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  1. Player's inventory and town was deleted due to involvement in duping, request denied T/C
  2. it does that when there are items missing for infusion, so: it's not server's fault that something went missing, it's a game mechanic, you should have anticipated that we won't refund something you didn't have in your possesion in the first place i'd suggest learning the basics of the mod before doing any advanced stuff with it since the issue was not caused by the server, no refund T/C
  3. items refunded to player in game T/C
  4. yes, i guess that at least a poll should be opened to see if people really want to wipe If majority of the playerbase wants to wipe the server, then why not wipe it?
  5. if you want your inventory restored edit your topic using this template
  6. it's not possible to see who took it. If you want your town restored edit your topic using this template
  7. items put in player's inventory
  8. items put in player's inventory
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