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  1. Nick: iCekkaZ Server: Network Description: in 2015 I bought a premium rank in Ac v1 (6.99EUR)... Some time later I bought the Sponsor+ rank (NO UPGRADE). Therefore, I would like to transform that premium rank into a custom prefix 1 colour (4.99EUR). The prefix would be [S+]&7[zEkA][Mod] iCekkaZ Proof: Check buycraft.
  2. The Player has already received his rank. Thanks for support. T/C
  3. Hello, one of the reasonsyou haven't yet received the rank may be that you requested it on a Friday evening. It's very likely that the payment will be credited on Monday. If this is not the case, you can contact us again so that the managers can look into the case. For the moment, please be patient until Monday. I Say this from experience. Thank You
  4. Hello! Please, if possible make your post here: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/222-password-reset/ Or... Could a forum moderator move it to the correct section? Thanks
  5. The City looks great. I invite you all to visit it and discover what it has to offter. Thanks guys
  6. The Sings to sell emeralds were added. Enjoy!! xD https://imgur.com/a/uZY3IBL T/C
  7. As they said, you can fill out the application of the recruitment in the forum and a manager will analyze it. It's good that you want to help others. t/c
  8. I had the privilege of visiting the amazing building. Really good
  9. Welcome back! xD T/C.
  10. Interesting. It would be necessary to see what others think and why they took it out. Post moved to suggestions
  11. My respects. "F" in the chat for pandas. My heart was broken :c
  12. What about me?? I'm jealous :cc xddd. It's a joke. Really good contruction
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