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  1. Unfortunately we cannot remove this claim as it has not been over a month since they were last active. You can post another claim removal when it has exceeded the monthly mark.
  2. Are you looking to expand into this claim or are you only reporting that they have been inactive?
  3. Duplicate post, Items have been refunded. T/C
  4. Since the items were stolen on claimed land, I refunded them. T/C
  5. Your Name: Sonyx Coordinates: -7 55 -9 (the end) Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): January 30th, 12:55pm EST Description of Issue: The server had a 5 minute long lag spike followed by a crash and a few restarts. Upon logging in, my inventory is missing items that I picked up before the crash. Screenshots (Optional):
  6. Items were lost due to server crash- Items refunded. T/C
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