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  1. well even that several players support my cause to get the WE, to be able to help players in their homes for bad uses of the creative, I remember that you gave me the WE in person who was talking privately in the same pure survival, and no tube no problem, after it was given to me by several players who were sponsor or premium + they got it and "they" were used badly to disappear houses etc, and one of those was a friend of mine who had to report and had his sanction, I think that the cause of getting the WE is for fear of corrupting the map of pure survival, hippo plot etc, but I am one of the oldest players on the server. If your idea is not to give me the WE, it will be ok, I accept it, even if the creative's bad habits will continue in the homes of other players, but if it gave me a lot of the bad uses of sponsors and premium +. they disappeared @Powerwarp @brunyman
  2. I know very well, I am one of the oldest players, but it is that in reality in the minimum of survival there is a little movement of personnel, an exception of @MarceLOL that is the personnel that more time happens in the survival mini games and at times @AdriStrike and @Fire_Ligth
  3. @Henkekalmar WE are asking because there are enough players that your house is destroyed by third players, I just want it to recover your house, my intention is not to return the items, armor, etc., only your home to start looking for your resources again and for that reason needs a home https://postimg.org/gallery/wieofupo/ here I leave some catches of homes that have been completely destroyed by third parties
  4. @Keivin95. we go step by step, we do not know if they gave you the apple or found it in some unprotected house etc and finally KiwerPvP123 if you had a nocht apple and did not receive any sanction
  5. I know that there is no rank that you have donated, you have access to the WE, but when they had given me previously they did not have any problems, they only had advantages for the server, since I am the player who spends more hours in survival games, and I just lost the WE by changing the range to sasuke0711
  6. but he knows if the rollback has in order to turn back the time until the moment that the grifeo will be solved. But it would also reverse the progress of the other players and that can persecution for players who had nothing to do in the grifeo
  7. I know that of talking @AdriStrike, near my houses before the update helped me to repair all the great destruction that had been in the neighborhoods of my homes. but what I was seeing was not only a problem of the plugin abuse, since I could say that it was a corumcion of the map since several chunk were changed of place, construction of other players appeared near several players and of the same way the spawneo of several chunk with the id of spawners of mods, that made much slower the operation of the server Thanks @Voldemort for your opinion
  8. ccount name: sasuke0711 Rank: [Sponsor] Requested Commands: essentials.skull.others And /fix or /fix all plugin world edit Reason for Request: All those commands in Pure Survival/Skyblock/Hiipo Plots Survival, please. I would like the world edit command for the reason that several players now ask me if I can help them to rebuild their home, plot or island, for different reasons, the use of pure quartz ore and lava survival and in hiipo plot e skyblock for giving them permission and leaving everything in ruin I know that my history is not very clean, but the banners have already been several months ago, and when I had the world edit in ver 1.8 I never had any complaints from me about its inappropriate use, whenever I restructured some other player's home published in the forum as good cause thanks <3 I have enough experience in the WE, since I had several servers that were never public, only for my friends and me, and also helping my friends in the construction part of their servers
  9. yes perfect @Jimmel, but I have a question Should not the sponsor be red? https://postimg.org/image/9tbj0oc64r/
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