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  1. AurelTheDark

    Problems to join in the server.

    The other problem I have is that I can not download version 2.0
  2. AurelTheDark

    Problems to join in the server.

    IGN: AurelTheDark Problem: I'm having problems to join in the server. When I enter the server the first time it says this: ----->https://imgur.com/a/3KQY7ym When i refresh the server list happens this ----->https://imgur.com/a/YaiPyJR Please tell me why this happens. I'm in version 1.5 FTB Revelation
  3. AurelTheDark

    Fancy Animated Tag

  4. AurelTheDark

    Unban 7u7_Paradox_7u7

    I do not understand how people can have confidence in people like Paradox. Knowing that he stole several accounts, and that he has a very aggressive attitude. But well I can not do anything to prevent it.
  5. AurelTheDark

    Unban 7u7_Paradox_7u7

    honestly. I do not understand what he wrote Use the translator to modify it because other staff members will not understand anything of what he said.
  6. AurelTheDark

    Unban 7u7_Paradox_7u7

  7. AurelTheDark

    Unban 7u7_Paradox_7u7

    You have proofs when he said that?
  8. AurelTheDark

    Unban 7u7_Paradox_7u7

    First of all, create this topic in the correct section using the correct template. Second, the evidence in the report is sufficient to apply the punishment. Can someone move and close this?
  9. AurelTheDark

    Joke ???? ? ? ?

    Can someone close this?
  10. AurelTheDark

    Joke ???? ? ? ?

    Kaywolves already said that your ban remains. Do not keep doing this, you can earn a punishment here in the forums too.
  11. AurelTheDark

    Inventory Refund

    On which modified server do you need the refund? Explain well so that the staff can help you.
  12. AurelTheDark


    In which modded server do you need the refund? Explain well so that the staff can help you.
  13. AurelTheDark

    Refund Request

    Okay, Sorry.
  14. AurelTheDark

    Refund Request

    @Manyouforgot close this too. xD

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