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  1. Right click one of the download links, and click copy address and paste it in a new tab ^^
  2. I've teleported to the provided location, I cannot find any grave, are you sure this is correct, if you're not able to remember, I can provide a refund for the items.
  3. The time of accounts created, just to simply like this post, doesn't make sense. It's considered reputation boosting.
  4. Please don't rep farm, create alt accounts and boost forum reputation. It will lead to a punishment
  5. I know I'm not network or a manager, but I'll try my best to get the world edit plugin updated to latest version for y'all.
  6. Then sadly we cannot refund the item as it wasn’t in the claim.
  7. Was said Quarry claimed?
  8. I've actually spoken to @EPICfighters regarding this situation of losing XP on death, and it seems to be a bug with GT:NH, as the permission nodes/setup are all correct to stop you from losing XP, so it's possible a GT:NH side issue. If you lose XP again, please reply to this thread.
  9. This is probably because you tried downloading the EXE version instead of the universial one
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