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  1. Imperatus

    Whats everyone Hyped for the most come E3 this year?

    welll i want dem Borderlands 3 >:)
  2. Imperatus

    Clan Chat and Clear Lag

    Almoace u can use the clan chat with ./ iirc if that one doesnt work use /. i guess Also the anti lag is just removing entities when 100 of them are placed or droped
  3. Imperatus


    Just like nukes said [8] No Griefing Any Protected Territory: 1st offense = 7 days ban. 2nd offense = 14 days ban. 3rd offense = 28 days ban. 4th offense = 60 days ban. Includes everything that changes the environment of claimed land. Includes any block, item, action, liquid, that can bypass protection. Includes Griefing of own Town if other members did not agree and worked hard. Griefing spawn is a permanent ban. And tbh i thought your Attitude changed since PostBlast but looks like it didn't it's time for some hard consequences. I only can hope that u will change cuz if u will keep goin like that M8 u will have no fun in the future.
  4. Imperatus

    Replacement for MyTown2 //I'm Back

    Thats a realy nice plugin m8. Once u are finished u could work on makin it upwards compatible and not just 1.7.10 so there might be more faction like modded server in the Future. Tbh this would change alot on the current modded servers, it mostly depends on what modpack is runnin. Look at IE Expert mode ... if u lose smt there its RLY slowing down your progress, it might work on easier modpacks like Direwolf or Revelation and stuff but i am quite sure it wont work on harder modpacks But never the less it's a nice plugin and welcome back m8
  5. Imperatus

    Refund Request [Imperatus]

    never mind found it in my baubbles inventory however it got there.
  6. Imperatus

    Refund Request [Imperatus]

    Your Name: ImperatusItem Name + Amount: Wireless crafting Terminal 6317 1x + Infinity Booster 6320 x1Description of Issue: Wireless crafting Terminal just diaspeard in our ME system.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/m9xM8S4
  7. Imperatus

    A way to remove creative cells

    so can we close the 2nd topic u made under Server Problems about the issue or are there still problems?
  8. Imperatus

    Complaint craftyguy23

    This ban was resonable. I can't see any growth pulsers for your Fluix crystals which u need for your Storage cell. So else it would take u multiple ingame days to grow all of these. Also u do not even have placed down the Inscriber presses to get the processors. To stack golden bags of holding u HAVE to have the items on the exact slot with the exact same amount of items. Also your playtime doesn't even fit close to your progress. You guys played 1 day aka 24h and to get all that stuff which u had, u would have to play several ingame days. And at the End u had like no RAW processing ores like the important stuff (tin Copper and so on) which is also sorta proof that u guys duped. It's not the first time that u guys got banned for abusing bugs and it looks like u won't learn your lession. Atleast i hope u have learned it now. Kind Regards Imperatus Topic Closed !
  9. Items Refunded and placed in your inventory ! Topic Closed !
  10. Imperatus

    Item gone

    Is that issue solved now? Since i see u have a wyvern sword in your Inventory. Also added u to the town u wanted to have ( to enter it do /t spawn home)
  11. Items Refunded and placed in your inventory ! Topic Closed!
  12. Imperatus

    [Town Removal]

    Town removed ! Topic Closed !
  13. Imperatus

    [Town Removal] TAW

    Town removed ! Topic Closed !
  14. Imperatus

    Terra Shatterer issues with clear ground entities script

    is the issue fixed now?
  15. Imperatus

    Assembly Tables and Lasers

    Problem Solved! TOPIC CLOSED

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