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  1. N3co_


    Hola buenas tardes, primero que todo, recuerda que este servidor es un servidor ingles, por lo que tienes que escribir en ingles todo el tiempo. Por favor, especifica en que servidor tienes el problema, en la Network o en servidores con mod, por ejemplo SkyFactory.
  2. You're in the wrong section. Moving the topic to thechnical support.
  3. Hi, Firts of all, this isn't a chat, stop posting here @xDrews_YT and @Jaisson-L. And please, copy the correct names.w All players warned. T/C Topic Closed
  4. Make a topic for a password reset in this section following this template Be patient and wait a moderator answer T/C Topic Closed
  5. Hi, try to enter with the pemium ip: play.craftersland.eu Europe or play.craftersland.us USA
  6. Sorry but if @CowGoesBananas confiscated them, you lost that money.
  7. Make the post, the server have a data base.
  8. Heyyyyy! Feliz Cumpleaños Capo :)

    1. gerry_lmao


      Muchas gracias Panda!! ?

  9. Items Refunded Topic Closed T/C Proof: https://youtu.be/LCrRrQ869_c
  10. You have 48 hours to obtain or upload any proof, after that, the complate will be closed
  11. Items returned T/C Topic Closed
  12. https://m.imgur.com/a/UVTltl0 @minepro2 Please pm
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