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  1. Granted, but you can no longer drive a car or anything else. I wish I didn't sweat so much in the summer.
  2. Moved to FTB Infinity Evolved forum.
  3. The /enderchest command brings up your typical enderchest space which is different than your vault (the enderchests that you find at spawn - those are custom linked to your vault). So yeah, it's a different command if you wanna access the vaults which I'd rather we didn't give non-staff access to (same for the /enderchest (others) command) because it's pointless (it's staff's work) and is likely to interfere with some third party plugins we use to scan inventories.
  4. Well then I'd say it's a one-time thing.
  5. Player has been warned, we're making efforts to address the item bug in question. Thanks for reporting this.
  6. Halloween update is now removed.
  7. Jimmel


    Edit your post to English and use the template below.
  8. Okay, here's the thing about deleting all of your content. Deleting posts breaks the flow of the archived conversation and it makes our archive incomplete. This is a problem for the freedom of expression and information. But Art.17(3) GDPR includes an exception to the right of erasure for this situation. So posts do not need to be deleted. However, profiles are not included in this exception. So they must be removed, but they can be pseudonymized. For example, we can replace your username with e.g. user89432 and remove all details from the profile. If other posts contain the nic
  9. I don't think so. If we start giving people /enchant then you'll all just make OP sets again and sell them for cash which honestly ruins the game for everyone. Part of the experience is building up your own gear using methods that we provide in game. And we're not looking to take that away from anyone just so we can sell you a more powerful rank that will more than likely mess up the server in the long run.
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