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  1. is this meant for Gregtech server?
  2. Soul vial with the dragon from the latest available back up was placed in players inventory T/C
  3. rollback complete, confirmed with player in game T/C
  4. I assume "awakened draconium x4" is supposed to be awakened draconium blocks, items placed in player's inventory
  5. Rollback complete if anything is missing make a list below for a refund
  6. All quests were reset for player UchihaCouso. Let me know under this topic if there are still any issues
  7. Items refunded to player in game T/C
  8. Hello, you've been banned because the server was crashing the moment you logged in. After investigating i've found a corrupted chunk near your location which was causing the server to hang up. The chunk was deleted and you were unbanned. I apologize for the inconvenience. T/C
  9. i assume "world spike" is supposed to be world anchor. refunded to player in game protip: ender quarry chunkloads it's own chunk and the chunk it's mining, adding a chunkloader to it is redundant because even the world anchor doesn't load itself after server restart.
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