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  1. This plugin has been erroring out like crazy lately, bruny was investigating why and to fix the plugin. He’s working on that. Hopefully it’ll mean that this will be fixed once he does.
  2. Moved to dw1.7 tech support
  3. Updated changelog for 2020-04-06. Keep in mind that any unintentional behaviors best be reported instead of abused, as it is still classified as an exploit and is therefore a bannable offense. But for now I'd like to thank those that have reported issues, but also say that I am disappointed in those who kept quiet and to themselves so that they could abuse it for longer.
  4. Ok No, they can't know that, let's just hope we find a inventory rollback point that is close enough.
  5. Moved to tekkit main Technical support (This is for vanilla ) Keep in mind that inventory rollbacks are not especially precise, as they are only done 3-4 times per day and can only be performed by our management team, so generally has a longer waiting time. If there are a reasonable amount of items, then I'd suggest making a list as well- could make it in a response to this topic and just changing the title to inventory refund.
  6. What server is this for? As you posted this in our Vanilla section 🤓
  7. The problem here was that when you use the torch you are set to a temporary group, which has the permissions for you to bypass the blindness. And running that command again while the timer for it is still going - the timer in Luckperms - it will just return " you already have this..." and not do anything. I have changed it so that when you use the torch it will now first attempt to remove this temporary group - if you have it - and then immediately after give you back your group again. Downside with this is that it sometimes causes a flicker, of you seeing darkness for half a second and then back. But I don't think that is too limiting, so that's the solution I went with. I don't want to have a short cooldown on it, because it causes quite a few chat lines in both the console and anyone with OP It also causes quite the issue with sending the "3 seconds remaining" message, because it is put on a delay, and if you have pressed it 10 times in 180 seconds, it will tell you it's 3 seconds left... 10 times. But only 1 of them will be true. This is then fixed, based on what the changes made above. Changed this to tell you when your cooldown is up instead. I also changed the lore tooltip to now say " 3 minutes ". Keep in mind that any existing item that has been purchased will remain to say 60 seconds. The zone to trigger you teleporting back was only 1 block tall, I believe if you came through it with speed or a bit of lag, you could pass through it. I have extended it to 10 blocks now and I hope that fixes the problem, please report back if it hasn't. Yes, this is because the grappling hook waits for you to hit your target before it allows you to shoot it again. And if you accidentally shoot into the void then it never hits a target and is only fixed by you relogging. Since @brunyman is the developer of this plugin, I am hoping he is able to fix this bug. But in the meantime, I have raised the trigger zone for the teleportion in the "spideey" section by 3 blocks, and added a floor with barrier blocks at the bottom for the hook to hit. Hopefully this means you will get teleported before you hit the barrier blocks and die. Please let me know what's the case on that, and we might remove it if it doesn't work out.
  8. Thank you @Zayphing! It took more work than some people might realize , I have received some critique of it being too short, but that is because it took so long to create, especially for me when I had to learn how to do this all from scratch. I don't think it's It is an understatement to say that we four combined have spent hundreds of hours on Glaskerville alone. But...! For those that might feel it is a bit short, this is merely the beginning. We won't immediately add any new dungeons of parkours to Glaskerville per say, but there will still be content added on to it. That is the whole idea of Glaskerville, that it will be something you return to again and again. And the next quest to be worked on will be saving Ronald's Family: Dora and Ellie. If it will be to save their souls or save their lives, only time will tell - But before then I need to work on some stuff behind the scenes, as well as fixing bugs that have arose with the release. But on top of that, the neighboring area is looking really hot too, also created by the fine gentlemen who built Glaskerville. Expect to see the doors open for that in the near future
  9. It's finally here! The dark woods of Glaskerville is now open to the public, for those that dare venture inside. Glaskerville has been a long ongoing project where we aimed to bring some new concepts to the table, give more of a reason to do parkours and dungeons than just gold. In Glaskerville you will be collecting Tokens alongside your gold, these tokens will let you unlock special traits that are usable inside Glaskerville. You will also be able to trade them for Enchanting books- for our loyal donators this might not be especially exciting as they already have that available to in their donator-only areas. But Glaskerville aims to unify the ranks and give an alternate method of obtaining these enchanting books. You go through progression steps in Glaskerville, finding clues and unlocking new areas, all while following the storyline of the area. If you have no idea where to go after reading this, then go speak to Ronald at spawn. He'll give you some good hints to follow It should also be noted that the creation of Glaskerville required a lot of custom configuring, the config for the menus alone is 4500 lines. So there ought to be some bugs, and because of that I have opened up this topic for you to report any issues you might have: Credits: SlendyOff - Main builder Flamefurno - Assisting in building Zengz - Parkour creator Henkekalmar - Anything else
  10. A place to report your bugs you might stumble across in Glaskerville. 2020-04-04 2020-04-03 - Launch day! Added cooldowns to the Lantern and the cursed books. Removed Notes# around the map, as that was a parkour concept that was scrapped. Added loot to missing chests. Implemented checkpoint system on Elytra parkour. Raised the Elytra parkour by 5 blocks to allow checkpoints. Added a Glow effect to the "book" you need to interact with after collecting the clues. To further hint at which one to right-click. Fixed issue where /tpa /tpahere still worked. Fixed a bug that made mobs not spawn in sub-regions of the main region. Fixed incorrect tooltip of Jabra's Soul Added a hint message when entering Glaskerville, to bring a Lantern. Added Archers and Guards in Jabra's Castle. 2020-04-04 Fixed bug with Lantern and made the notify message to be when cooldown it over. Changed Lanterns tooltip to show 180 seconds. Any new item will show 180seconds. Fixed bug which made checkpoints not work sometimes. Added a barrier floor to the "Spideey" parkour, to make the grappling hook work better. Changed Jabra's attacks to be wither skulls instead of lightning. As that caused issues with above ground. Bill that appears after the Jabra fight no longer drops items 2020-04-05 Changed default respawn time of NPC's to 3 minutes, affecting the Guard and Archers in Jabra's Castle. Fixed regions overlapping to the scythe parkour. Reported by @CriticLC_ 2020-04-06 Begun implementing a debug menu, for players to see their current progress status through Glaskerville- and for staff to change it if needs be. Should be in the hands of players and staff in the coming days. Fixed an exploit allowing donators to teleport players inside the Jabra's Castle Implemented more checks when joining the Jabra fight through Benny- that the player has completed all the clues and gained access to Jabra's Castle legitimately. Made a lot of changes to Jabra's Fight, for both Jabra and his minions NPCs should now see you if you are hiding behind blocks and go chase you NPCs are less likely to attack eachother- but still will. And will still get real mad about it. Ranged NPCs will run away when they are being attacked, but still attack you during it Enabled close quarters chasing, should mean it's more optimized on chasing you in close quarters 2020-04-07 Jabra's Minions should now be immune to eachothers' attacks. Does not work for Area of Effect attacks, such as the splash potion and Wither skulls.
  11. Both issues were fixed, both the spam clicking and shift clicking. SerbanHero Refunded. T/C
  12. This is being looked into and awaiting response from dev. In the meantime don't spam click the buy/sell buttons, that's when this happens, and don't shift click
  13. Weren't you like... JUST banned? 🤔
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