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  1. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [Server Problem] The Spreading Plague of Earthly 'Measles'

    Might be WE abuse. Maybe Henk or Bruny can check the logs for actions at those coords from the images.
  2. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [Refund Request] *sV_OwNeR_exe*

    We can't refund items you don't remember you had, but if you request an Inventory Rollback we can restore your inventory. (you can just edit your post and title, no need to make a whole new post)
  3. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [Refund Request] Akademee

    I refunded your quarry into your hotbar
  4. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Refund Request

    Did you shuffle through the pages? 1 of the market modes/pages only shows your listings, another your market mail (which you need) and another gives both.
  5. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Refund Request

    Can you please stick to making 1 post on a subject and just edit when needed? T/C Double-post. Original post has been handled by ManYouForgot.
  6. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Refund Request Akademee

    will do. T/C
  7. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Refund Request

    Double post T/C
  8. Your Name: llaya *I made this post on behalf of a player who isn't allowed to make accounts without parents approval*Island Owner Name: DarthAssassinCoordiantes: x:-11081 y:153 z:-17290Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 5 oct 2018 12.00 CEST (8pm Australian timezone)Description of Issue: Another player (GrayNeuter) sent DarthAssassin a link in chat. After Darth clicked it (not knowing what it was) GrayNeuter took Darths me drives without being a member on the island or trusted in any way, then somehow took control over Darth's skin and TP'd him and pulled some other hackerstuff.Screenshots (Optional): this is from when i was talking to him: https://imgur.com/a/FiHByOw . The link can be checked in the logs from around that time.
  9. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Thaumcraft Fix

    That's nice to hear.. As far as i know Craftersland Spawns are setup to not have mobs spawn within the protected area so i don't think public spawners will be build or even work. I think Spawn eggs are more likely to happen.
  10. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Thaumcraft Fix

    SF2.5 and IE have Crimson Knight and Crimson Cleric Spawn eggs. From there you can use a safari net or soul vial to make your own spawners from them. Having these spawn eggs on Rev would indeed be very useful. If there are other hard to get items you need for progression you can always post them in the Suggestions section.
  11. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Recipe Suggestion

    It doesn't work with a bottle of water, but it does work with the bucket and returns the empty one and that's enough..
  12. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Can't get achievement for lich killing

    Killing the lich and getting the achievemtnshould indeed unlock the swamp and dark forest. From the twilight forest pedia: If you want i can see if i can see if the advancement can be granted manually (tomorrow). Otherwise bruny will have to step in. Do you have a screenshot of your current Twilight Forest achievement pagein the meantime?
  13. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [RefundRequest] AdorkableBre

    i refunded into your inventory: 1 pixie soul 1 wither skeleton soul 1 witch soul 1 zombie soul 1 skeleton soul 116 endoflames For that auto-crafter; do you mean the RFTools Crafter? If yes: what tier? If no: what autocrafter do you mean?
  14. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [RefundRequest] AdorkableBre

    Since Henk gave permission for towngrief despite what the perms are i can do this rollback in a few hours (i really have to go sleep now) unless someone beats me to it.
  15. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Recipe Suggestion

    Hi there. I would like to suggest a custom recipe for the Mud Ball Why? I can't find mud anywhere in the Aroma mining world or the twilight forest and it seems quite scarce in the overworld. But, especially for beginners there's armor and tools to be made from mud and nice building blocks (that i would like to use) How? Since in real life you basically make mud with dirt and water so i wanted to suggest a similar recipe: 1 Bottle of water, Can of water or bucket of water (preferrably bottle) 8 Dirtblocks like this:

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