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  1. Timur

    Didn't dupe

    Is IceWack your teammate? In same town as you?
  2. Hey @brunyman... What do you think about replacing Sky Adventures with Sky Odyssey? Basically Odyssey is continuation of Adventures. Similar to FTB Infinity and FTB Infinity Evolved. If short, it's better, bigger and more challenging then Adventures. Maybe add a poll to know what people think?
  3. Your Name: TimurItem Name + Amount: Certus Quartz Wrench (4332) x 1Coordinates: X -1590 Z -310Description of Issue: Crafted controller with full inventory, wrench disapeared.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/ZAhaDtw As you can see i got 3 controllers, 6 energy cells and 2 energy acceptors. I lost wrench while crafted controllers. Also, i got achievement "Craft controller" taked, which means i crafted in atleast once.
  4. 1) What server/modpack is it? 2) Crash report would be REALLY helpfull. 3) Have you added any unofficial mods in said modpack (Optifine, etc.)
  5. Wierdly enough weekend is worse time for a wipe for me. Moslty because i can not play at weekends (busy in other places) But i'm sure no one cares ). Everybody will be busy collonizing new map.
  6. @brunyman PLEASE do something with Mushroom biomes. Tweak it somehow.
  7. Oh, cool. A new modpack. And it's skyblock, something we needed. On seccond thought... this modpack is way too easy... and BORING!
  8. Um... Bump for @brunyman Any word after maintenance?
  9. Uno BUMP'orino Just wanna hear an answer plz.
  10. It's been almost 6 months since last wipe. Map littered with abandoned megabases and noob houses. Server lags with 10 players online. Maybe it is time? @brunyman @Henk
  11. Granted, now you feel happy every time you should feel sad. You laughed at your dog funeral. I wish Elon Musk to invent real life Anime Cat-girls
  12. At first i thought, it's Ender quarry... But it leaves not only dirt, but grass and flower... Yeah, it looks like WE
  13. IMHO, everyone make own challenge for himself. 1) You can play legit (use fastest way to gather resource, fastest way to progress, use keys and other server rewards, build NO base whatsoever, purely progress) 2) You can roleplay (build beautifull base, not use certain "cheaty" game mechanics, not use keys or market, basically just play for fun) 3) You can expliot (use market, use all "cheaty" mechanics like someone's existing RFTool dimensions with ocean of UU-matter, or fields of draconium ore) How you play is totally YOUR choice. If you see someone givig away something end-game, you can take it... or you can ignore it. It's YOUR game after all. YourCraft!
  14. Account Name: Timur Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) 1 x Ender Quarry 1828 1 x Efficiency 3 Quarry upgrade 1 x Silktouch Quarry upgrade 4 x Endergenic Generators 4 x Ender pearl monitors 8 x Seqencers Blue = Important Green = Pretty important (Would be good to have back) Red = Not that important (May not be refunded) Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: August 9 Description of Issue: We placed Ender quarry in Minig world, hooked up Endergenic generator setup feeding it, and after about hour everithing just gone. Evidence (optional, but recommended): Vitnesses: Me, Jak222pro, zDerp (aka Derp) Town name: Arcana
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