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  1. My second app : https://prnt.sc/mfef2c Sorry for 2 posts, cant edit
  2. My first helper app : https://prnt.sc/mfeb0o what a meme
  3. Most people here now might not me, but for those who do, its really good to be back on this forum and talking to some old dudes I know. I just joined the server today, talking about network and honestly it was really surprising. ACV1 changed alot, game mechanics changed and a shit ton of new stuff. This all goes to the management team and their hard work truly paid off. Thank you. I also would like to say thanks for all the people that made me had really good memories on this amazing server. These people and this server will always have a special, really special place in my heart <3. Lots of memories were made here. The first time I was trying to get a rank here with Youtuber. I managed to get it by making really low quality gameplays on the server and kept asking my friends to watch the vid again and again so I could reach a 100 views and get the rank :DDDD And then when I applied for helper the first time and didnt get accepted. This was when elementskate was here And then I applied again and got accepted by PWARP aka Powerwarp Thanks bro And I started to climb through ranks, this was the beggining of my dominance on network, I used to be online everyday. Playing, managing players, banning warning. And then one day, I got GM+. Never have I ever thought of it. And that time I met a really immature kid that got me banned because I dropped and my sword and I kept asking for it and he wouldnt give. So I told him I'd give him 64 block o' gold for the sword and he fell for it haha. The times where I helped Power with archepvp and when it was up and running we all had fun staff nights, where we all used to kill each other and had lots of jokes on skype. It was a blast Here's a picture on arche where I thought I had wallhacks, turns out it was a potion I drank or something : https://imgur.com/a/fDfjtEp That time where I used to play with the /kick and kick staff members and wrote song lyrics as a reason, zyko knows it well :DDDDD, heres one with ELGAMES: https://imgur.com/a/gc56Uyj Also, we had nights where staff members used to gang up on cs and play comp, espically with power, sabeeh and bas. It was really fun. Helper me : https://imgur.com/ruwI6VS What a fucking time bro. When mcmod and Jim were alive : https://prnt.sc/g79k2q and Mojo : https://prnt.sc/g79p8j [sabeeh included] {these pic credits go to all the people in the old shit post} Craftersland 2013-2016 : https://imgur.com/a/OwGod {Credits to muzickq again old shit topic} And heres a meme : https://imgur.com/a/Youjj I'll try to find more screenshots on my old laptop and post it here! Lots of love guys
  4. Happy Birthday Omgim

  5. Happy birthday!

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      Happy Birthday Yasso! Enjoy ;)

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      Happy birthday my dude!

    3. OmgimYasso
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, never mind

  7. ^_^ Ill join in a few hours and try it out!! Awesome!!
  8. The Best way to predict the future is to create it!

  9. The Best way to predict the future is to create it!

  10. Love In The Air :D

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