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  1. Account Name: Jimmel Rank: Sponsor+ Server: AssassinS Craft Requested Commands: /speed (fly and walk) Reason for Request: So I can get to places faster ^_^
  2. IGN: Jimmel Rank: Sponsor+ Oh and, remove my GM rank Thanks.
  3. Jimmel

    I want a problem with the range

    Thanks for the help Adri, topic closed.
  4. I’m trying to play tekkit main, but it says my client is out of date and I don’t know how to fix it

    1. Jimmel


      Hi, for Tekkit main you'll have to use modpack version 1.2.9g (latest recommended) to join the server. If you're still having trouble, try posting a topic about it in the forum below and the staff will help you out.



  5. Jimmel

    Help me i forgot my password

    Stop with the duplicate posts. Next one's gonna be a warning. Topic closed.
  6. Jimmel

    I Forgot My Password

    Stick to your original topic! Topic closed.
  7. Jimmel

    i cant chat

    Moved to Technical Support forum. Please explain in more detail. Are you getting an error when sending a PM using /msg? Also, a screenshot would help.
  8. Jimmel

    lost money

    Moved to Tekkit Technical Support forum.
  9. Jimmel


    Topic closed. Next time it'll be a warning.
  10. Jimmel

    Ban rule 20 ?¿?¿

    Yeah it's rule 18; the same rule on modded servers is rule 20 so that's why they got it mixed up.
  11. Jimmel

    Game Of Hangman

    Today is the tomorrow you worried about. Right now nothing really happens if you guess a wrong letter. I'll probably add a message to this thread later with instructions on how to play this properly. (you know, make it traditional hangman style with drawings and all, however it will be a lot more effort for the phrase maker.) For now though someone else can go ahead and post a new phrase, no change.
  12. Jimmel

    Game Of Hangman

  13. Jimmel

    Game Of Hangman

  14. Jimmel

    Game Of Hangman

    That's right ^_^
  15. Jimmel

    Command Request (ReivGames)

    You're only allowed to bump once every 48h.

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