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  1. Jimmel


    Oh, I thought it was a donor rank. Aight then, thanks for the heads up. Topic closed.
  2. Jimmel


    Topic moved to Network Technical Support. That's right, thing with the Assassin's v1 server is, it's running on such an old MC version that it doesn't support UUIDs. Instead, it stores all information in usernames alone. This isn't the case for any of the other vanilla servers so you should be all good there. Back to v1 now. When you changed your username, server saw that as a new acc and wiped everything. Only way to get your stuff back would be to get on a cracked acc with your old username, join v1 with that one and your premium acc (new username) at the same time and transfer everything manually. We're actually migrating to Assassin's v2 really soon here, which runs on pretty much latest version. That's why it's not worth the effort for management to do fame and stats transfers, so you're probably not getting those on your new username. Sorry for that but it would be almost pointless anyway since v2 will be a fresh start for everyone. The rank can be reactivated. What rank was it?
  3. Jimmel


    Hi, what server is this for?
  4. Jimmel

    [Edit Prefix] xTayxon

    No tags please, it won't make any difference and it can be annoying.
  5. Hi, what server is this for?
  6. Jimmel

    [Rank reactivate] CriticLC_

    There's no need to tag anyone here, it won't speed things up and it can be quite annoying if everyone does it. Managers check tech support and get this stuff done every few days.
  7. Jimmel

    [Presentation] GarnetBelial

    That sounds really interesting. Welcome to Crafter's Land!
  8. Jimmel

    HB at spawn

    Player banned, T/C.
  9. Jimmel

    Reactivate Rank

    We're really sorry to hear that. You needn't worry, this will be investigated and if the rank really is yours then you will have it back. Anyone reading this, below is the OP's new rank transfer request. This thread will be closed now.
  10. Jimmel

    [Edit Prefix] xTayxon

    That Sponsor color isn't right, it should be gold instead of yellow. Do you want the S to be in yellow (current color) or gold?
  11. Jimmel

    Forums - The Basics

    Welcome to The Crafter's Land Forums ========================================= Introduction Usergroups Registration Creating a topic/thread Notes & Tips That's it, happy browsing around. We will add to this guide as we see fit.
  12. Jimmel

    Complaint: maxing15

  13. Jimmel

    Item Refund Request

    We can't refund the stuff just because you fell into the void by accident. It's your fault not the server's, sorry.🤷‍♂️ It happens, gotta be more careful. T/C.
  14. Jimmel


    Hi, please edit your post and follow the template below.
  15. Jimmel

    Fame - BySniperWolf

    Can't transfer this, here's why: T/C.

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