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  1. @brunyman. Can you please start a new poll? But make it last a bit longer then 1 day.
  2. I think you named this topic wrong. Do you want this town to be deleted? You are not part of this town, you don't have town yet. Do you want to settle next to this town? Or maybe you was part of this town, but ot kicked/left the town? Please explain what you want more precisely. P.S. For town removal use this template
  3. One more week, and new poll should start.
  4. Timur


  5. Mhm... @brunyman... New Year, New Wipe?
  6. Don't think so. Draconic reactor explosion was disabled via config, it just explode like tnt now, and even less. It's more like IC2 nuclear reactor meltdown, or even IC2 nuclear bomb (nuclear bomb crafting disabled, but if someone used cheats to spawn it, then.... idk)
  7. Dominus, aka NikkyBlack... Mah dude... You were offline for last 6 days on server... And YOU telling me you'r active community member? Your town mates (Phoenix342, kyriakos05char) are inactive aswell (7 and 6 days offline). Do you REALLY want to argue about server wipe? Or you just doing this because you too immature to give up? I see you don't have much time to spend on server, so just don't hold it back.
  8. Also... how do you got viewrange that high? All i have is like 4 chunks, and then server just unload chunks
  9. Yes, wipe is needed... but... Right now: 1) There are still people playing this modpack right now. Wiping their progress is... undesirable. 2) Server is actually not that laggy. 3) There are still some places to start your base. But either way, only thing I know is... Sooner or later it's coming anyway. We can't postpone wipe forever. It WILL happend! So, @brunyman, anounce wipe at certain date, like a months from now on. Let people who's progressing right now to complete their progress. And give people who's waiting for wipe a certain date, so they know what to wa
  10. @Kaszanka_1234, say sorry to this poor guy. P.S. I got killed by thous laser aswell.
  11. Brunyman, you didin't gave enought time for general community to vote properly. Some of them didn't even noticed this poll. 1 day is too short for a poll. Also, do something to newly registered accounts, because fake accounts is a real thing. Don't think they should vote if they registered after poll started.
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