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  1. Hi again Reaper. After reviewing all of the information posted above and in another complaint, the only evidence you have shows a player in your base whom you didn’t grant explicit access to. As i’ve mentioned before, if you wish to stop players having access to your claim please setup your claimflags so that players may not enter. In your screenshots there is no evidence of a player abusing any glitches. This will be hard to prove without them doing it in front of you. If you have proof showing an illegal entry on your claim I would be happy to review it and re-evaluate this
  2. Hi Reaper. This complaint was made about the playertrap in your base and the actions taken by staff to remove the structure. As Wolf has already stated, your player trap does violate rule 5. As this player trap was an inappropriate structure, it was removed from your claim. The other issue you are referring to is a separate issue which will be discussed in its own thread. We have evidence of player trapping so this punishment will not be removed. Complaint closed
  3. We were able to recover the items ingame. Topic closed
  4. Hi Game Craze, The chunkloaders we have on the server are online only. Therefore your friend will need to place down a chunkloader of their own in order to use your power Thanks
  5. Base moved Please reply back to this if there is anything else
  6. Duplicate post - new topic T/C
  7. Hi Crash To get your claimblocks back, please fill out the template below and post the topic in Rank Transfer. Thanks
  8. Hi, I can't see that you've logged into dw1.12. Is this topic meant to be in dw1.7 or another server?
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