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  1. the server is dead, no one cares lol
  2. How are u going to check my world edit logs if u can't edit someone else's land protection without permission... bruh you are a staff member and still don't know that
  3. [1] In-Game Username: FearThisGoD [2] Details of Situation: I got banned for supposed griefing. [3] Ban Category: Griefing I guess. [4] Ban Duration: idk [5] Staff Member: @CriticLC_ [6] ScreenShots: banlist is also useful. [7] Your Reason: I saw the report, I had quartz ore on my hand but that's it, I was bridging for fun and then I destroyed the bridges. I don't see any proof of me griefing, there are only 2 ss's of me holding quartz ore. I wasn't the only user with gmc online, I'm not blaming anyone but the griefer could be someo
  4. Account Name: FearThisGoD Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: /afk, /skull, /time set, /speed, /weather, /hat, /tpa without cooldown and /workbench bc for some reason I can't craft anything (AssassinsCraft) Reason for Request: just for fun
  5. Ness can check buycraft, thats enough
  6. I would like to exchange my prefixes to a fancy animated tag. Back in 2018 I had 2 prefixes, the first one was dark purple and the second was light gray.
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