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  1. GamerPelao191 posted a topic in Rank Transfer

    I want to request my miniyoutuber range I hope you answer my nickname: gamerpelao and link of the review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUK-M9l1Pgo&t=240s
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      Hola, quiero solicitar mi rango miniyoutuber. , Cumplí con los requisitos del video. Espero que respondas mi sobrenombre: gamerpelao y el enlace de la revisión: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUK-M9l1Pgo&t=240s.
  3. Bob?


  4. Te calmas we


  5. Slendy

    Team troll

    User Banned. Thanks for reporting!
  6. Slendy

    [unban] [AngoPala]

    Unban Request Denied . T/C
  7. Slendy

    [unban] [AngoPala]

    Hi!, in-game I told you and @TIMI123 that heads are not allowed or were ilegal. but I explain it again, only sponsors or sponsor+ users can have /skull, normal players can't have skulls because is not possible to make it. i think that this ban is fair, and for the 10d is for your 4th offense and the rules says that. (Rule 2) I hope that you can understand why i banned you. if you need any proof here: https://imgur.com/a/7mSBs3a
  8. Ingame name: i_Slendy_i Rank: Sponsor+ and a tag Server: Survival Pure, Hiipo Plots, Skyblock and Creative Proof: https://imgur.com/a/DPWUnyj -Thanks!
  9. Slendy

    [TUTORIAL] How To Play CTW.

  10. Slendy

    Help i cant enter to the server!

    try to connect again
  11. Slendy

    [Command Request] i_Slendy_i

    Thanks Sr!
  12. Account Name: i_Slendy_i Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands:- WorldEdit [Pure Survival] - Weather [Pure Survival] Reason for Request:it's really helpful in the constructions and the rain is annoying and I wish I could turn it off. -Thanks!
  13. Slendy

    Report ° ͜つ °

    Users punished. Thanks for reporting! -Have a nice day! T/C

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