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  1. Timur

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, it calls "Big Bang Theory"... and it's actually good. Exept you can only watch it in Chinese dub. I wish next wish granter wish something good for me
  2. Timur

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, now every male on this planet have sexual feelings to you. I wish all 16-30 y.o. beautiful and normal female have sexual feelings to me.
  3. Timur

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but now you owe couple blowjobs for it. I wish next wishgranter wish something for himself.
  4. Some people use custom launchers to launch game. For example MultiMC. If you using custom launcher, and game crash with log looking like this Then you should downgrade your Forge version to 2641 or older. That's just a headsup fo people with crash at starting.
  5. Timur

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but now it use 32+ Gb RAM to run I wish i have tail?
  6. Timur

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but they all griefers, and you'r only admin online. And you don't have any permission. I wish i have more time to play minecraft.
  7. Timur

    New Modded Server! Pick the modpack! Vote here!

    I don't think adding Galacticraft is hard thing to do. All you need is insert 3 JARs in Mods folder GalacticraftCore-1.12.2- Galacticraft-Planets-1.12.2- MicdoodleCore-1.12.2- Other thing if it has incompatibility. Tell me what modpack you trying to modify, and i`ll see how can i help.
  8. Timur

    New Modded Server! Pick the modpack! Vote here!

    This mod never been updated pass 1.10.2 beta. Btw, my modpack got Wizardry. It is Ars Magica "lite", kinda. You can craft custom spells there. Not as many as Ars Magica had, but atleast something. LINK
  9. Timur

    New Modded Server! Pick the modpack! Vote here!

    That exact moment when you finishing your own, custom built modpack. Maybe it's my chance?.. @brunyman Maybe you consider adding custom modpack? I`m making one right now. (Acutally, i`m making it more then half a year by now.) I still need 1-2 weeks to finish and polish it. It`s version 1.12.2. This modpack utilize staged progression, mostly unchanged recipes. And many tech and some magic mods. Main mods is: 1) Immersive Engineering, and Pertoleum 2) Industrialcraft 3) Mekanism 4) Nuclearcraft 5) Botania 6) Blood magic 7) Advanced Rocketry 8) Thermal Expansion 9) Techguns 10) Draconic Evolution 11) Astral Sorcery And couple not so "main" mods like ExtraUtils, DarkUtils, Psi, Baubles, Wings, Letpacks, building wands, chests, etc. No Tinker's tho. Somehow i don't like this mod anymore, also no Actually additions, because it's ugly. FTB team loves this mods. I don't. Will wait for your responce, Brunyman. And yes, i remember Andrew, and his modpack policy, so if you refuse, i will not be offended.
  10. Timur

    SkyFactory 3 Server is open!

    Oh wow!
  11. Timur

    Trolling & bug

    Can you please describe problem more detailed? How trolling?
  12. Timur

    Wireless connector issue

    Thing is... "AE2 stuff" mod is BUGGY. When you place any of it`s block, it causes server to crash. So for preventing crash server just deletes item causing it. Every time you unload and load chunk with this block, it`s similar to placing block down. So to prevent crash this block just get deleted. Don`t use it.
  13. Timur

    Saving mirror Dimension

    I believe Mirror dimension is one from Witchery mod. This is basicaly 16x16x16 box where you fight with "mirror" boss. Only conviniency is, you can enter and exit freely via mirror. (Work similar to Portal gun's) Probably TS want to store machinery there so not to lag own base, but have access to machines at any moment. Similar effect you can get by making AE2 Spatial dimension. Pros: 1) No one exept you can enter this "room" (If you hide mirror, ofcourse) 2) Cheap to make 3) You can move Mirror to another location, room still will be available. Cons: 1) Small, unexpandable size of "room" 2) Does not reduce server lag. Recomendation to @danhensh1 If you want lagless world to build your machines, you should use Last Millenium dimension. I believe this dimension does not get wiped (Not sure, but Brunyman agree now to wipe it at WD20 server) Also, you can claim up to 3 towns, so you can vote for money, and just build proxy base elsewhere, and place all your machines there.
  14. Pros and cons of this suggestion: Pros: 1) New modpack for comunity. Basicaly that`s it... no more pros Cons: 1) Brunyman will not just change modpack on existing server, he does not simply stop servers wich players still play on. Only way to add new modpack, is by renting NEW server. Wich cost more money, obviously. 2) Hardcore modpack is funny and all... But... Can you imagine amount of frustration regular players get if they die due to server lag, PvP griefing, or just accident? This can repel players from playing this modpack, wich leads to server inhabitation, wich leads to unprofitability. 3) Human is inventive being, he WILL find a way to abuse economy system of server, wich will ruin hardcore nature of this modpack. See how FTB Infinity going. 4) This modpack will be HELL to manage by admins, and other staff members. You need new set of rules, specificaly for this modpack. Wich leads to more rule loopholes abusing. More arguing about "He killed me! And now i lost my base! I want rollback" and so on... And what about Sponsors and Prem+? They have ability to spawn stuff. 5) 1.6.4 is old version of minecraft, and most of community got NO interest to play on old version. Just because it`s old... Even if it`s better then new one... Overall, I like idea of "more modpacks for community", but specifically this modpack will cause more headache then joy.
  15. Timur

    Refund of [Premium+] assets

    Usually Brunyman checks forum every day, but if your refund request will not get responce for a long time, you should NOT worry, Brunyman is busy man, and managing multiple servers. Just wait a bit more, or BUMP this post after 48 hours, or so. Trust me, Brunyman solve every issue, every time.

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