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  1. Hi, please read the whole text of this post. Also, If you do more buildings please put the pictures here.
  2. Well, I think it's a good pc. However, I think it's a good idea first to search a benchmark of the pc with the shaders, you can also search for the model of your pc.
  3. Hi, I removed your gmc not because rule 6, and I talked to you about it via discord. It seems you want to omit some important things about your ban history and well, I will tell you. 1. Your gmc was removed applying the rule 0, and via console. This is not your first time grifing the houses of other players, and in all the cases I talked to you first via discord, that's why you doesn't have more bans in your history. 2. Is not the first time you abuse the comand. A lot of duped items I found was near to your houses or your location in the logs, but I didn't want to ban you because I though I was wrong. The day I found you abusing the gmc, you talked to friendly with me, and you agree of having the ban. And you had tell me this wasn't your first time. 3. Recently I removed the gmc of other players permanent, and beacuse of your ban history, I decided to do it temporally and not permanent. Don't forget that, I didn't deleted permanently only beacuse you agree with the punish. This can't be treat as a Unban Request becuase you are not banned in the server. However, Unban Request Denied. Your gmc will be added in September 30th. Next time won't be temporal. T/C Topic Closed.
  4. N3co_

    Pure survival idea

    ?? Second: If you want a factions server, this is a really bad idea as adding gmc to be honest.
  5. Hi, I want to hear from the user what they think about starting another survival server. First of all, I'm not announcing a new gamemode, and this idea wasn't approved by the managers, I only want to know what Network players think to make a good proposal, config a demo server and see if the idea gets implemented. The principal idea is to make a 100% survival server, without mcMmo, or any kind of plugins that can modify the survival gamemode. About the ranks, I'm not sure what to do :C. Please, be respectfull with the opinions of other players. Network Admin, N3co_
  6. Well, not a big issue, contact any staff member via discord for the chestplate refund, use this topic if they say no. Or DM me to do the refound: N3co_#1595. I will leave the topic open until you got the item.
  7. Hi, did the staff that you think they got the armor told you why they get it?
  8. Don't be rude, he just don't knew about it. Thanks for the report @ASOOD
  9. Well, it was one hour and you ban is gone T/C Topic Closed.
  10. N3co_

    Unban Me

    Hi, as @MiniTermi77 said, you can't forget you are a player with a long history of bans. However, you didn't got and warning, so you are right. Personally I got fps issues when a player spams those characters in the chat, so the rule 6 apply perfectly. You will get warned and this will count as you first warn in this rule, but remember. You will have 1 warning in all of types of rules because of Brunyman global warn, that means that if you broke a rule next time that will not count as a first time. Unban Accepted. T/C Topic Closed.
  11. Hi. About your case you have all the reason, you didn't got an written warning and the staff didn't do it. But you must remember ban register are not all the proofs a staff member can have. I remember a lot of times warning you about spamming and unapropiate names, you already know about the rules, don't forget that. @Matix1000 and @CursedEmperor if you want to report some staff member please do a post, stop spaming in post that are not for get opinions. Unban Accepted. User warned and this count as 1st Offence.
  12. Hi, open an appropiated post. I don't understand why you guys that read a lot the rules don't follow the template. The Unban request post is for only one user. Stop writing on it, only to said things you can say in your own post. If staff gets more post with the same behaviour, those post will be ignored. T/C Topic Closed.
  13. @SuarezMC you have 2 sponsor+ ranks? Because I cheked your full history of rank transfers and your sponsor+ is actually located in RLCraft servers.
  14. Hi, first, you must follow the template to got an answer, remember that post without the template won't be answered by staffs. Second, @iCekkaZ asked me, and I recognize I missunderstood to the situation, also don't forget, you used a bug to avoid the jail and that's why I said "Punish him for bug abuse" but I didn't know you completed the time in jail. I apologize, was my fault and the responsability is mine. Unban accepet. T/C Topic Closed.
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