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  1. What server did this happen on?
  2. Jimmel

    Toxic player

    Player banned.
  3. Hi, could you tell us what server you're playing on?
  4. Please tell us what server you're playing on.
  5. Is this resolved? If you're still not receiving your purchases, the next step would be to provide us with an IGN, transaction ID or other proof of purchase so it can be looked into further.
  6. I'm sorry for the long wait. Managers should get round to this very soon.
  7. Please make another reply/topic in English. We don't allow any other languages on the forums.
  8. Hi, what server are you playing on?
  9. Hi, you can ask for your rank to be activated again by posting a topic here. Be sure to use this template for your thread.
  10. Hi, in order to activate your rank again you'll have to post a new thread here, following this template.
  11. Jimmel

    32,767 items

    So you thought the best way to let us know of the issue was to abuse the bug and ruin the economy and player experience? All of that when you could have just reported it to multiple staff in private and not make matters worse. There is absolutely no excuse for what you did, and that's why you got banned. These problems are getting fixed very soon anyway. Was the attention you brought to yourself worth it? I don't think so. It's a really stupid idea that will get you banned for good. T/C
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