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  1. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Thaumcraft Fix

    SF2.5 and IE have Crimson Knight and Crimson Cleric Spawn eggs. From there you can use a safari net or soul vial to make your own spawners from them. Having these spawn eggs on Rev would indeed be very useful. If there are other hard to get items you need for progression you can always post them in the Suggestions section.
  2. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Recipe Suggestion

    It doesn't work with a bottle of water, but it does work with the bucket and returns the empty one and that's enough..
  3. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Can't get achievement for lich killing

    Killing the lich and getting the achievemtnshould indeed unlock the swamp and dark forest. From the twilight forest pedia: If you want i can see if i can see if the advancement can be granted manually (tomorrow). Otherwise bruny will have to step in. Do you have a screenshot of your current Twilight Forest achievement pagein the meantime?
  4. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [RefundRequest] AdorkableBre

    i refunded into your inventory: 1 pixie soul 1 wither skeleton soul 1 witch soul 1 zombie soul 1 skeleton soul 116 endoflames For that auto-crafter; do you mean the RFTools Crafter? If yes: what tier? If no: what autocrafter do you mean?
  5. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [RefundRequest] AdorkableBre

    Since Henk gave permission for towngrief despite what the perms are i can do this rollback in a few hours (i really have to go sleep now) unless someone beats me to it.
  6. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Recipe Suggestion

    Hi there. I would like to suggest a custom recipe for the Mud Ball Why? I can't find mud anywhere in the Aroma mining world or the twilight forest and it seems quite scarce in the overworld. But, especially for beginners there's armor and tools to be made from mud and nice building blocks (that i would like to use) How? Since in real life you basically make mud with dirt and water so i wanted to suggest a similar recipe: 1 Bottle of water, Can of water or bucket of water (preferrably bottle) 8 Dirtblocks like this:
  7. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Can't get achievement for lich killing

    Have you already tried to walk into a Swamp, Dark Forest or the Snow Forest?
  8. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Crusher ate all my items

    This is why we keep telling players to not build Multiblock structures like the tinkers smeltery or immersive engineering constructs in the same chunks as chests/containers with inventories. Can you please make a proper report in the tech support channel for either a Rollback or a Refund. Make sure to use the appropriate template so we have all the info we need to be able to help you. https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/217-technical-support/
  9. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    {refund request} tannerrobotics

    items refunded to player ingame. T/C
  10. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [Refund Request] Keepoccino

    refund succesful T/C
  11. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    {refund request} tannerrobotics

    Refund placed at your afk pool. T/C
  12. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    Quantum solar panel

    It probably was a case of bad clearlag-dropwipe timing. If you want a refund you can file a request in the tech support channel. Make sure to use the template.
  13. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [Refund Request] UgurkansTR

    Refunded to player ingame. T/C
  14. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [refund request]Sventb

    Items refunded ingame. T/C
  15. llaya [LayaElisabeth]

    [Refund Request] NaminisBebras

    Player refunded ingame. T/C

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