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  1. [Investigation request] My town crashed the server

    Thanks, maybe I will use another type of chunkloaders instead of world anchor
  2. Suspect my madness treefarm cause lag and crashed server

    Thanks Brunyman, I've removed the steam oven and I don't think that I need the crusher again. And yes, I have 1 world anchor on the central chunk
  3. [Investigation request] My town crashed the server

    Town name: RotoBase Coords: x = 963, z = 2865 Time: February 18th, 2017 10:50PM GMT+7 Description: After server restart I relogin 4 times but everytime when I login server keep restarting. I suspect that my base has crashed the server and the problem maybe comes from the Railcraft Steam Oven again. Update: Looks like the server has self fix the crashing error and I notice 1 obsidian block is spawned next to my harvester. For what I remember there are no items or blocks near this machine. I cannot upload the image now because imgur is error
  4. Suspect my madness treefarm cause lag and crashed server

    Update: my crusher is mad too, now it not form multiblock structure and everytime I break it I've been disconnected Update 2: after n time of disconnection, I've broke the crusher with the cost is severe lost of structural items need to build it
  5. Eyewithness: Dane0813 (saw the chaos on my treefarm), SatanIsMyLord (regconize the lag spike) Today when I login I see a tons of "An explosion has been stopped" like problems on this post: When I returned, I see my steve cart has multiplied and run like F1 racer, Dane0813 saw it. When I tried to remove and delete them the server crashed. I suspect that my steam oven has exploded due to overheated or full or steam but the explosion prevention mechanisms on my town has mess with it and cause the madness for my base and the server. Now I've remove the cart and replace the charcoal farming with lava-steam endless generator. But I think further investigate must be done to prevent this situation occur on future p/s: Sr my base coords is x = 963, z = 2865
  6. [Refund request]Saved chunkloader disappeared

    Account Name: Rotomegax Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful): Railcraft World Anchor (1315) and 9 ender pearls Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: February 2nd, 2018 Description of Issue: After setup a storage place I realized that the World Anchor has disappeared Evidence (optional, but recommended): The hole on this picture is the place of the World Anchor
  7. Hardcore Questing Mod not work

    Today while I'm playing, SpiningShadow ask about Hardcore Questing work or not. When checking I see that it not work (right click with a book not appear the HUD). Then I remembered the time when freezing while data save caused by the corruption of this mod, maybe the timed out issue of the server come from the error of this mod
  8. My base is mad on this morning

    I think so, maybe the explosion is come from the steam boiler because I saw a lot of explosion on it's position and when I came, all pressure tank were not form multiblocks. Btw I will removed steve carts woodcutter ASAP when I has harvester
  9. My base is mad on this morning

  10. Missing Trnsaction Log ?

    Try to set the mail filter, maybe you set wrong filter so no market mail are seen
  11. My base is mad on this morning

    About 13h before the time I submit this post, I were login 30 seconds before the restart, after restart I re-enter to my base and saw the notice "the explosion has been stopped" automatically spam on 30 seconds, when I look into the roof of the base I see many of explosion. When checking I saw a horrific things: steve cart (I only has 1 to submit charcoal for the boiler) automatically cloned equal to the number of tracks I've placed as shown on this picture I was deal with it by only keep 1 cart, break the track by using water bucket and destroy another with lava bucket, then re-install tracks and everything is fine right now. But then I realized that almost immersive cables were stripped out and drop on the floor, I only recovered some of them and crafted another one. I don't know what kind of bugs cause those events, but in my opinion the investigation should be done to prevent somebody find out the mechanisms and used it for their benefits
  12. Day Time

    What kind of machine that can speed up the night time? It should be added to restricted items list, it is totally unfair for vampires and anyone who want to activate division sigil or broom entchant. Moreover it can cause severe lag for the server
  13. [Refund request]Grave lost when be throw to the lava pool on nether by a giant

    Received, thank you very much
  14. [Refund request]Grave lost when be throw to the lava pool on nether by a giant

    As I say, the most valuable item that I want to get back is the super builder's wand. When I fall to the lava pit my inventory only contains low-tier tools make from sapphire and peridot, only 1 shiny pickaxe with silk touch upgrade and it may be good if you can refund me the silky jewel too. Otherwise, the inventory rollback is good for me if Brunyman can do it 5 minutes before the time I post on the #1. Because I just craft the silky jewel and make the shiny pickaxe with rod and binding from papers 5 minutes before
  15. [Spawn Shop] Item Suggestions

    I think we should add electrotine too, hery hard to find it without the ender quarry. Maybe the prize is more expensive than another items

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