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  1. leaves from the vine...
    falling so slow...
    like fragile tiny shells...

    drifting in the foam...

    little soldier boy...

    come marching home...
    brave soldier boy...
    comes marching home...?

  2. psst hey ?

    1. Yusixs


      They say people from the dead can never be revived, they were wrong! What's up ?

  3. Oh no i can't believe it's happening, I hope its an early April fool jokes but its way too early for it Well if you are leaving I just want thank you so much for your service in Craftersland and thank you for accepting me as one of the Staff team it's such an honor, I still remembered my interview even if it was a long time ago. Man.., time sure flies eh? I hope we'll be seeing you really soon in Craftersland, only time will tell i guess Best of luck and many wishes to you, cheers. Best Regards, Itsz
  4. T/C talked to this guy, what he wants is a rollback please refer -
  5. yeah its fixed, also it happens before the bypass is working, now the tag bypass is working am able to go to /gm 1 without getting my items tagged T/C
  6. Refunded, i was there when he died but the grave didn't have all his items T/C
  7. That doesn't work, you removed it but it didn't registered as a legit key so i still couldn't open it Topic Re-Opened
  8. Your Name: itszItem Name + ID + Amount: Normal Crate Keys x10, Legendary Crate Keys x5 (item id is 131)Coordinates: -3327 75 -5360Description of Issue: After i got my sponsor and mod rank i got the legendary key & normal key as a gift from buying sponsor, then i went to /gm 1 then i put all my item in a chest because i want to spawn some creative stuff but i forgot that if you move item while you are on creative it'll creative tag themScreenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/lkIv6
  9. Hans wants to gratitude you with a flameweffer please use it wisely and correctly it'll shine your path to victory and if you didn't do it correctly you will regret your life.


    Hans with the help of flammeweffer corp


    Ps. Am drunk ?

    1. Yusixs


      I feel #Blessed now. Thank you fo deez nu- I meant, this wonderful gift, it had been an honour for being one of the few capable of being given the flammenwerfer!

      #Thanks #FlammenwerferOP #Blessed #Lucky #Good  #Hashtag #BestFlammenwerferbearer2017 #Helpful

  10. has't thee ev'r hath caught a valorous guy, liketh a real sup'rh'ro?


  12. Itsz a me, mario

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