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  1. hey henk 

    me and my friend recently decided to replay stoneblock 2 

    but we still have our emc knowledge 

    it would be amazing if you could reset it

    as we cant progress any further

    IGN : Silver_Sparrow15 , Cole_Moose154

  2. Yooo, that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long while. Impressive. Is your ingame name the same as your forum name?
  3. Good evening! If you have them, it would also be helpful to show the actual punishments in screenshots or logs, instead of just the aftermath of it, so we can judge if it was just. EDIT: thanks epic, no longer needed. But without having seen the punishments and to know if they were correct or not, I do want to comment on this part of your complaint. The capsing, cursing and spamming rule is rule 7, and it states ”excessive use”- Now I can’t say that the ones you complain having done this hasn’t done so excessively, but you also haven’t shown otherwise. But as you state towards the end of that quote- ”my team... immediatelt muted, kicked or imprisoned”. The rules which have such punishments do not state ”excessive use” and are therefore vety strict. Unless it’s a later offense of rule 7, which then you have previously done it excessively. Your argument with Cow is that you think you should be allowed to joke about anything in a private chat, but that is not the case and we moderate all the chats on our -or related to- our servers. Including staff chat, if needs be. This is because we can’t go in and determine between if the person is joking or not when they are breaking a serious chat offense. The same way we can’t allow harassment towards a person in private chat and then later accept the excuse that ”it’s just a joke”. That’s very serious and we take it as such, and that goes for all of our chat rules. From what I see about staff chat, I see a cow humoring your opinion in that and making a comment in a private chat. But do know it will still be brought up- and for the record, bypassing a mute counts as a rule 2 break and first offense is a 2 day ban. There was never a talk about a perm ban as you claim in your complaint, in fact, staff does not wield the power to make a perm ban. Seeing EPIC coming in with some evidence of your team’s rule breaks I understand why you didn’t show any of the punishments or the rule breaks themselves, I see it as pretty crystal clear that all of these should’ve been punished for. And was, as far as I’m aware.
  4. Topic moved to rev tech support According to buycraft, however, you have received what you purchased: If there was another purchase that wasn't under your name, we will need information in order to find it, time stamp, name you used, transcation ID, etc.
  5. The Wand of Animation has been a hot debate ever since we launched the server. We, the server managers, decided to limit the usage of the Wand of Animation to be blacklisted inside the Mob Duplicator due to the duplicative nature of this item. For those that have never heard of either of these items or simply have no idea what I'm talking about - With this wand you are able to "animate" blocks, turning them into entities. If you then capture that mob in a Mob Imprisonment Tool you are then able to spawn them repeatedly with little to no cost. It's also worth pointing out the mob also drops the block when you kill it. The question of "lag" also arose when discussing this item- as relatively large setups needs to be built in order continuously spawn in these mobs. Some argue that it's less lag than the alternative, but for some bizarre reason, with this version of Minecraft and with sponge, mob entities are usually the laggiest chunks on the server. 10-15 mobs outweigh hundreds of machines. That's pretty crazy. But because players have been really persistent about wanting this item to work fully, I have decided that we are going to give it a try. For a short while this item will be removed from the blacklist on the Mob Duplicator. The point of this is to run a test to see if it's viable for server performance to have this item unbanned, and the idea is to run this test for 7+ days, but if it comes to it being ridiculously laggy then we may cancel the test early. This however, comes with it's own restrictions and a few things you should know if you plan on using it: Items gained from using the Wand of Animation, as well as EMC gathered from the Wand of Animation, is not allowed to be sold, traded or given to other players. This will count as an offense against Rule 4. Don't go overboard. The point of this test is to see if we can really have it unrestricted, if you, yourself, lag out the server with the mindset of "It's only unbanned for a few days, I gotta get the most out of it!" you are not only hurting yourself but also the playerbase. A few disclaimers- We reserve the right to limit the functionality of the animated blocks, when it comes to spawn rates, drop chances, etc. But for now it's all default. If staff find setups that cause unnecessary lag on the server they have the right to demand you to either turn the setup off or tear it down. If you are not compliant or unreachable, either or those things may be done for you, with no option for a Refund Request. And in extreme cases it can be punishable according to Rule 12
  6. Henk

    I have a question

    That’s more of the case with Texturepacks, I don’t think that’s possible with mods, if it is I would be very curious in it
  7. Henk

    I have a question

    Forge is just the API that let’s mods do what they do, without forge, mods don’t work. And without mods, forge is just an empty shell. So the answer to your question is, yes, tou need to install the RLCraft modpack, having forge by itself is not enough
  8. Hello, Sorry, but only staff have the ability to spawn in items without tags that can be used for refunds. For staff it is common practice not to refund directly ingame as we require a refund request on the forum in order to do one, as it acts as a public record for the refunds you have requested and if someone were to abuse said system it is very easy for us to follow the breadcrumbs. This, and the fact that it forces the player to make a defined list of items lost instead of just listing things off the top of their heads, that also helps combat abuse. I don’t see that you have any active refund request, so is it possible you mistook our common practice for them being busy? Nevertheless, it is just one post away and staff will get to it when there’s time. Make a new post in this section: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/363-technical-support/ And follow this template: Thanks!
  9. PDB

    hi, how do i play towny?

  10. Henk I want to apologize for what happened in discord, I am very sorry but i have to talk this.

    he staff southrumble80 and Fermin


    They are reducing players bans just because they accept and reveal that they violate the rules, regardless of wether it is a ban on illegal items, that is breaking the rules, unlike other players who accept their mistakes, they are punished with due punishment, is this the new staff??,, this is unfair to the other players who have been banned.

    In the rules it does not say that the staff can reduce the ban of a player to their will, something illegal is something illegal, the rules are already in place and it is paid as it should be.

    The staff does not rule so you can not do something as you want

    I demand that you begin to punish the way it should be ,, I don't understand why they reduce the ban to dup materials if that was what damaged the server
    The staff told me that "each staff reduces the time they see fit"

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    2. SuarezMC


      Henk, that was not a mistake, they knew what they were doing, especially the soth player, he told me that each staff reduces the amount of time they want 

      Prueba 1.png

    3. SuarezMC
    4. SuarezMC


      I asked the player: do you remember the south saying: "the staff punish as they want and reduce the amount of time they want"? ,,, the player answers me: yes, why ?, the other active players at that moment are witnesses

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