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  1. Imperatus

    Unban itz_oreomc

    btw i would advice u to take screenshoots and also post em on a unban apeal makes it more reasonable for others to follow cuz unless u dont have "accurate" proof ppl can still say it's word against word just a little advise from a old staff member
  2. Imperatus

    unban Itz_Hygum

    well your fault never pick up stuff that isn't yours
  3. Imperatus

    FTB Infinity Server moved to a new Dedicated Host!

    gimme dem specs bruny i am looking forward to see the future server market using epyc cpus tho. cuz u can't say no to 64 physical cores with 128 threads also amd starts to destroy intel on the desktop market aswell since the zen 2 achitecture is way better with 7 nm instead of 10 iirc?
  4. Imperatus

    Inv rollback request - Bosuhexxit

    Since its the early stages of the server i am quite sure we do not have a rollback yet. so better make a refund request right in this topic pls.
  5. Imperatus

    Smart Pipe system

    well i guess i can close the Topic due to the Server wipe? @m1a2r3t4i5n6 T/C due to topic inactivity.
  6. Imperatus

    inventory rollback

    Since we are wiping the Server there is no refund needed. Topic closed!
  7. Imperatus

    rollback request

    Topic closed!
  8. Imperatus

    [Refund Request] xDavidowski

    Topic closed!
  9. Imperatus

    lost items

    Topic closed!
  10. Imperatus

    lost items

    Since we are wiping the Server there will be no refund. Topic closed!
  11. Imperatus

    [Rollback Request] NarubiaN

    Topic closed!
  12. Imperatus

    [Rollback request]

    Since we are wiping the Server there is no more Rollback needed. Topic closed!
  13. Imperatus

    [Rollback Request]

    Topic Closed !
  14. Imperatus

    [Refund Request]

    Topic Closed!
  15. Imperatus

    [FTB Infinity Evolved] Time for server WIPE? Vote here!

    it will happen today :D as u might have noticed Server is currently down due to the wipe

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