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  1. Pros and cons of this suggestion: Pros: 1) New modpack for comunity. Basicaly that`s it... no more pros Cons: 1) Brunyman will not just change modpack on existing server, he does not simply stop servers wich players still play on. Only way to add new modpack, is by renting NEW server. Wich cost more money, obviously. 2) Hardcore modpack is funny and all... But... Can you imagine amount of frustration regular players get if they die due to server lag, PvP griefing, or just accident? This can repel players from playing this modpack, wich leads to server inhabitation, wich leads to unprofitability. 3) Human is inventive being, he WILL find a way to abuse economy system of server, wich will ruin hardcore nature of this modpack. See how FTB Infinity going. 4) This modpack will be HELL to manage by admins, and other staff members. You need new set of rules, specificaly for this modpack. Wich leads to more rule loopholes abusing. More arguing about "He killed me! And now i lost my base! I want rollback" and so on... And what about Sponsors and Prem+? They have ability to spawn stuff. 5) 1.6.4 is old version of minecraft, and most of community got NO interest to play on old version. Just because it`s old... Even if it`s better then new one... Overall, I like idea of "more modpacks for community", but specifically this modpack will cause more headache then joy.
  2. Refund of [Premium+] assets

    Usually Brunyman checks forum every day, but if your refund request will not get responce for a long time, you should NOT worry, Brunyman is busy man, and managing multiple servers. Just wait a bit more, or BUMP this post after 48 hours, or so. Trust me, Brunyman solve every issue, every time.
  3. Is it possible to get Online map?
  4. Did wipe happend?
  5. Disconnect from server for a long time

    Can you upload log? Screenshots maybe? What game says?
  6. I believe it's pretty clear, community wants Wipe. @brunyman, you should anounce ETA.
  7. New modpack version

    Not worth it, IMHO... P.S. I guess i need to explain myself... By adding new mods we add new IDs, that can mess up existing world. So adding new mods should be delayed untill possible wipe.
  8. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    Well... I guess most of community choose option "2" Delete regions with unused islands. Personally, I think the same, it`s a good option. @brunyman, if it is possible, and not TOO hard, please do it. Anyone from active staff, please lock this session. I don`t think we need more disscussion about this topic.
  9. First feeling about SF 3.0

    Ah, I see! Well... first of all, server doesn't get "updated", if minecraft version changes. All staff comunity agreed SF2.5 and SF 3.0 is TOTALLY different modpacks, so we can't just "update" it. But, Brunyman want to ADD new server with SF3.0 alongside with 2.5. First try to add v1.10.2 server is our new DW20 v1.10.2 server, and as you can see it got some problems. So, while this problems doesn't get fixed new SF3.0 server is delayed. Althro, SF2.5 will NOT be replaced... As far as I heard... Also, Brunyman want to add not one or two new server, but actually 3! 1) Direwolf20 v1.10.2 2) Sky Factory 3.0 v1.10.2 3) FTB Infinity v1.10.2 My info may be outdated by now, let some active staff member proof am I right or wrong. P.S. Your responce for SF3.0 is usefull, because many players haven`t played SF3.0 so far, and don't know how good/bad it is. My feeling about SF3.0 is mostly the same, but I don`t mourn about lost mods. My only complain about SF3.0 is UNBALLANCED mods. They just doesn't fit to each other.
  10. First feeling about SF 3.0

    Did I miss something? Do CL have SF3.0 server online? P.S. I agree, v1.10.2 is still raw in terms of mods. Many beloved mods stay 1.7.10. SkyFactory 3.0 modpack doesn`t have many "interesting" mods to play with. But still, it doesn`t mean we shouldn't play it.
  11. Maybe it`s time for a wipe? @brunyman Can someone from Active Staff make a poll?
  12. Player item refund.

    This is wrong section to post this request... Someone move it to Network
  13. New site design!

    New site design? I like it, @brunyman!
  14. [Refund Request] Milogo

    That is usual problem for Deep Dark. Please don`t use DD portal when you in DD, because it tryes to teleport you in Overworld. And since Overworld is Spawn, it teleports you back in DD, under Bedrock. Use "/Is h" or "/home" to leave DD. Items refunded in chest on your island. T/C P.S. Not sure is it doubleposting, or he lost same stuff once again, but i searched his whole island, and his inventory, and didn`t find any armor, wands or thaumic stuff. So i refunded him. @milogo If you was double refunded, please inform about that any staff member online, and give items to him. Or destroy them in front of staff member.
  15. Happy bday :)

    1. Timur


      Thank you!