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  1. It's honestly amazing to see the progress network has had over these months/weeks, and I'm super proud of all the staff that's put their hard work into it. Thanks honestly Henk for all the hard work and effort and time you've invested into network, I know it's hard catering for network since it's a hard community to branch into but, your work is an example of determination and dedication for the server. Can't wait to experience it all!!
  2. Tekkit finally getting the wipe it needs xD
  3. I was assisting Ness (To help him understand some of the issues Continuum has as he's never staffed there before) and the one chunk that was constantly showing up, was his. But after DMing with you EPIC, he most likely needs a base revamp; After talking to Harry he said the following; Everything stacked in 4 chunks instead of spread out, and the cranola farm. Possibly try revamping your base and it could possible fix the issues instead of a rollback?
  4. You're supposed to bump every 48 hours not 24
  5. Everyone can change their nickname to display retired tho? a role would remove that ability of fake retired staff
  6. I agree with this, it's something that can reduce confusion of who's actually retired or not since anyone can simply change their username!
  7. That's the core point of the blood moon tho, it's supposed to make random nights insanely hard to survive in, yes it may cause issues on the server but that's the point of the mod, changing something like this = devalues the pack and the whole aspect of the blood moon concept, also this is a whole new concept to CL modded servers, so personally I'm against this change sorry.
  8. We both know, you shouldn't of made this post A) In this section, these types are for that section you know where only B) It's going to be too early to return C) Since you don't have returning to staff, you're going to have to reapply like Me and @ItsHarryFan11 will have to Also be careful on what you say about the managers, as saying stuff like this can get you into trouble spreading lies
  9. The public scene you caused in #SF4 when you retired, and constantly asking to be allowed back? Incorrect, you had retired staff and lost it due to your own actions, you'll have to apply like everyone else. Exiefs* He's staff manager now
  10. I personally think, this is gonna cause more damage/issues than you realise. And you're technically not retired staff anymore I think. You don't have "retired staff" and you know what that rank allows you to access
  11. I'd request a refund for the extra resources it took instead of the normal amount (if you want them back of course aha!
  12. @brunyman He's providing his nickname it's GeekyNRG @_Fellx_ Remember to remove your nickname when providing buycraft/technical support issues
  13. Hi, after a recent event/conversation with @RandomNukes he suggested to make a post about the discord rules, so here I am! Currently as it stands the rules in Discord to my current knowledge haven't been revised or changed at all, and I'm making this post. As you can see they're the generic basic community rules, but certain ones are kind of old and need a bit of revision. Rules 6 and 7 are the main ones that I personally think need revising, as it currently stands network is predominantly, a Spanish community. and well majority of it's staff are Spanish to. I believe allowing them speak their more fluent language will allow them to get their issue and worries across to the staff alot more easier and removes the requirement of them translating from Spanish to English and sometimes causing the whole sentence/message to lose meaning. Now Rule 6, the ASCII Art, copy pasta part is perfectly fine and understandable, but banning ":v" is confusing and doesn't make sense to me, from my conversation with RandomNukes, it was apprently due to the emote being spammed, I wasn't around for that and don't know how bad it was, but I'm guessing it was a fair while ago. I believe this part of rule 6 should be removed and people to be able to use it freely without punishment. ------EDITED LINE------- Upon realisation rule 7, allows everything to be simply kept and easier to navigate/read for staff and other players. hence why it's striked out. Now to a very controversial topic, random-talk and lobby. from personal experience and staffing it seems 90% of all the chat is directed towards random-talk instead of lobby (Which In my honest opinion should be renamed to general and random-talk removed), from moderating large and I mean Large discords, telling members to move their conversation to another channel kills the entire conversation between them and they just stop talking. For example you'd be told to go to random-talk when talking in #lobby if that's the case, what's the point of lobby? Yes, it does say a place where we get to together, but if you're going to be told to go to random-talk what's it's purpose, topic of the channel? Everyone know's how the server channels work and the topic of them but lobby really serves no purpose. Basically I'm suggesting is; random-talk to be renamed to general (or lobby > general) and allow it as an all purpose channel instead of redirecting majority of the chat to random-talk. Just my 2 cents RamRam
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