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  1. The block, is at these exact Cords "218,88,218" if you ask a member of continuum staff to remove it for you or set it to bedrock it should fix your issue!
  2. It's a modpack issue, the mods that are responsible for transporting power n flux and such, don't like sponge wich causes these issues. Not much can be done unless the mod author adds compatability for Sponge.
  3. Moved to Tekkit Technical Support
  4. Moved to Infinity Evolved Technical Support imagine staffing network smh
  5. Ramma

    Killer Aura

    Matrix is an oversensitive Protection Plugin, but it's good at what it does. Craftersland isn't the one's who develop this plugin, possibly the sensitivity might have been worked on in a release that CL isn't running so It might be good to mention this to the network Manager!
  6. Thanks for mentioning/bring this to our attention! I'll mention it to one of the managers so it can be rectified.
  7. Fair point, but end of the day it'll be a nice addition if it's ever to be considered added to the server, but it'll be down to Network's manager to decide if it'll be added, I hope it'll be added as it allows a lot of new members to have a skin etc for their accounts (free member ones)
  8. I believe this would be a good idea, but it can also be exploited for people to use certain account names and have certain skins that break our server rules such as possible, racism + NSFW type skins.
  9. WHAT


    1. Ramma


      I be staffin doe

  10. This requires a full reinstall of the modpack due to configs/scripts being corrupt upon installation ^~^
  11. Make sure to close this thread outlaw if it's done.
  12. I've had this error before, reinstalling the modpack fixed it for me
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