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  1. What cruelty, your message touched my heart
  2. I got out on the first tryI got out on the first try
  3. BabelUno_

    [Pvp AC]

    What's up, me again I wanted to propose a nerf in the rifle, this item makes the pvp much faster and a little more boring, But why? Simple, with a simple headshot bearing shadow armor and helmet of diamond, "The most powerful armor" He removes 11 hearts "rifle 20 + 6 + poison" / Long range" and without any armor is an instant death. Example of the first rifle : https://vimeo.com/556401285 There are several types of combinations but this is the strongest and I feel that it unbalances the pvp strongly. What could be done? Easy, lower 2 to 4 power points to each existing rifle.
  4. What better way to visit the new warp! Not? https://imgur.com/a/ZidFuI5 Thanks for all this new content really.
  5. OMG THE HYPE IS REAL Get ready
  6. I think this idea had already been suggested by a staff member or an old player, and from my point of view, wouldn't it be better to encourage new content creators to start on (network)? It is already known what happened with the reference youtubers that existed on the server, and apparently the quantity of subs and visualizations may not influence much in the final quality, several points of which we must talk and it will certainly be a long process and tedious although it seems like a great idea to have a staff member relive these important issues.
  7. Wow, I did not have the opportunity to see it on the server but I am sure that it was great. thanks for listening to the community @N3co_ @MiniTermi77
  8. What a great job they have done, I liked it! Additional, excellent job to remove the fly and pvp!
  9. I think it refers to the amount of armor that does not contribute anything to the pvp / exploration, for example the "security scythe" : Https://imgur.com/a/EpexsCn in which the effect established by commands could be replaced by the effect of a potion that is frequently used, which would be resistance to fire. considering that tracking range is useless.
  10. Good morning everyone I wanted to suggest a change to the Scythe's armor swap. As we all know, obtaining said armor is through "scythe" parkours, taking into account that the probability is quite low. there are npcs that exchange the standard armor for several armor variants, the first being for 2 gold blocks : https://imgur.com/a/c3QCeRQ / and on the other hand those of 10 blocks : https://imgur.com/a/IrWaAST The suggestion would be to add an npc that does the reverse exchange for the doubled amount of the first exchange, that is, the first armor for 4 blocks of gold and the second for 20 blocks of gold, clarifying that this change should be to recover the original armor. This because many of us make mistakes when choosing the armor and after that there is no going back. Also keep in mind that these armors need a buff too, since they are very difficult to get and are very fragile and bad when it comes to making a pvp which makes them a mere collection item.
  11. I hope they give you the commands soon, we all know how responsible you are and how well you will handle it.
  12. It was just a crazy idea, like the first one. But it is not bad to propose it, in the end when you make the decision it is better to know the whole picture
  13. And if you add the / god command for people who don't like pvp and just want to hang around, this is in order to clearly replace / fly. @Jimmel
  14. A player with so many years in the modality should know that such things exist, on the contrary, if he denies it or turns a blind eye, you are also part of the problem, I prefer to leave it at that point, I am not the final judge of this story. The fly pvp as mentioned above was used for the purpose of obtaining "OVERWHELMING" evidence and that was my only way of capturing that moment, if it is necessary to receive a punishment for said thing I have no problem.
  15. Hi SúarezMC_ You more than anyone should know how to get this type of keys, but to make it clear, it comes from the PURE SURVIVAL mode, through the duplication of many objects and then keys to pass it through the vault chests and thus obtain them in the mode. On the other hand, the fly was used in order to obtain conclusive evidence and it is clearly seen that I do not abuse the command. Being clear that the fly used in pvp are very different things.
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