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  1. Your Name: JerothGItem Name + ID + Amount: TE tank with resonant upgrade + 600000mb EthanolCoordinates: 512, -99, 96Description of Issue: I had placed a resonant tank 1/2 full with ethanol to make PolyEthylene, the server crashed and after reboot it was no longer thereScreenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: JerothGItem Name + ID + Amount: Creative sponge from Mystic crateCoordinates: spawnDescription of Issue: won the item in the crate yet it was never put in my inventory. I know that someone else had the same issue today.Screenshots (Optional): As an aside: I purchased a mystic key pack and I also won 3 creative magnets, I can only use one and am not permitted to give or sell the others so I am wondering if a gm would be so kind as to take 2 of them in exchange for the creative fluxbore? if this is acceptable, i have left 2 of them in a bronze chest at 4041, 70, 337 in overworld Cheers
  3. If it takes months to build some of these things, will you be wiping the map less frequently?
  4. I created a portal and insta died twice, would just like my gear back and also not sure how im supposed to create a functioning portal? Also suddenly now my trans table shows zero items and no emc?
  5. Looking at Github and nothing has been touched on TR in about a year... thinking maybe no longer being maintained. Either way I think CL should look at something else in the interim...
  6. Well it seems this is a very hot topic in the forums, but here are my $0.02... The integrated Chunkloader has been WIP for over a year, looks doubtful that it will get finished. Why not add your own CL based loader? You can a base of 1 chunk with perhaps more to rank members. There are other networks that do this and they have no issues. People either add the mod or use the launcher. Why? Well, it is highly inconvenient to not have access to your stuff while you are out exploring... or out in space. For instance I tried to link my home ME system to my spacestation and it works great for about 20 seconds after I leave my base... Whats the alternative? Well I guess we have to build the same things 2 or 3 times, which is not only a pain in the you know where, but could potentially add to more server load if somehow those chunks all remain loaded at the same time... And having chunkloaders as rank perks may even entice more people to purchase a rank...
  7. i did days ago and still nothing. @Henk
  8. So maybe if I wait 20 or 30 days someone will fix this? One can dream...
  9. So umm 14 days and still no resolution....
  10. HI all the drives are still missing. Can we go back to the further backup you have? gonna really, really suck if I lost everything... =(
  11. Your Name: JerothGTown Name: JB3Coordinates: x: 458, y: 1477Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): December 7Description of Issue: Logged in recently to find all my ME drives goneScreenshots (Optional):
  12. Hii @Henk thanks for looking at it, however I can't use /gm 1 I didn't expect the crate parties would be a repeat, although if your feeling generous...?
  13. I had rank before, nothing since. I'd like a confirmation that the claim lock, cash and keys are available before I go back on. Cheers
  14. Anyone? this is kind of ridiculous. I mean i've paid for membership and been a top voter for Crafters and I get treated in this fashion? I see others are being ignored as well, do we not matter in your opinions any longer?
  15. @Henk @brunyman Anyone able to fix this issue?
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