be an administrator and I think I am indicated because I am very active and I promise that I will help many people since I connect almost every day I know that I do not have a very good background, but hey. I know they probably won't choose me but I had to try thank you very much for your attention.
  7. Hello, good afternoon, there is something that happens in the pure survival server I want to report that xByrad a premium + killed me using gm1 things outside of warp pvp also killed me twice and harassed me outside my house with invisibility I hope they can help me. Cheers And also you can return my things thanks.
  8. Perdon por no escribir en ingles.
  9. Hola queria reportar algo ya que lo acabo de ver un premiun + a puesto esto en el end a puesto blokes de netherite y estan sin prote porfavor agan algo para la enconomia de el server. Presionen las letras para ver la imagen.
  10. Sorry I have no discord I am 13 years old.
  11. If some admin helped me
  12. 110 / 5000 Hello, sorry for interrupting, but a hacker just killed me and I wanted to know if they could give me my things back.
  13. Si algun admin me ayudase
  14. Hola perdon por interrumpir pero me acaba de matar un hacker y queria saber si me podian devolver mis cosas.
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