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  1. Henk

    [RollbackRequest] FearThisAlf

    Try now
  2. Henk

    [Inventory Rollback Request]SesamPlayz

    This is network servers, meaning vanilla.. that doesn't sound vanilla But sorry, rollbacks only apply when loss of items happened due to fault of server. Sorry you lost your item here but from what I can read you were simply killed by a pigmen and was unable to retrieve your items 😕 That's minecraft.
  3. Henk

    [Command request] BasGroen

    I don't think sponsors should have the ability to repair their armor with a command, even if the cost is small there is still a cost to repairing armor and the tediousness.
  4. Henk

    [Rank Reactivate] Herobrine

  5. Henk

    [Unban Request] Dumblore

    Sorry, permanent is permanent. T/C
  6. Henk

    Energy transfer far away

    No, you should NOT build everything inside a single chunk, the way that minecraft is built is that if you have too much stuff in one chunk it would lag you more, (fps) it would lag the server more and it is more likely to become corrupt. so if you value your items, the. DON’T build inside a single chunk. however, you can builf inside a 3x3 chunk for example, enough to keep everything loaded by the player but 9 times more stable than a single chunk.
  7. Henk

    [Complaint] (EPICFighters)

    This topic is absurd. That you first believe that because the report was made from a retired staff that it had some sort of influence on us at all- that is not true at all. We look at all reports the same. Either if the case is crystal clear we apply the proper rules. As for this case, it's a rule 20 and required my involvement, and I agreed with the decision. You might say otherwise, but your intentions with this wall was pretty clear, claiming it that close to spawn, that large of a claim, and also building a wall to prevent exploration. Not to mention the no-entry tag. Sure, we do have random teleport signs but a lot of the times people want to explore with the base location of spawn and see what's around, since that's a landmark they are familiar with. instead of going to a completely random location. Your wall prevented that. Not to mention your complaints about inactive players claiming a single chunk which blocks towns in a 4 chunk radius, by making this ridiculous size of a town you are directly making more chunks uninhabitable. This is what you mention in your first post: How many inexperienced staff gave their opinion? None. I did, and I'm not inexperienced And I think this topic has had plenty of discussion, as per your request. Topic closed. If you lost claim blocks due to a mistake and have not been given them back you can make a refund request. This also goes if you lost any important blocks, like machines. Common sense
  8. I'll keep the apps open for a few more days, so if you haven't yet and want to get your application in before they close... do it now
  9. Henk

    [Rank Reactivate] Kranvagn

    "SHOULD" be fixed now
  10. Henk

    TopVoter Rank Issue

    Should be fixed now, it was an issue because the top voter rank had not been created on the newer 1.13 servers, but it "SHOULD" be fixed not. Please reply back with a status (also check commands) Sorry for the delay, the 31 day timer starts from this point.
  11. Henk

    [Command Request] (AuRaDigZz)

    http://wiki.mc-ess.net/doc/ because you're using the wrong commands, it's not /head, and it's /flyspeed
  12. Henk

    [Complaint] ZeeDerpMaster

    That is never okay to say, and your attempt of justifying it is just as disgusting as the act itself. Player punished, topic closed.

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