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  1. Happy birthday man

  2. Happy birthday :P 

  3. Happy birthday Hell!

    Have a nice day.

  4. Hell


    Just curious, do you have any other screenshots? I don't see the name icedfrappucino anywhere on that one, or anything pointing to them.
  5. I don't know if it happens on Tekkit, but I've seen on this community that claimed land which has nothing valuable and has been inactive for more than a month can be unclaimed and regenerated on request. Also, 128 chunks is a lot of space to claim, I'd reduce that to what the 1.7.10 servers here have (10 + 10 * number of town members). It's much more reasonable. Last but not least, quarrying the Overworld burns it very quickly, I agree that something should be done.
  6. I fixed this on a server with Essentials: Get the plugin jarfile on your local PC and extract plugin.yml from it. Go to this section: msg: description: Sends a private message to the specified player. usage: /<command> <to> <message> aliases: [w,m,t,pm,emsg,epm,tell,etell,whisper,ewhisper] Remove "t" from the list of aliases. It should remain like this: aliases: [w,m,pm,emsg,epm,tell,etell,whisper,ewhisper] Save the plugin.yml, add it back to the plugin jarfile, stop the server, add the modified plugin, start the server. Boom, Essentials no longer handles /t Hope this helped.
  7. As a player I would tell anyone I care about that this is not permitted and make use of the Complaints section of the forum to report those who are an issue. Just my two cents
  8. I've had big issues with them on a private server I run, I read that changing the "timeout-time" setting on spigot.yml to 9000 could help. But I agree their lagginess is unacceptable.
  9. I don't play on this server anymore, but if I have trouble seeing in a cave, I change my monitor's settings to see something. Good luck finding if someone else does that...
  10. You can upload them to Imgur.
  11. Brunyman does maintenance on Mondays and Fridays.
  12. I believe /t is conflicting with a tell command, if those could be disabled on other plugins (mainly Herochat and Essentials) it would be fixed.
  13. If they were, I suggest relocating the smeltery so that it fits in a single chunk. And placing chests in another one, just in case.
  14. What type of chests were they and what mod were they from?
  15. Hell

    Everything gone

    I wonder... If it was in a random shuttle, why did you take it? Did you know creative items were such an issue? EDIT: The "Edit" button is useful when adding stuff to already posted messages.
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