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  1. Jimmel

    Error Rank

    Hi @ReivG17, we're aware of the problem, there was a mix-up in our prefix system. Could you check if your Sponsor permissions work? This will most likely be fixed later today. In the meantime, please do let everyone else facing this issue know that it's only temporary and there's nothing to worry about. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  2. I just hope they make them considerably smaller before full release, looks a bit weird 🤔
  3. Hi, we know about the empty scythe chests. I'm working to fix the rewards as we speak, should be back to normal very soon. Sorry for the trouble.
  4. Okay, here we go. First of all, who he chooses to kill is entirely up to him and it's not breaking any of our rules if he kills you but lets the other guy go. Why even bother? It's his choice not to fight him. That seem like a fair fight to you anyway? Chasing you around spawn ("targeting" you) and killing you.. what's wrong with that? Also the use of invis pots.. perfectly legal. He didn't even stay at one spot. Not exactly what you'd call spawn camping. Either way 3/4 of your videos have nothing to do with him killing you and it's just you on roof tops (honestly you're just asking to be attacked standing there like that, what did you expect?) or sending messages in chat. AC is all about targeting and killing, it can be an unforgiving place. If he's out to get you then be smart and take another exit, route, grapple up walls and towers, use invis pots, grenades, etc. What I'm not gonna do is ask him to stop killing people in the main city. The staff aren't here to babysit, we're here to make sure people follow the rules. And I see no actual violation in this case. (By the way you have a diamond armor set in your inv and you're not even wearing it. Come on.) T/C
  5. 1. Can't see his name in that video. 2. He's allowed to do that. T/C
  6. He can use /fly to get around so long as he doesn't fly away mid fight. Besides, getting on that corner block that he jumped off of could easily have been done the same way using a grappling hook. I don't see a reason to punish him. T/C
  7. Hello, welcome to Crafter's Land! ^_^
  8. Moved to SkyAdventures forum.
  9. Jimmel

    Report - AC

    Warned. T/C
  10. Hi, you'll have to post a topic in the password reset forum using this template. Once your password is reset you'll be able to register again. Also, keep in mind that your forum password doesn't automatically become your server password or vice versa. They're two different things that you have to set up separately. Take care!
  11. Moved to DW20 1.12 forum.
  12. Players warned. T/C
  13. Moved to Tekkit Technical Support forum.
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