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  1. Player sold the keys again. Topic Closed!
  2. Place fixed and people punished. Topic Closed!
  3. I would like to see Dungeons Dragons and Space shuttles got all dem mods + quests. Dungeons got reworked recipes aswell. So you have to do magic AND tech to progress at a later stage .. .Also i think All the mods 3 will be quite laggy.
  4. btw i would advice u to take screenshoots and also post em on a unban apeal makes it more reasonable for others to follow cuz unless u dont have "accurate" proof ppl can still say it's word against word just a little advise from a old staff member
  5. well your fault never pick up stuff that isn't yours
  6. gimme dem specs bruny i am looking forward to see the future server market using epyc cpus tho. cuz u can't say no to 64 physical cores with 128 threads also amd starts to destroy intel on the desktop market aswell since the zen 2 achitecture is way better with 7 nm instead of 10 iirc?
  7. Since its the early stages of the server i am quite sure we do not have a rollback yet. so better make a refund request right in this topic pls.
  8. well i guess i can close the Topic due to the Server wipe? @m1a2r3t4i5n6 T/C due to topic inactivity.
  9. Since we are wiping the Server there is no refund needed. Topic closed!
  10. Since we are wiping the Server there will be no refund. Topic closed!
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