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  1. JerothG

    Town Rollback request

    i did days ago and still nothing. @Henk
  2. JerothG

    Town Rollback request

    So maybe if I wait 20 or 30 days someone will fix this? One can dream...
  3. JerothG

    Town Rollback request

    So umm 14 days and still no resolution....
  4. JerothG

    Town Rollback request

    HI all the drives are still missing. Can we go back to the further backup you have? gonna really, really suck if I lost everything... =(
  5. JerothG

    Town Rollback request

    Your Name: JerothGTown Name: JB3Coordinates: x: 458, y: 1477Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): December 7Description of Issue: Logged in recently to find all my ME drives goneScreenshots (Optional):
  6. JerothG

    Rank restore request

    Hii @Henk thanks for looking at it, however I can't use /gm 1 I didn't expect the crate parties would be a repeat, although if your feeling generous...?
  7. JerothG

    Rank restore request

    I had rank before, nothing since. I'd like a confirmation that the claim lock, cash and keys are available before I go back on. Cheers
  8. JerothG

    Rank restore request

    Anyone? this is kind of ridiculous. I mean i've paid for membership and been a top voter for Crafters and I get treated in this fashion? I see others are being ignored as well, do we not matter in your opinions any longer?
  9. JerothG

    Rank restore request

    @Henk @brunyman Anyone able to fix this issue?
  10. JerothG

    [Rank perks] Dcwy62

    Welcome to the club of the unanswered!
  11. JerothG

    Rank restore request

    Any ideas on how long this is likely to take? can't really build anything with 100 claimblocks. Would have thought this would be on the checklist when you wiped the map
  12. JerothG

    Rank restore request

    @Henk Thanks for that, however I am still missing claim blocks, cash and keys
  13. JerothG

    Rank restore request

    So just wondering if I need to tag Bruny and/or Henk to get this fixed?
  14. Hi I would like the perks from both the premium and premium plus rank purchases I made please
  15. JerothG

    [Complaint] Response times

    No Problem Yusixs, Bruny did get it back thankfully. Sad to see you going though.

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