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  1. Towns

    town name and ign?
  2. [Command Request] Ahryman

    well warps might be better but everyone can use them iirc.
  3. [Spawn Shop] Item Suggestions

    Instead of puttin all those on the walls of the small spawn we could add a Vote crate kit with those sapplings.
  4. [town removal] Gone for 1+ months

    Town removed ! Topic Closed !
  5. Refund Request

    As stated above items got refunded. Topic Closed!
  6. Refund Request

    Topic Closed due to double post.
  7. All wands stolen

    we are looking forward to maybe make a plugin with a pvp toggle but before we can go for it brunyman has to do alot other (more important) stuff.
  8. All wands stolen

    Well, the server is a pvp server so you should keep an eye open to players. It is allowed to take someones items when killed. So there is nothing we can do ... You could try to ask him for your stuff but i am not sure if he will do so.
  9. Complaint Juggernation

    Well as stated in the rule's description it is not allowed. See here: Our servers use certain protection systems to protect certain areas. That does not mean that if you find an unprotected area it is yours to claim. It is still considered griefing and it will be punished accordingly." Do u have some screenshoots or any proof? If so post them here and i will apply the punishment.
  10. [Refund Request]

    well those anchrs arn't refundable since u use them on your own risk . he 1st 4 u place won't get removed btu every other u place after those 4 will get removed .. so u will get the lasers refunded but not the anchors
  11. More Towny Perms/Control

    "mytown.cmd.assistant.ranks.add" : perm to add custom rank. "mytown.cmd.assistant.ranks.remove" : perm to remove custom rank "mytown.cmd.assistant.ranks.perm.add|remove" : perm to add or remove perms from rank(would fix plot issue) "mytown.cmd.assistant.ranks.set" : perm to set rank rather than using promote. should stay staff only since those change the global ranks and not only in the town u are in right now "mytown.cmd.assistant.ranks.set" : perm to set rank rather than using promote. this one is used to set ppl into a town and should stay a staff only command since it can set EVERYONE in EVERY town on the server "mytown.cmd.asssistant.ranks.reset" : perm to reset perms of other ranks in town. is like all other above and is a global command so reseting ranks would reset the rank on each town and not only 1.
  12. Sparks Despawning

    Brunyman the thing is there are multiple people using those sparks so those get pretty fast over 100 .... so could u might whitelist those? since they are pretty usefull in terms of mana transportation...
  13. Crashing

    Well one question. Are your ME system bigger than one Chunk? Stuff like this mostly happens when the ME system is strayed over multiple chunks ... so when u guys log in the chunk loading is caussing this sort of problem.
  14. Rollback Request.

    well did u try asking for a rollback too?
  15. [Town Removal] TheMCU

    Town removed and Chunks Regenerated. Topic Closed !

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