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  1. Your Name: llayaCoordinates: x -372 y 70 z -248Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 27/04/2019 at 12.00,noon CEST (or UTC+2)Description of Issue: Same thing:
  2. Your Name: LayaElisabethItem Name + ID + Amount: 2 Chunk loading wards, again.. Coordinates: 1) 2337, 100, 1757 2) 2312, 64, 1863 Description of Issue: Server did an unexpected restart and my last standing chunk loading ward vanished too, (the other one already vanished again mere minutes to half an hour tops after i got it refunded last time) I only use 2 and don't think i'm contributing much to lag so i have no clue why they're vanishing, but i don't think i'll place any more chunk loaders until it's fixed XD Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/oWfWUeb
  3. I'm working around my cows atm so i'm constantly loading 1 spot with a chunkloader, but another one further away that's located with my power constantly vanished. I've made 2 refund posts already (and the ward near my power vanished again after the last refund i got). From what i've noticed it only started happening 2 days ago at the max..
  4. Your Name: LayaElisabethItem Name + ID + Amount: 1 Chunk loading ward Coordinates: 2339, 103, 1753 Description of Issue: My wheat farm wasn't working anymore so i went to check if i still had power (which i was sure i would) only to discover once again my chunk loading ward dissapeared. Could someone please look into that? The recipe is kind of a drag with the villager contracts and i only have 1 spare i can use. + it's interrupting gameplay when things shut down due to unloaded chunks :s Screenshots:
  5. Your Name: LayaElisabethItem Name + ID + Amount: Chunk Loading Ward (Jei doesn't show me the ID), 2 EDIT: The spawn chunks aren't being loaded currently either (also missing chunk loading ward??) so people relying on the water and lava endertanks are out of luck. Coordinates: 1) x=2312, y=64, z=1863 2) x=2338, y=100, z=1758 Description of Issue: When setting up a wheat farm i was wondering why i wasn't getting power when i noticed the flux point said chunks weren't loaded, so i went looking for it and noticed both were missing (1 where i was setting up the farm next to the
  6. Is it possible to disable recieving the actually additions manual every time you craft a recipe from the mod? There seems to be a recipe for the book so people who want it can easily obtain one, rather than being spammed with books.
  7. What: Client crash with flashing screen. How: -type "Wither" in your NEI. -Click the wither skull to pull up the recipe. -Scroll to the right to get the "Mob Drops" tab. -Your game now goes black, leaving a small square, after which your screen comes back but starts flashing wildly like a stroboscope and then crashes your client (in the small square that remains you'll see parts of a text that indicates your game already crashed even though the flashing screen around the square suggests you're still ingame) Witness: ItsDaryl followed those steps and crashed too. Report:
  8. It's commonly known on the server that some EnderIO machines have these pausing issues.. For me personally it works to just dump what i need in there and let it run on it's own. Eventually it get's the job done with a bit of delay. Closed due to inactivity T/C
  9. The Binnie gene database is comparable to thaumcraft as it is a per-player progress which is likely kept in a file, rather than the machine, rollbacks can't fix this. This happened to me too, few days ago after the server was in a crashloop, something got reset which also wiped Binnie progress.. Unfortunately i haven't found a way to restore the genes myself and rollbacks won't help.
  10. Items refunded to players inventory. T/C
  11. Quarry is refunded to your inventory. Enjoy T/C
  12. eh, even tho it's broken, i'd still participate if we could do a round again.. It was just plain fun, even with the broken things ? i mean, who doesn't occasionally want to kill their fellow staff members? XD
  13. Problem solved. Player wrote his name wrong (IGN: Sinsterrister) and requested the topic to be closed. T/C
  14. Can you please construct your post as requested in the pinned Template Post?
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