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  1. CreepersCrown

    Rank on Ac v1 resetted (for ArisPvP_gr)

    Bumping as per Aris' request
  2. CreepersCrown

    [Presentation] FryderykSzopen / Aleksandar Radovanović

    Yeah, mostly Chopin (username lol), Beethoven, Liszt and Joplin
  3. CreepersCrown

    [Presentation] FryderykSzopen / Aleksandar Radovanović

    Thanks a great deal for being so welcoming! Mostly just Bach and some neo-baroque composers, there used to be one such guy who composed organ pieces but I can't remember his name... I know one of his videos was uploaded by PianoReader though xd
  4. Congrats for the promote, hope see you around too :)

    1. CreepersCrown


      Thanks! Congratulations to you as well :DBGy9OLT.png

  5. CreepersCrown

    [Presentation] FryderykSzopen / Aleksandar Radovanović

    Yeah, I figured I'd do it since I forgot to make one the first time
  6. Name: Aleksandar Radovanović IGN: FryderykSzopen Age: 16 Crafter's Land Servers you play: Mostly ACV1, sometimes ACV2 and CTW Location: Serbia A short description of yourself: One could say that I'm deliberately obtuse when it comes to anything else except my interests. My favourite genres of music are Romantic, Baroque, Pop, Jazz and Rap. I like chatting with other people, and also aspire to be a top-class polyglot or a linguist. Hobbies and interests: Music, piano, languages and other cultures Discord / Skype Name: CreepersCrownRS / Aleksandar Radovanović
  7. CreepersCrown

    [Complaint] Hiddenblade in spawn

    I feel like an idiot making 2 posts in 2 minutes, but, hey, someone's gotta do it, right? Lmao Network server: AssassinsCraft V1 IGN: FryderykSzopen IGN of the rule-breaker: kenay2040 Brief description of the situation: Hiddenblade in spawn on multiple occassions Video proof: Players who can confirm my situation: Anyone in the video who got hit by Kenay's HB Note: You've probably noticed that I'm using a modded client. I'm using LabyMod, which should be allowed since it doesn't give me an unfair advantage over the others. You can look it up on their forum, it's purely aesthetic.
  8. CreepersCrown

    Tekkit - CL Archive - 2013/2014.

    Saw some names that got me thinking... Gj Jim Here's my tribute to the old forum full of me and Bat spamming GIFs
  9. CreepersCrown

    ACV1 Hook problems

    Never mind, the problem seems to have resolved itself after the server restarted, can someone lock the thread? Thanks in advance
  10. CreepersCrown

    ACV1 Hook problems

    Hey everyone, I've been off for a while and I just recently came back. Lately I've been playing on ACV1 with a friend of mine, Xsalix56, whose hook has now stopped working. When he uses it, it shoots out an arrow, but once the arrow hits solid ground or any obstacle of some sort, it doesn't pull him towards it. It only seems to be shooting arrows for some reason. He also says his bow is glitched, I haven't seen how that works though. Anyway, if you could please look into this, it'd be very much appreciated. PS: I made the post for him because he only speaks Polish.
  11. NO COME BACK CRI ALL THOSE KEK JOKES AND YOU ARE JUST LEAVING LIEK DIS ps I learned from the professionals (insert lenny face here) Anyway I made this 4 u with my GIMP skills (IGN Rated 10,69/1337)
  12. CreepersCrown

    Cannabis Stole All My Things On Assasins V1

    You can refund him, check Muzickq's post
  13. CreepersCrown

    Help I Lose My Santa Rank

    What I got from this: He bought his rank formerly as LuisDavidMc; Since the lobby server is 1.8.x, it supports name changes and automatically transfers ranks (I think at least, that would explain how he has the rank in lobby servers only); Now he needs his rank transferred to Molayo
  14. CreepersCrown

    Pretty Rare Error Connecting To The Server

    Bruny, there is another one, I tried to explain it there. http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/9917-pure-survival-error/ If Spigot released a new patch of 1.8.7/1.8.8 the server should be updated, and everyone should update their client to the latest release of Minecraft.
  15. CreepersCrown

    Tesla Coil Music - Requests

    Imperial march or cantina song.

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