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  1. I said management, not Moderation. Can you read?
  2. I don't care he said gay, my issue isn't with Bruny, it's with the management team, that are incorrectly dishing out bullshit situations
  3. In before the Managers close this for unconstructive, and silence opinions as per usual. As they like to do, I dare them, and It'll prove my point they're avoiding the point of being criticised. Or hide this comment, I've got it screenshotted so I can prove that it was silenced ^^
  4. Not really a community then is it? Secondly, you seem to be a huge white knight, regarding the situation, do you know how fucked up staffing is at the moment? Literally it took 10+ retirements for Bruny to accept there's been a huge issue, bruny made managers do something, that was replace ranks, HELL WE DON'T HAVE THE NEW RULES LMAO, STILL NOT HERE, The community doesn't do shit or go anywhere, cause Bruny has to sign off everything, what the point is EPIC? What the point is Hen- Oh Right He's gone, which I wish he wasn't he provided stability and equal playing field, instead of certain people getting an upper hand against him. I miss Henk, I disliked him, but he ran CL really well. Staff aren't free one dude Duped on staff team, only got a warning instead of being punished according to the rules, then broke the removing GMC tag, still only a staff warning. Staff are free? My ass, they're insanely restricted and hushed regarding their opinion.
  5. I staffed Craftersland for a while, and honestly my time there was great and all, but I noticed something I should of noticed earlier, the staff team isn't the same anymore. Maybe it's the fact Henk's gone? No longer in charge of the staff team, or the constant back tracking. It just recently took me to realise, CL staff team is ran like a communist community, and is probably the reaoson the community is crumbling, I miss what CL used to be enjoyable and fun, but currently it's turning into a dictator ran state, and I don't think I can stick around for it anymore. I miss how I could ahve fun with my friends outside of Cl without being punished inside, but it's what it is. I hope CL turns around and goes back to it's roots. I personally think @Henk Needs to come back, he's a great born leader for this community, he kept everything in check, even when he was inactive, his presence within Staff Team was enough to keep us all going.
  6. Delete lobby in the discord since it basically serves no purpose and we're not allowed to communicate with friends.
  7. Right click one of the download links, and click copy address and paste it in a new tab ^^
  8. I've teleported to the provided location, I cannot find any grave, are you sure this is correct, if you're not able to remember, I can provide a refund for the items.
  9. I know I'm not network or a manager, but I'll try my best to get the world edit plugin updated to latest version for y'all.
  10. Then sadly we cannot refund the item as it wasn’t in the claim.
  11. Was said Quarry claimed?
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