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  1. Thanks, I've increased it to 8GB. By somehow craftersland launcher always set memory to default 4gb whenever I turned it off
  2. Today when I login to game I got crash game continously and got this crash log, can someone analyze it and tell me what's wrong and does the bug is so serious so that you have to reinstall the modpack? Because this modpack is extremely heavy, reinstall it with my internet cost a lot of time to complete https://paste.dimdev.org/emuxefukez.mccrash
  3. I agree, sometimes immersive cables disappeared, its really pain if the cable disappeared is HV cable
  4. Yeah, it depend on Brunyman. But its better to have something to load my base when I'm hunting ores or travel far away from my base
  5. But that mean when you are not in the base (like on the space or mining or have to move to the next chunk), machines will be unloaded. Also it force you to build everything that most convenient for you so that you will not unload any chunks, in that case is put everything on the edge of the middle chunk or on the middle chunk
  6. I don't talk about sustain it, what I want to talk is this item not work, it is bugged. I tried to provide it with enough energy source and water supply but it seems some bugs prevent the fertilizer column to be filled, the essential condition for Garden Cloche to work. I've tried put bone meal into it but it not remove bone meal and fill the fertilizer column If it cannot be added into Restricted items list, does anyway to tell another player not to craft it atm?
  7. Garden Cloche does not work, I've tested it for 30 minutes. The crafting require machines for mid-tier when you explore to Tech Reborn, not materials that can be crafted immediately. And also on one guide I read they says that 1 Cloche has efficiency equal to 9x9 normal canola farm with farmer from Actual Addition, this is a huge efficiency when compare to the size and energy consumption it takes (only 1 block instead of 9x9). Imagine someone try to craft it for this huge effects, planned for all long into it and realized that it not work, that person has to planned everything again that may cost a lot of resources.
  8. As title, I just found that Garden Cloche not work. I've asked multiple staffs about this and the answered that the item is bugged on any modpack of craftersland server. Crafting this item require many of steps including making 1 advance machine frame. Please add this item into restricted item list until it is fixed to prevent another players tried to craft it and waste valuable resources
  9. So if sv wipe, we can start space station normally, don't need to follow the guide posted on guide box anymore?
  10. I guess wipe will come soon, because this is the end of April and the wipe when x4 vote rewards are best start for everyone
  11. Update: by somehow I successfully accessed to server without disconnected at this moment
  12. I'm sorry for not reply soon because 7 hours ago is night and I have to sleep. The problem still occur, please enable journeymap again for anoher players. This time it generate another crash log https://pastebin.com/URhnC3bZ When it disconnected, there is a pop-up "Minecraft ran into a problem, press ctrl-I for more info", I failed to take a picture before disconnected but it link to this crash log
  13. @brunyman I found that when disconnected on craftersland launcher the last line the messages and errors show is "[21:31:49] [Client thread/INFO] [foamfix]: Unloaded world <net.minecraft.client.multiplayer.WorldClient@29ea0a56 0 MultiplayerChunkCache: 169, 169> was garbage collected." Does it gives you some clues?
  14. Yes, I've delete the pack on Craftersland launcher and resinstall it, the same issue still happened
  15. No, I don't use and Idk how to install cracked cursed launcher. But when searching I find another theory says that this situation is caused by the bandwidth of internet but I tried to connect to Berlin, my download spd is 6.9 mbps while upload spd is 2.6 mbps. Also I can play on another server of craftersland except Continuum. I don't know does TeamViewer can help me to solve this situation or not
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