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  1. Hi Cedarpug, I just logged in and teleported to both coordinates you provided and was unable to find any claims by Konstadoulis. I also checked to see if i could find any claims or homes by yourself and I found none. Are you sure that this is the correct server? Thanks. EDIT: Moved to RAD
  2. i'm sorry to hear that it's still a problem. have you tried reinstalling the pack from fresh?
  3. If you've used the unstuck package on the forums, you will be sent back to spawn so if you where in a bugged chunk the unstuck package should resolve the problem. You can try to connect through the modded hub and then to Revelation, the IP: modded.craftersland.net . If you your issues still persist, please reply back and we'll have to do some investigating. Thanks
  4. Hello xMeRk. I apologise in the delay responding to your ticket. Unfortunately, as the reactor mechanics did not fault or bug out, nor did the server fault, I cannot refund you the entirety of your list. I will refund the Chaos Shards and Draconium. Please can you reply back with how many of each you lost. Thanks
  5. 3XJ

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  6. Closing topic due to new topic created.
  7. Thank you. Just to let you know that it may take a few days for your request to be actioned.
  8. Please update this line to: 3:00am GMT+1 (17/05/2020)
  9. Hi, Please follow this template to complete a claim rollback topic.
  10. 3XJ

    [unban] jkl882

    You've been previously punished for griefing bases. Two factors lead to the conclusion that you had griefed a players base: -Your home "reee" was set at the players base and you were not trusted in the claim -The grief matches your previous griefing offense. I hope this clears things up for you.
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