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  1. Should u BUMP this post of @brunyman maybe?
  2. You mean "WIPE", right? Wipe is not only map regen, but also inventory clean, all base deletion and all progression deletion. Only thing left is donator perks.
  3. My mistake, i read date of Bruny's first post of this topic. I forgot it was about wipe poll, not about wipe itself. Poll have failed, so he said... "We will check the server status in 1 or 2 months again" so probably it's a goood time for a wipe poll, @brunyman.
  4. Well, wipe MAY be needed, but it's only 3 month passed, it's too early. Practice says best wipe time is about 5-6 months. But if still, you can ask @brunyman to make a POLL to decide if wipe is needed. And if 2/3 of active community say YES, then there will be wipe. P.S. I'm pro-wipe, so you got my support here. But i will not go against community. There are many more modpacks to play while you waiting for wipe.
  5. Um, @ManYouForgot you fixed it?
  6. Lol, server up for like 1 hour, and already someone lost something XD
  7. Actually i see 2 problems here... 1) Twilight forrest and other dims does NOT have world border (unlike Overworld), so there is always a territory you can generate. 2) As i heard whole server, with MAPS and mods and plugins, located in server's RAM, meaning if you pre-generate large chunk of dimensions that would cripple server more then if you generate new territories. Maybe that's reason why maps wasn't pre-generated? I'm not sure.
  8. BUMP again, @brunyman Can you solve this issue?
  9. Twilight forrest get wipe every month or so, like many other dimensions. Pre-generating fresh dimension instead of just deleting dim folder may be much smater move, and for sure you got the point. But how about you make a SUGGESTION post about it, and get "Brunyman" 's (owner) attention instead of intentionally lagging server just to prove you're right? Kaszanka is just GM, he's not allowed to mess with server files. Don't make his job harder then it should be. He is not getting payd for this "job". It's totally voluntary. FTB IE server got many problems, and TF is one of them. But problems won't fix themself if players won't tell about them on forum.
  10. I wanna ping @brunyman Can you plz add this item to shop or allow recipe? The whole reason this recipe was disabled only to force players to use Immersive cables for power transformation. But since IE cables disapear time to time on this server i don't think we should use them anymore, and use RedNet power cables instead.
  11. Yeah, i think the same. Immersive cables keep disapearing. And there is no other legit way to transform RF to EU and vise versa
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