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  2. I want to divide this comment into 2 parts. The first is, as you mentioned you think it is better not to implement ranges in factions, my opinion is that you are wrong, let me explain. I think it's great that you don't want to put GMC, it is understood, but you can leave the ranges that we have because for something it is full Network, you can also add commands such as feed, heal, / enderchest, / PP / fly (in almost all current servers the highest rank has fly) / wb and also if that's okay with you, depending on the ranks you could apply a ./kit of different types, construction, combat, raid , etc ... Second point, as you said according to you say that you want to add the building stones plugin, I ask you, how funny is the factions then if it cannot be raided? As you have said, you can implement the Vampire survival and Space factions configurations, you can see that both have the plugin of the ./f commands, they are a set of commands that among them is the / f Claim, / f Claim auto, etc. With these commands, if the explosions are left activated, you can raiders, that is the grace of factions. Then I'll leave you a link to a pretty good factions plugin. Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/myfactions.88061/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_e9vWq9Ze1XAJl4CYnAFk3pSbOUUfehG1r8g.z5HIreo-1631200456-0-gqNtZGzNAfujcnBszQx9 Conclusion: it seems to me that you want to go too fast and use the easy way of control "c" control "v", that's when mistakes are made and the mode full of bugs and problems ends [S+][GoD][$$$][Yonkou] Cursed
  3. A factions would be great, we need to innovate I think we have already had quite a bit of pure survival, a better factions so you can grieff / raid/ kill without applying rules
  4. Cursed


    Wow, what memories this photo has brought me, when we all met at the end to fight, at this time we were happy without knowing it, who was going to say that instead of improving the server it would get worse, well there are always memories like this PS: I'm ElSerpentejo heh
  5. Cursed

    Unban Me

    [1] In-Game Username: Cursed_OG [2] Details of Situation: I was banned for mute evade [3] Ban Category: ''4'' offense mute evade [4] Ban Duration: 10 days [5] Staff Member: MiniTermi [6] ScreenShots: - InGame: https://imgur.com/a/06NrSBM [7] Your Reason: The MiniTerm staff gave me a 10 day ban corresponding to the 4th offense, the thing is that I only have 1 offense, and with this one now it would be added to 2. Then I will leave the evidence for you to see. Links of rules (rule 10) Screenshot of rule 10: https://imgur.com/a/9yUaX5U CONCLUSION: It corresponds to me 5 days of ban (counting the time that I have already been ban hehe) Link of My ban list: https://www.craftersland.net/networkbans/history.php?uuid=bd1977f6-173f-4431-b3ab-5f7d7079661f Some interesting facts: The staff got wrong and gave me a '' Kick '' and didn't even bother to erase it, leaving my history even dirtier, and in my previous ban they also messed up and gave me more warns, and sometime again I also got it. He has filled out the history more than the account, and he has not even bothered to eliminate his mistakes. [S+][GoD][$$$][Yonkou] SystemError404
  6. Of course, you are not connected long enough to see what happens all the time, also our community does not speak almost anything but all the times that a person has always spoken about these problems by discord, read conversations or look for photos and you will see.
  7. That are reported there are only 3, but it has happened more times
  8. You have to find out what the problem is, Mr. @brunyman, this is the 5th time this problem has occurred.
  9. BUG REPORT [S+][GoD][$$$][Yonkou] Cursed
  10. Bug Report [S+][GoD][$$$][Yonkou] Cursed
  11. Here you have a fight made in the warp pvp of pure survival (network) the end is the best hehehe [S+][GoD][$$$][Yonkou] Cursed
  12. Cursed

    Unban Me

    [1] In-Game Username: Cursed_OG [2] Details of Situation: I was banned for "lag spamming" [3] Ban Category: 2 offense spamming [4] Ban Duration: 1 day [5] Staff Member: MiniTermi [6] ScreenShots: - InGame: https://imgur.com/a/ywMFlV5 [7] Your Reason: -The chat messages, be it & k or & l seem to generate lag to a modality, but it is not like that, what happens if you have a bad PC the FPS goes down since it is something visual -The staff banned me for '' supposed lagg to the server '' none had lagg except '' he '' had to be a WARNING for spam, not a ban for '' supposed lagg to the server '' everytime when someone starts spamming they are suposed to give advices, like "stop spamming 1/3", for me it was different, they just banned me without any advices, so who's doing the bad work here? They are suposed to help the server, not to ban people just because the staff doesn't like you, and by the way, when they banned me the mod MiniTermi was laughing at me, the same person who banned me. "Lag spamming multiple times" this was the reason they banned me, I didn't know that u can generate lag for spamming, let me guess you have a bad computer right? that doesn't even generate lag
  13. t is very funny that you get banned for attacking the stability of the server when all you have to do is send messages with the & k for 5 seconds, We all know that any type of spam is punishable with a warn, but apparently these novice staffs are they have to study the rules yet. I speak as a witness and as a person who has been handled for the same reason
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