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  1. ive only refunded the creative jetpack because i didnt see the pickaxe on the death note provided. i can see from your inventory that the pickaxe is in your hotbar. if you have any questions, dm me on discord. coffee#0115 T/C
  2. Items refunded, I placed them in a chest at 2375 80 -3465 (where your /home took me) https://prnt.sc/ro4w0e https://prnt.sc/ro4w5c T/C
  3. just an fyi: if you've donated for a rank and then the server gets wiped, you can apply for a rank reactivation on the forums. this will give you the rank, perks and items back from the donation.
  4. items refunded topic closed
  5. double post, issue has been resolved in another topic topic closed
  6. item refunded topic closed
  7. Issues like this are time-sensitive and can only really be solved in discord. go into the ulr discord channel and then @ultimate reloaded to alert staff. you can join the CL discord here: https://discordapp.com/invite/RexFCWu T/C
  8. Have you been on recently? i've been informed that this issue should be resolved
  9. we're looking into it. please be patient until i have more information.
  10. you should try connecting through the server's direct IP address: rev.craftersland.net
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