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  1. Player time is not suppose to be moving, and it's a bug that's been with us for many versions. Not sure if the combination with forge and mods is doing something to mess it up, or if it's a bug in essentials itself. VIP and above already have all the permissions related to ptime, with the only exception ptime(others)
  2. Post moved to tekkit, tech support
  3. I’m actually pretty pleased with how the quest turned out and the effort required to complete it(speaking of chaos shard) and if it were to change I would either up the chaos shard rewarded or lower the amount of items required for the task, but not change the core items in itself. I would not want to turn it into something like a truckload of awakened draconium, because that can so easily be scaled up and it would devalue the chaos shard, which with my initial comment was my main goal not to do. As for the normal heart, I don’t mind that killing the dragon normally would be seen as easie or better. That quest is merely there as a convinience for those that don’t want to deal with fighting a dragon on a multiplayer server. And I don’t think that craft is especially unreasonable and luckily, the point of it is to only complete it once, maybe twice. Compared to the chaos shards. I do like the idea of offering instant teleport to chaos dragon locations and it’s something that’s crossed my mind already— but that would require a custom plugins to support. And while I will bring it forward to Bruny about developing, I do think he has other priorities.
  4. Worldedit is completely unusable in 1.16, as any selection containing any modded blocks will just throw a bunch of errors and not execute. We could still review this command request and see about you getting access to it, but there is little to no point to have it .
  5. Refunded and put in a chest at your last logout location T/C
  6. I can't fully explain why the Ender Dragon isn't dropping a Dragon Heart for you, I've heard it be reported by other players too but every time I have tried it has worked fine with me. But I don't really think that either dragon fight is really that good of an experience on a server especially with render distance being the way it is. I often lost the dragon when I was trying to fight it. And the Chaos Guardian is 10s of thousands of blocks out, and the idea that players are zooming through the end trying to find one that isn't already killed scares me. And for that reason, I have added an alternative way of getting both the Chaos Shards and Dragon Hearts. These can be found in your quest book under "Craftersland" and are both repeatable. The idea isn't to devalue the items, so the tasks should still be difficult or inconvenient to make. So the dragon heart requires all the Wyvern gear, tedious to craft but the idea is that you're only suppose to complete this a few times and then move on to Awakened Draconium Seeds. Same goes with Chaos Shards, we don't want to devalue the item so making the tasks for it expensive was important. But also want it to be approachable enough to that some players might choose this method over fighting Chaos Guardians, where as the other way of getting Chaos Shards - With Creative Essence - isn't approachable enough. There is no denying that this is a a very pricy quest but it promotes finding a good way to automate the Fusion Crafting, and as well as setting up a strong Blazing Sluice setup to afford the Ultimate Induction Cells. Alternatively, if you are further advanced in Mystical Agriculture you could setup a Botany Pot setup The three singularities requires are: HPDE Sheet Singularity, Terrasteel Nugget Singularity, Tesseract Singularity. HDPE doesn't require a super complex automated setup with Mekanism, and a setup that you will eventually use for your Fusion Reactor if you haven't advanced that far yet(For the Solar Neutron Activators) Terrasteel Nuggets should be pretty straight forward since there is a Terrasteel Seed so that can easily be automated. And Tesseract is more annoying than anything else All of these are subject to change. This is mostly a test to see if it's practical way of offering either of these items Enjoy!
  7. You're right, one of the biggest issues of modded is that minecraft is single threaded, and putting too much on one thread will eventually cause lag. Not to mention that Minecraft, nor Java, as really built to handle as many mods as we have in these modpacks and from all kinds of different authors that are far from flawless. Now, the method you are suggesting is a very popular method to handle massive vanilla servers. To not only split each "game mode" into different sub-servers, but also splitting each mode into different servers as well. Balancing out the load on the entirety of the processor. It's a great idea and once it works it works very well... BUT, it's never been done with modded. From my knowledge none of our competitors use a setup like this presumably because the infrastructure isn't really there. With the exception of Oceanblock actually, most of our other servers run off Sponge which is a standalone API to Spigot, meaning we are very limited on the plugins we can have on those servers as the number of plugins available is much less than it would be for Spigot. Which is why we've made a bunch of custom plugins for those servers, and then run the "standard" protection, permission and utilities plugins. But Oceanblock does run off a fork of Spigot called Archlight, so we technically could get the same plugins as a vanilla server would but the problem is that those plugins only have support for vanilla and vanilla items. So a lot of things would be very broken- taking item handling for example, syncing inventories across servers when the plugins don't recognize the items as items, and not understanding the NBT tags used... that seems like it would be a disaster. Not to mention that Archlight isn't as widely developed as spigot, so who knows how well it would handle all of that. And even then, if by some miracle we got all of that to work flawlessly, then the biggest issue is still that every mod in the modpack sees this server as one server. Even though it might be two, three, or however many. And just as an example, FTBClaims would probably break all together. Either it would act as one world, so if you claim and chunkload one chunk on one server, it would appear to be claimed and chunkloaded on the 2nd server too. But if you weren't on the 2nd server when you claimed it, then that server didn't register that those chunks are claimed, so while they appear claimed they might not act as it. Or they might. Impossible to tell. But that's just one example, I'm sure many mods handling the world or players in general would toss a fit if introduced to a setup like this. In conclusion, it's a good idea and it would be even better if it was practical. But it would cause even more issues than we are currently experiencing. We do run top end hardware to try to offer as smooth of an experience as possible, and staff do what they can to limit and help lag. And frankly, while I know we've had some hiccups these last few days I still think Oceanblock is running superb given the size of the modpack and how intense some of the late game is. I have tweaked some of the settings in hope that it won't be restart-looping as much anymore(not the same as crash-looping)
  8. Sounds like you took the chance That's kind of the point of Chance Cube, "high risk, high reward".
  9. Refunded and placed in your ME system T/C
  10. Something I did? I haven't done anything, perhaps he thought I was restarting the server or something? Nevertheless, refunded. Placed at your base. T/C
  11. Items refunded at your last logout location, in a chest. T/C
  12. Refunded, with the "spawned in by Endmond" tag, as it gets immediately soulbound to whoever spawns it in. T/C
  13. It won't clear dropped items unless the plugin considers it an excessive amount of dropped items on server(not item specific, just the entity type dropped item) and then it will clear it. So it shouldn't, unless it believes something to be "wrong". But why would you have your valuable items dropped on the ground anyways?
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