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  1. quote "jokes or not, this is a very serious offense and such things will not be taken lightly" end quote T/C
  2. I'll let lews speak for himself aside from it being something for which you shouldn't even be able to join the server again. You are ruining other people's work, then you are bragging about it and say that you are proud of it, this really is something else. Also You harassed half of the server, so naturally half of the server has something to do with this, with your behavior don't be surprised that people don't want you to come back. There are logs There are screenshots There are angry people I think that at this point the case is clear, tha
  3. Since you were not found performing any other malicious actions i belive this can be looked at the other way I took the items and unbanned your account T/C
  4. restored perks lost on map wipe
  5. Yes, you returned the worthless items like mycelium and blaze rods, but decided to keep the more expensive ones like dragon heart and koboldite
  6. jokes or not, this is a very serious offense and such things will not be taken lightly after checking server logs you are the only person who went to OmegaGR's town shortly before he said he was griefed and is being trolled. Since you are a known troublemaker, thinking that you can get away with anything just by paying for an unban, who also threatened multiple times to go grief people's bases, the conclusion is obvious. I don't see anything to discuss here
  7. items palced in players inventory
  8. items placed in players inventory
  9. you can use draconic evolution portals the same way
  10. items placed in player's inventory
  11. Restored the perks lost on map reset
  12. items placed in bag in player's inventory
  13. Thank you for these reports. After considering this report and observing their general attitude on the server, offending players were punished accordingly for harassment and griefing. T/C
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