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  1. Henk

    Complaint against: Lancelot

    I'm not sure I was made aware about that incident as I do not recall it- granted, it was over 6 months ago so I might be mistaken. And it wouldn't be correct in me to ban someone for something that happened that long ago, however swimsam is on a very thin line and if he acts out again and I am made aware of it it will lead to a discord ban. Thank you for providing the screenshot/evidence for that. I was brought to the attention of Bee's foul behavior in the discord chat by an old staff member of ours - not lance - and looking over his offenses on the server; That being two warnings for insulting staff. And this being essentially the third offense on that but on discord, where he was calling lance a c***, that he was full of bulls*** and telling myself to F off my patience had already been drawn pretty thinly. Can he not behave in a community then he should not be apart of the community discord. This was not biased, as from my point of view and my actions had nothing to do with the incident you and lance had- the problem was the fact that he was swearing at staff, being disrespectful and writing a full complaint in a place where we do not accept complaints. We do this sort of stuff on the forum, in a constructed matter- as I asked him to. However... I will allow him back onto the discord but he will be under an absolute zero tolerance. So tell him know to get his act together. I heard a few things about the incidents on the server, not enough to get myself into it but I would agree with Lance's judgement that if you guys intentionally messed up End Spawn by halting the accessibility to it, I feel it would be right to let you guys have a chance to clean it up. If anything I think it was generous of Lance to offer you guys a chance not to get banned - for something you otherwise would - you would simply have to clean up what you created. I was also told that in the end you guys' didn't clean it up fully and staff had to go in and do it anyways. As for the crashing incident, players and staff had their own theories on what caused it.. clearly. And I don't really think it was anything in particular, as a manual reboot of the server put it out of it's loop and then it worked as intended again. I think it was unnecessary for anyone to put the blame on anyone else for the crashes. Saying this as Bee also blamed llaya and Lance for the crashes. You speak about how his punishment was unjust- I'm not certain which punishment you speak of. The warnings he received for rule 9? Having to clean up the mess he caused in the end? Or being "accused" by lance - not that I would consider that a punishment really.
  2. i nned change my password


  3. Llaya, you’re on SF3, terminator and flame are talking about SF2
  4. Henk

    Buycraft kits

    good idea, I'll consider this
  5. Henk

    [Command request] IDontHackM8_

    My mistake for the previous command requests, I did not notice you were iScrubPlayz, And because you previously have abused your creative and requested permissions, this and any future requests are therefore denied. Also worldedit was removed. T/C
  6. Henk

    Command Request IDontHackM8_

    Worldedit added, keep in mind that everything is logged and don't use it in large areas.
  7. Henk

    [Command Request] FearThisGoD

    ^this /god is easily abused on a pvp server like this, if you want invulnerability then use creative mode T/C
  8. Henk

    [Reactivate Rank and Prefix] RuisuMC

    There is a max of 3 prefix, I will add your rank and current prefixes on PS
  9. Henk

    [Command Request] KatheRurik

    added, remember that everything is logged and do not use worldedit in large areas
  10. Henk

    Command Request

    added, remember that everything is logged and do not use worldedit in large areas Scratch that, abusing your current permissions prevents you from getting any new ones. Disappointing T/C
  11. Henk

    [Command request] Adriiibr

    Added PS permissions, you already had the ACv1 stuff
  12. Henk

    [Command Request] FearThisGoD

    Added /weather and /time on PS - Do not use this to excess or you will very quickly lose any rights to request commands Added /fly in CTW lobby Rest is denied
  13. Henk

    [Rank Reactivate] ImSaDneSSx_

    Done, next time fill out a proper template, I've seen you do it.
  14. Henk

    [Rank Reactivate] ImJustDark

    Please provide proof of ownership, as I am unable to find any payment.

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