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  1. please make a claim rollback request in the technical support section and follow the template.
  2. Can you try to login again? We changed some timeouts it might work now.
  3. Your Name: ImperatusItem Name + ID + Amount: Slice'N'Splice enderio:block_slice_and_splice 1Base coordinates: x788 z4024 y69Description of Issue: Lost the block due to several server crashes.Screenshots (Optional):
  4. is that your ingame name or is it your /nick? if its your nick please use the real in game name.
  5. do you get a timeout or disconnect?
  6. IF you use our Launcher try to add the following arguments in the options: Dfml.readTimeout=60 and try again.
  7. Mhmmm that happens quite often tho. I can give you a dragon egg so you can hatch it again.
  8. recovered the grave and placed the item in you inventory. Topic Closed.
  9. Item Refunded. Topic Closed!
  10. Player said rollback is no longer needed. Topic closed.
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