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  1. Your Name: llayaCoordinates: x -372 y 70 z -248Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 27/04/2019 at 12.00,noon CEST (or UTC+2)Description of Issue: Same thing:
  2. Your Name: LayaElisabethItem Name + ID + Amount: 2 Chunk loading wards, again.. Coordinates: 1) 2337, 100, 1757 2) 2312, 64, 1863 Description of Issue: Server did an unexpected restart and my last standing chunk loading ward vanished too, (the other one already vanished again mere minutes to half an hour tops after i got it refunded last time) I only use 2 and don't think i'm contributing much to lag so i have no clue why they're vanishing, but i don't think i'll place any more chunk loaders until it's fixed XD Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/oWfWUeb
  3. I'm working around my cows atm so i'm constantly loading 1 spot with a chunkloader, but another one further away that's located with my power constantly vanished. I've made 2 refund posts already (and the ward near my power vanished again after the last refund i got). From what i've noticed it only started happening 2 days ago at the max..
  4. Your Name: LayaElisabethItem Name + ID + Amount: 1 Chunk loading ward Coordinates: 2339, 103, 1753 Description of Issue: My wheat farm wasn't working anymore so i went to check if i still had power (which i was sure i would) only to discover once again my chunk loading ward dissapeared. Could someone please look into that? The recipe is kind of a drag with the villager contracts and i only have 1 spare i can use. + it's interrupting gameplay when things shut down due to unloaded chunks :s Screenshots:
  5. Your Name: LayaElisabethItem Name + ID + Amount: Chunk Loading Ward (Jei doesn't show me the ID), 2 EDIT: The spawn chunks aren't being loaded currently either (also missing chunk loading ward??) so people relying on the water and lava endertanks are out of luck. Coordinates: 1) x=2312, y=64, z=1863 2) x=2338, y=100, z=1758 Description of Issue: When setting up a wheat farm i was wondering why i wasn't getting power when i noticed the flux point said chunks weren't loaded, so i went looking for it and noticed both were missing (1 where i was setting up the farm next to the dragon egg generator and the the 2nd where my power is)Screenshots (Optional): If you look closely, you'll see the Chunk loading ward next to a sign near my power area. I don't have a screenshot from the other one.
  6. Is it possible to disable recieving the actually additions manual every time you craft a recipe from the mod? There seems to be a recipe for the book so people who want it can easily obtain one, rather than being spammed with books.
  7. What: Client crash with flashing screen. How: -type "Wither" in your NEI. -Click the wither skull to pull up the recipe. -Scroll to the right to get the "Mob Drops" tab. -Your game now goes black, leaving a small square, after which your screen comes back but starts flashing wildly like a stroboscope and then crashes your client (in the small square that remains you'll see parts of a text that indicates your game already crashed even though the flashing screen around the square suggests you're still ingame) Witness: ItsDaryl followed those steps and crashed too. Report: https://pastebin.com/Gpawhust https://pastebin.com/PjSg4rc8 I know this is a channel for Server problems, but i have no clue what's causing this or how to solve it, and this appearantly can happen to other people than just me.
  8. It's commonly known on the server that some EnderIO machines have these pausing issues.. For me personally it works to just dump what i need in there and let it run on it's own. Eventually it get's the job done with a bit of delay. Closed due to inactivity T/C
  9. The Binnie gene database is comparable to thaumcraft as it is a per-player progress which is likely kept in a file, rather than the machine, rollbacks can't fix this. This happened to me too, few days ago after the server was in a crashloop, something got reset which also wiped Binnie progress.. Unfortunately i haven't found a way to restore the genes myself and rollbacks won't help.
  10. Items refunded to players inventory. T/C
  11. Quarry is refunded to your inventory. Enjoy T/C
  12. eh, even tho it's broken, i'd still participate if we could do a round again.. It was just plain fun, even with the broken things 😛 i mean, who doesn't occasionally want to kill their fellow staff members? XD
  13. Problem solved. Player wrote his name wrong (IGN: Sinsterrister) and requested the topic to be closed. T/C
  14. Can you please construct your post as requested in the pinned Template Post?
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