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  1. Why would they give special permissions to someone that has so many bans XD
  2. https://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/history.php?uuid=ad2de83f-f45c-44c7-8349-11fad5eb5946&from=bans LMAO even more bans
  3. https://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/history.php?page=1&uuid=a9e1687f-9d1b-3a78-88d7-6101c5ebeaab&from=bans
  4. the server is dead, no one cares lol
  5. How are u going to check my world edit logs if u can't edit someone else's land protection without permission... bruh you are a staff member and still don't know that
  6. [1] In-Game Username: FearThisGoD [2] Details of Situation: I got banned for supposed griefing. [3] Ban Category: Griefing I guess. [4] Ban Duration: idk [5] Staff Member: @CriticLC_ [6] ScreenShots: banlist is also useful. [7] Your Reason: I saw the report, I had quartz ore on my hand but that's it, I was bridging for fun and then I destroyed the bridges. I don't see any proof of me griefing, there are only 2 ss's of me holding quartz ore. I wasn't the only user with gmc online, I'm not blaming anyone but the griefer could be someone else. Also, in those proofs we can see those users swearing and they didn't get any warn or mute.
  7. Account Name: FearThisGoD Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: /afk, /skull, /time set, /speed, /weather, /hat, /tpa without cooldown and /workbench bc for some reason I can't craft anything (AssassinsCraft) Reason for Request: just for fun
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