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  1. Fixed, thank you for reporting, please keep in mind what Critic's said. (Por favor ten en cuenta lo que dijo Critic)
  2. wow, looks really cool ?, great job altair!
  3. Fixed, thanks for reporting! Have a good one T/C
  4. if you change your mind tell me. T/C have a good one
  5. esa es la actitud chavoooo

    1. southrumble80


      jaimito rugal bro

  6. @yEstoQueEh hi , could you make a list with the items that were stolen, too If you have a screenshot that shows them, it would be of great help ?
  7. Items Refunded, thanks for reporting adri!, T/C, have a good one
  8. Items refunded, thanks for reporting (has caso a lo que critic te dijo) T/C have a good one
  9. Items refunded, thanks for reporting and check the comment on the other post @Forest_usas159o T/C have a good one
  10. hola @Forest_usas159o, porfavor no dupliques este post ya tienes uno creado ( ) :l, otra cosa el foro solo se maneja en inglés puedes usar el traductor si no sabes como ó pedir ayuda a un staff ahora mismo checo lo de tu refund pero ten en cuenta eso. gracias
  11. Items refunded, Thanks for reporting, it is recomended to take screenshots of all your items for these cases ? . T/C have a good one
  12. Money refunded, thanks for reporting ; ) T/C have a good one
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