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  1. [Town Removal]

    Town removed. Topic Closed!
  2. [Refund Request] EnergyTR

    Items Refunded and placed in your Inventory ! Topic Closed !
  3. Your favorite music

  4. The new Chunk Loading System

    that's not the new chunkloading .... that happend before we got the new chunkloading tho ... this is depending on multiblock structures i guess .
  5. [Rollback Request]

    Town got a rollback. Topic Closed !
  6. Player Data

    Topic Closed !
  7. [Complaint] Lerpo

    Problem dealt with. Resized the claim's of Zibido and changed both town nearby flags to false. Topic Closed !
  8. Favorite Games Soundtracks

    well so much childhood memories when i just hear them xD
  9. data saves times out alot of players

    Problem solved ! Topic Closed!
  10. [Rollback Request] EnergyTR

    Spoke to the player ingame and he told me to close the Topic. Topic Closed !
  11. [Refund request] feduss

    @feduss use /crate it should be stored in there
  12. [Rollback Request]

    As seen above topic resolved itself ! Topic Closed !
  13. Your favorite music

    @Voodoo i think this is the shit
  14. Betterchunkloader?

    i agree with rotomegax 2 should be enough cuz then Me system wont get that giant since the chunloader isn't loading that huge places which might also effect the build style of ppl and bases will be smaller
  15. [Refund Request]

    Items Refunded and placed in your inventory ! Topic Closed !