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  1. Are you politician? Do you really think I should be quiet, and let you say anything you like? Why am I responding? Because that's public forum, and I see you telling lies right now. And you didn't tell me it was joke, you only promised to be my nightmare. Of course, after griefing me (no jokes at this point) and then just straight telling me you didn't just break my ME system in front of my eyes, and telling me "You don't have proofs!", mocking me. After all this I obvoiusly began to watch you. I locked my base, even thought about making Computercraft player tracking (there is a way, but i
  2. Is that so? You never treaten to be my "Personal nightmare"? After me reporting you for griefing my base (Sparitsa is witness and judge at that point) Come on, dude. You mocked me (after you got banned for griefing my base) that you just gona buy unban, and return to become my "Personal nightmare" (Your words, not mine) Last but not least, you imply that you are not breaking the "Letter of the Law", but.... there is a "Rule 0", rule above all rules. (placed at very bottom of rule list, ironically) 0. Use Common Sense: The rule set can't be perfect and as such
  3. This community support cracked players (ones who didn't bought Minecraft) Making server Premium will NOT fix lag issue. It will only hurt Cracked players.
  4. Why wouldn't you just lock your base, so no one can enter? And forget about that Sleetyy/timothysage.
  5. If you change your name, you will not be able to use anything in your town. You will lose all progress with Thaumcraft, Witchery or BloodMagic. (if you got any) But you can pass your base to your new account, by launching 2 games at same time, and inviting your new self to town. Then you can /town pass (name) to transfer ownership to your new account. You can use Thaumcraft Tome Of Knowlege Sharing to pass all researches. (if you got any) There is nothing bad will happend if you pass ownership to new account. You just need a bit of work to do.
  6. You poor person, you lost quarry again? And yes, mining world get wiped every months. You should know about this.
  7. Ye, that happend when server crash and rollback. Try not to use them, use anything else, I recommend using Energy node and energy cables from Extra Utils for RF power, and ic2 cables for EU. Also use Fluxducts, but massive network of fluxducts cause some severe fps lag (for me). For energy conversion you can use Energy Node for EU>RF, and RedNet Energy Cable for RF>EU conversion Yes, these cables are craftable, see
  8. Thats exact reason why I ask a permission to use it. Console client does NO harm to server, and banning it seems unfair. It's like banning Chunkloader altogether, for some reason. And punish people for using any form of chunkloading. I'm asking for revision of the Rule. P.S. Harmfull behavior of Console Client is possible, of course. But same goes for harmfull behavior of Hacked Clients, but there is not Rule forbidding using Game Clients? And Hacked clients can be spotted and punished. Same can be done to harmfull console clients, and their owners (IP adress alias check can show it
  9. Console Client is small program that can connect any server (no need to download and install mods) and perform simple tasks like: 1) Receiving and sending messages 2) ... basically that's it... It just stands, doing nothing. Can be used as chunkloader. Doesn't need food, but can be killed. Can send messages or command by timer for anti-AFKkick, or as some sort of anouncement. As I remember admins allowed to use Console clients of richer server presence, and instant server join for support. https://ru-minecraft.ru/fayly-dlya-minecraft/49630-minecraft-console-client-konsolnyy-
  10. BUMP to @brunyman He is owner, he can decide.
  11. Your Name: Timur Description of Request: I am requesting permission to use Console Client for chunkloading my base while i'm Online. Restrictions: 1) I promise not to use it for mining, messaging, advertisement, spam or any other activity except chunkloading. 2) I promice NOT to leave it active while i'm Offline. Reason for request: Current chunkloaders or Anchors randomly corrupt cables, making AE2 system, fluxducts and cables unusable. Console client is mostly similar to Secondary Game Client with only difference, it doesn't load as much RAM as Game Client.
  12. You got security station in ME network somewhere? It can randomly delete cables and other stuff. Not sure what caused Drive glitch tho.
  13. Sure, if it helps. Ask moderator to close this topic if it solved your issue.
  14. https://goo.gl/iZt4ak That link goes to main site, and i don't know where to vote.
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