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  1. Either make a detailed list of what was lost or as suggested above make a rollback request instead
  2. We really should ban/disable knapsacks (id: 6681 ) because they are bamboozling new players, offering extended inventory space but deleting themselves with all contents upon owner's death
  3. refunded to player in game T/C
  4. refunded to player in-game T/C
  5. items refunded to player in game T/C
  6. i added the town claim blocks since they were the most important for the player
  7. refunded to player in-game T/C
  8. I transfered the items and ownership of the town now it's up to @EPICfighters to transfer the rank
  9. Make a topic (or edit this one) explaining the situation, saying to what new username you want to have your stuff moved and provide some proof that your old username was indeed you
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