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  1. Isma, it's sad to see you were banned, but for me it's not congruent that you were perma-baned because a staff-member mistake. I will not said your ban was unfair because a listened a lot of times what you did, and in that period I started to be a Helper, I don't remember you did something. Henk is a complicate person but I believe in his justice criteria. If the decision were up to me, I will give you the unban only because I don't remember anything about what you did, but that's the problem, I will give you the unban in the ignorance, and don't taking care about some important things.
  2. The Inventory reset I can do is a on-line process, that's why I told you to PM me. I don't have the same time zone as you and I need to know when I can do the inventory-reset.
  3. I think it's a good idea, but we need to be patient. The addition of those commands for the donor ranks have problems, and it's necessary a manager to modify the actual permissions the rank has. Also, managers did not pronounced about of adding or not the plugin. I will talk again about the idea, bc it's not a bad idea.
  4. Hi, there is any specific reason ? Also, pm on discord to make the inventory reset (Did you want a enderchest reset too?). Discord: N3co_#1595
  5. Thanks for the reporting, player punished. T/C Topic Closed.
  6. Sad to hear but incorrect section. Can a forum moderator move the topic to General-Vanilla servers.
  7. Nice building, did you have more proyects?
  8. Humm, this in not the problem I thought. Thanks for the report. Lemme try to ask to the managers if I can do something to solve it in the less time possible. Please, be patient, the Network managers are bussy with more bug reports and we (Network Staff team) don't have an Admin.
  9. Hi, did the zombies disapear after a server reset?
  10. Assasin's Craft Quartz Update - First part. Hello Assassins! This is the first part of the proyect of the Quartz City that it's anounce for the 7/7/2021 to be openned. Here you will find the Key for the Quartz Guard, in wich your travesy starts. This is a small part of the proyect but it's to let know all the Assassin's that the builders Team of Network are making some updates. Hope you like this parkour. A clue for the parkour entry. Did you ever see this tree before?... Builder: N3co_
  11. Hi, item refounded to the player. T/C Topic Closed.
  12. N3co_

    AC New Tutorial

    Assasin's Craft Tutorial Hello Assassins! Im glad to show you all the new Tutorial for new players in the modality. As we know in the server we didn't had a structured tutorial for all all the new players. As a iniciative of @MiniTermi77 he started building this parkour in wich are explained the basics of modality. Special thanks to @EPICfighters for giving us the commands to finish this awesome and necessary proyect in the server. The tutorial is in English and it's completely translated to Spanish, because we know our biggest population of players speaks Spanish A few pictu
  13. The armors already have effects. Those effects aren't about potions but I think the effects are enough. Also, the durability is a interesting point. Great idea too.
  14. Interesting suggestion, I think it's a good Idea
  15. Thanks @EPICfighters for trusting in me. I will do my best T/C Topic Closed.
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