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  1. When is the next map reset?

    The target for ftb inf is > 1 year because 6 months are not enough to go through it. The previous wipe is done after 6 months because it is the first time.
  2. The server is trolling me

    I'm sorry I'm not login atm because I'm busy, but what I see is that with 8Gb the disconnected when travel through dimensions and long time lagging is gone. But the "you are already connected to server" still happened 90% of time I connected to server
  3. Follow to the light by hiding on the dark :ph34r:

  4. [Refund Request] Sparks dissapeared after restart

    Sr I see wrong, but if only sparks disappeared, a refund request is faster.
  5. [Refund Request] Sparks dissapeared after restart

    You should change the form to refund request, because only 2 sparks on 1 chunk disappeared. Moreover only Brunyman can rollback for you and he is busy, but staffs can refund for you immediately when they see your requests
  6. The server is trolling me

    Sorry for long time not response, because I just have the new computer with better RAM (8GB) and have to test it. On the new computer I use FTB laucher instead of MultiMc and all problems vanished. I've reused the MultiMC and the "you are already connected to server" appear again even when I just login for the first time after 2 days (but whe I rejoined I'm not be freezed and disconnected), so the root of problems comes from the MultiMc launcher. Btw the FTB launcher works well on 8GB RAM and not be errored just after few times using like on 4GB RAM and the freeze and disconnected when change dimensions does not appear again. So I think all problems not comes from internet connection but comes from insufficient RAM for modpacks and also MultiMc launcher, sorry for annoying
  7. Game-breaking error while joining [Rollback]

    I'm afraid that you have to post a refund request because there is no cue for this situation than wipe out not only your inventory but also reset your player data
  8. data saves times out alot of players

    Here is the prof for his theory, this guy also have this problem and one player mentioned about Aroma Core https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/339tdx/ftb_infinity_freeze_lag
  9. New modpack version

    No changelogs atm but seems we have 3 new mods: - Tinker's mechanic - Springboard - Forge Relocation and it's plug-in
  10. data saves times out alot of players

    Brunyman, I'm honest, early server wipe is very painful for everybody (especially me the one who need 1 week for the first thermal foundation machine case without the spawn shop), but the wipe must occurs if it can solve these problems once and for all
  11. First feeling about SF 3.0

    I just write my experience so everyone come here will have first looks about SF3.0, because many people want to play online in 3.0 version but like you said, the modpack is not ready and we should stick with the 1.7.10 version for a while. I think the next server should we update to 1.10.2 is FTb Infinity Lite, it's expert mode will come soon. p/s: Without Thermal foundation is a enormous disaster
  12. First feeling about SF 3.0

    When I make the mob spawn I see them move with the normal speed, maybe the glitch has been fixed. And more thing about SF 3.0, in this time is the decorative things. Like Dw20 this modpack can expand the imagination into unlimitless with chisel2, decocraft and the OP Chisel & bits mod (if you have time to adjust bits by bits in the surface of the block)
  13. First feeling about SF 3.0

    This post is about my feeling about SF3.0 modpacks and gameplay, because I just only played on it for 2 days so if I've wrong in something, please notice me 2 days ago I've upgraded my computer so now I can play SF3.0. There is something importance about mods in this modpacks: - MFR and Thaumcraft are not appear because they have no stable version on 1.10.2 (MFR 1.10.2 is still in beta while Thaumcraft 6 maybe struck somewhere in the void) - The next thing is Thermal Foundation is remove, does the modpack developers are smoking weed or something so they remove a famous mods even now it have stable version on 1.11.2 - This modpack contains so OP fluid storage system. The Get' ya tank here mod add very OP tanks that can hold a tons of fluid just by some materials in early game (the diamond one only require 5 diamonds but can hold 1024000mb - double the amount that resonant portable tank from TF can hold), then we have seared tank form Tinkers' Construct that hold lesser (but "lesser" in here means hundreds of buckets). Moreover Tinkers tank can hold many of fluids inside but not mixing them together. And also the seared furnace can crush any kind of furnace when compare about the OP. - Ex Nihilo become more convenient when they merge all kind of metal ores into one (clusters and clumps), silkworm drop more frequently and can be cooked to eat. Sieve meshes are very interesting because each of them have different kind of material can be sieved - I'm not try colosal chest but I'm affraid that it can cause lag for server - Compacter is removed and be replaced by the Autopackager - the one used to cause a tons of lags for server - Draconic Evolution become more interesting with the fusion crafting - Mystical Agriculture (a.k.a Magical crops) become more OP with the upgradable watering can (but the autonomous activator is not here >!<) - Moreover, fluid cows is replaced by chickens that can produce ANYTHING. - Finally, AE2 is replaced by Refined storage but this mod do not contain autocrafting yet, so we have to live without autocrafting for a while.
  14. data saves times out alot of players

    Yeah, data save is too annoying, I've crafted excess 2 harvesters, 1 trash can (fluids) and a tons of cover due to data save
  15. offended by these frogs

    To be honest, I don't know how you lost the account to another player just by cracked launcher (if it is true) I'm using cracked launcher, and anytime the IP changed, I have to wait 5 minutes before the "you are already connected to server" notice disappeared (if it mercy with me or I have to wait 15 minutes if it not). And everytime login you have to type your password again. And I'm sure that you can not so dumb to post your password in chat channel, but if you do this, this is your end, you cannot complaint anyone. If he want to steal your accounts, he has to login with the same IP. In case you are using VPN, he have to know your VPN and in both case he cannot see your IP unless you let your computer vulnerable with trojans, viruses... (in case he is a excellent hacker) and again, it still your end.