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  1. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    SF2.5 voting links

    When you type /vote, 9 links appear in chat, but as of wednesday June 27th 2018 the Minecraft forum server list (minecraftforum.net) has shut down and is now read-only. Meaning no votes can be made there anymore. Is it possible to remove it's link (https://goo.gl/wJNHpL) vrom the /vote list so players don't needlessly click it?
  2. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [sf3] Anti-help rule question

    Due to the date of this post and no follow-up questions or alternative answers from other staff, i deem the question answered and will therefore lock this post.
  3. llaya [LayaElisabeth]


    Question answered, T/C
  4. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [Inventory Rollback Request] LayaElisabeth

    Rollback succesful, T/C
  5. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Im gonna be gone for a long time.

    There should be a backup when he comes back if needed. T/C
  6. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Island Rollback Request

    1Nanc fixed the rest of his island himself. T/C
  7. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Grief (RF Tools)

    I think from Rftools only the shield projector can do that.
  8. Your Name: LayaElisabethCoordinates: don't know.Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): friday 29th of June around 13.00 CETDescription of Issue: i accidentally left my island before securing my items on my llaya-island firstScreenshots (Optional): don't have screenshots but i had some botania armor a botania sword, some food, etc.
  9. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Tombstone under bedrock

    Listed items are as of now refunded by Lancelot. T/C
  10. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    How do i install the modpack?

    GOOD NEWS!! We now have our own launcher.
  11. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    For the reviews

    Money recieved, T/C
  12. So, with the help of Lancelot, i created a custom sound pack (Windows only). It's like a texturepack but for sounds instead and needs to be installed in the resourcepack folder. To install; -Open your game menu and click "options", then "resource packs". -If you click "Open resource packs folder" you can paste in the soundpack.zip file. -Close the folder tab and reload the "resource packs" submenu and select the downloaded pack. -Click "done" and wait for it to load. Current available pack*: -The dragon fart pack; replaces the death sound with a soft and smooth sounding fart with credits to Mike Koenig https://goo.gl/U8kQ5p *If any player would like me to make more packs with other sounds, make sure to post a reaction with a clear request and add a safe downloadlink to a funny/cute soundfile free of copyrights and include them in a reaction. I will not open/use links from shady download websites, neither will i expose myself to copyright infringement, double check if soundfiles are permitted to use for public ends. Please use sounds under 5 seconds, i'm not planning to use the star wars theme for those of you with crazy ideas.
  13. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    SF2.5 Achievment book

    Someone told me that it is because of draconic evolution. When i looked through the book with my armor in my inventory (instead of wearing it) i could read the book just fine. But as i understand bruny correctly about the file being wiped. It won't be easy to actually keep track of your achievements. I'm sure i checked some stuff off in my book and it had no checks when i last looked in it.
  14. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Server rollback request SF 2.5

    You might need to provide an actual date too.
  15. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Im gonna be gone for a long time.

    Can players ask for a copy of their island so they can keep it safe for a longer time themselves?

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