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  1. It is raining all the time

    I think that's some sort of Expert mode feature which makes it hard to use Solar power but i am not that sure about it.
  2. Refund Request(horn of the hunt)

    Item Refunded ! Topic Closed !
  3. login problem

    Spoke to player ingame he said his frined even tried to reconenct inbetween 10 sec for the server to recognize him as cracked but still didn't work. He send me his logs. Logs. There is a thrid log but can't past it to pastebin cuz it's to bug.
  4. login problem

    is he playin legit or cracked?
  5. Unable to use HQM Book

    Skyrmaster well this is a issue of the mod... It happens the me now and then idk why but the issue is there...
  6. Lagg/Economy: Reset request

    Alright. Topic Closed !
  7. Lagg/Economy: Reset request

    well if u have no more question i guess i can close this topic?
  8. Lagg/Economy: Reset request

    ~1 week i guess
  9. Spawn shop item <Book Binder>

    well u also get a complete set of RFtools dim builder stuff for around 5k ingame currency henk ...
  10. Spawn shop item <Book Binder>

    Imo just add it to spawn shop since its a important part for dim creatzing ... and sell it for like 4-5k ingame money ... since it would be a very lategame item as the dim builder from RFtools ...
  11. [Rollback Request]

    Player made a refund request and issue solved ! Topic Closed !
  12. Refund {Request}

    Items Refunded and placed in your inventory ! Topic Closed !
  13. Ender Quarry Disapears often

    Topic Closed !
  14. Monster spanwer doesn't work

    Talked to the player ingame and fixed the issue. Topic Closed !