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  1. You're in the wrong section. Moving the topic to thechnical support.
  2. Hi, Firts of all, this isn't a chat, stop posting here @xDrews_YT and @Jaisson-L. And please, copy the correct names.w All players warned. T/C Topic Closed
  3. Make a topic for a password reset in this section following this template Be patient and wait a moderator answer T/C Topic Closed
  4. Hi, try to enter with the pemium ip: play.craftersland.eu Europe or play.craftersland.us USA
  5. Sorry but if @CowGoesBananas confiscated them, you lost that money.
  6. Make the post, the server have a data base.
  7. Heyyyyy! Feliz Cumpleaños Capo :)

    1. gerry_lmao


      Muchas gracias Panda!! ?

  8. Items Refunded Topic Closed T/C Proof: https://youtu.be/LCrRrQ869_c
  9. N3co_

    Report - ACv1

    You have 48 hours to obtain or upload any proof, after that, the complate will be closed
  10. Items returned T/C Topic Closed
  11. https://m.imgur.com/a/UVTltl0 @minepro2 Please pm
  12. Hi, ¿you have any recent proof?
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