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  1. Unfortunately, the evidence is conclusive and it all points to duped items in your base. Unban request denied. T/C.
  2. Like I said, you're responsible for the activity at your base. In this case, you're telling me you didn't realize there were a ton of stacks of emeralds right in the middle of your base? I find that hard to believe. What's more, your base mate hasn't been on the server for over 3 days and doesn't even have creative access, yet you're blaming everything on him with absolutely zero evidence and no further explanation about the items whatsoever.
  3. Is this a joke? So, you spawned in command blocks because your mate asked you to, and then hid them in an underground chest for no one to find. Also, the emeralds are in your base and clearly illegal, among a bunch of other very suspicious items. I don't care whose they are, you take full responsibility for what's on your claim. You should know that.
  4. Hi, These were found at your place: (along with other hidden chests, including one that had command blocks in it) Care to explain? It's also important to note you've been banned for duped/illegal items 3 times in the past.
  5. Hi, You can only apply for the Helper rank using the form found at the bottom of this thread. Good luck!
  6. Is there any chance you have any screenshots of your inv from back then?
  7. Pretty awesome! It's great to see the forum getting the attention it deserves. Good stuff bruny ^_^
  8. You'll have to wait for a Manager to get back to us and verify your second S+ rank purchase. Or, you can just provide proof of purchase for both ranks and help us out here. EDIT: Sorted out, T/C.
  9. That S+ rank was moved to SF4 in February and then over to RLCraft in May. Is there a newer topic that I'm missing?
  10. Permissions granted. T/C.
  11. @brunyman Can we have this looked into? Keeps happening lately.
  12. Lobby works now. Nevertheless, we'll be looking into the issue.
  13. Hi, While we appreciate all player feedback, there are a few ground rules. If you'd like to report an incident of staff misconduct, the best course of action would be to get in touch with a Network Admin and discuss the matter in private, while also providing sufficient evidence to back up your claims. Giving one of our hard-working Moderators a bad rap based solely on allegations doesn't help, I'll tell you that. On the contrary, do keep in mind that we won't tolerate any name-calling or insults towards our staff regardless of the circumstances. Consider this a warning. Moving on. By our own definition of a hacked client found in the Network rules posted here: As such, we would still consider Freecam to fall into said category, as it allows you to move around and interact with blocks in a way that's considerably different than your average player experience, find hidden stuff, etc. It's no surprise that Freecam is widely accepted as a hack and bannable on the majority of servers, including ours. We take cheating very seriously, there's no excuse for it. Unban request denied. P.S. As for the new Helpers, training is under way. You can let us worry about that. As with everything, there's a learning curve.
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