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  1. The server is running on the best hardware suitable for mc. The thing is that mc isnt a game that makes use of all the cores so it wont matter to upgrade to a cpu with more cores.
  2. Imperatus

    Racist Rant

    Player has been punished. Topic closed.
  3. Refunded. Placed the items in a chest close to your portals. Topic Closed!
  4. Imperatus


    Well you have to keep in mind that we play other games aswell. I check the forum daily tho. Also only managers can reset/reissue the chunkloaders. And they are not always available. Also i am always available on discord per PM's (when i am awake xD).
  5. Try to reinstall the launcher, if that doesn't fix it I would recommend you to use the Twitch launcher on windows.
  6. which java version exactly? since the launcher isnt compatible with java 9 and upwards. Tell him to download any java 8 version and to try it again.
  7. Your chunks were checked per command and it says you still have 4 placed down somewhere. Are you sure you disabled your chunkloaders with the blaze rod before breaking the iron block?
  8. try to do /claimlist and click on the [TP] in the chat UI, it should tp you to your claim.
  9. You can disable entity dmg on your claim which means you can't get attacked. Also your turrets were placed with creative so it's not even fair play which might also fall under Rule 5. And yes i know they were placed with creative cuz when I visited your place I even saw the creative energy supply.
  10. Item placed in your inventory. Topic Closed!
  11. Items palced in your inventory! Topic Closed!
  12. That's a known issue to me. Had that bug a couple of times. Chestplate Refunded. Topic Closed !
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