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  1. In-game name: Cellerstine Discord: 15th Chromosome #8848 So, I found a stage 4 dragon, killed it and got its egg. I hatched the egg by my house and got a red fire dragon. I put it on my shoulder to move it around and put it somewhere that wasn't in the way but after I put her down, no matter where I put her down, she would teleport to the spot I originally place her. However, every time I teleported, my dragon would all of a sudden be on my shoulder again. I did my best to leave the dragon in my house, but to no avail. It kept teleporting to my shoulder, whether it be when I rtped or teleported to spawn. It even nearly drowned in the water because I spawned in water and I couldn't place the dragon on the ground out of the water. I finally got my dragon back inside my house and said, screw it, and went to fly around and explore. When I came back, my dragon was gone. Can I request it to be spawned back in?
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