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  1. Looks like no one care about technical problems of this server anymore, sadly but now we have to find a way for ourselves. Like your topic my topic now no one come, even to notice that "I'm sorry but due to many of bugs and errors, we cannot solve your problem right now"
  2. The other way is place another one like the one be bugged, this is nightmare if you imagine you have to build the second draconic reactor or the second creative energy cell so that the first one will work Idk how this bug happened but when inf server just open no bugs like those are found
  3. UPDATED: Thermal foundation cyclic assembler meet the same issue, but the issue is resolved after few times break and replace another cyclic assembler. I've invited llaya to withness it and maybe llaya has seen the cyclic assembler can only work when I remove another cyclic assembler
  4. @brunyman, now I can summarise what is going on with this mod: - When placed, the logistics pipe glitched and stop working, looks like they are struck by some command. The only way to unstruck is place or break another logistics pipe. the pipe can cure glitches or create it when you place it, not depend on does it connect to the system or not I believe if logistic pipe is placed on the chunk that contain BC Laser system, they will have the same behavior, the situation will worse if many logistics pipes have 3-4 connections. p/s: I found out sometimes apiary from forestry suffer from the same problem even share the same chunk with Logistics Pipes or not
  5. Brunyman can do that easily, but I think some explosion can bypass the explosion protection of the plug-in. In that case it maybe an accident rather than the attempt to sabotage server
  6. Your Name: RotomegaxItem Name + Amount: 1 ender pouch and 1 dollyCoordinates: x: 4069, z: -1354Description of Issue: Waldhein want to show his huge hungry node, after few chats I tpa to him to see the node and be sucked into it and died because server restart right that time. Almost items are not valuable or be recovered by Waldhein but the ender pouch and dolly is missingScreenshots (Optional):
  7. UPDATE: by somehow now it form multiblock again, topic may be closed
  8. The complex included firebox and the boiler tank from Railcraft not form a multiblock structure when I make it, @brunyman can you fix it?
  9. UPDATE: @brunyman, the situation is getting worse days after days, now to make the system worked I have to place one pipe connected to the system and then break it. Also after restart pipes are broken. I cannot constant playing anymore and as my estimate it takes about 1 month for the certus wrench and many of the processes required autocrafting. I've invited @CowGoesBananas to withness the bug
  10. Hi Brunyman Sorry for long time no response, but now the situation is decreased. The logistics pipes system still have a lot of delay but it is usable and the bug now can be considered as the courage for players to make ME system because the logistics pipes system before bug is superior to the autocrafting of AE2 system
  11. Since the update, BC laser have serious problems, on the picture below my laser system has 6 lasers (240rf/t in total) and looks like they work but not. The HV energy storage behind it still work normally but no RF is generated, this situation takes minutes if lucky or forever and I have to broke and replace entire system. I've tried to call for any staffs online atm to help but no one reply.
  12. I'm sorry for offline for a long time, but about the second question about the Laser relay. With small setup reconfig them is easy but when you have a lot of setup reconfig them can be a nightmare. @brunyman can you prevent server restart eliminate all connection between relay?
  13. Use redstone repeater and a redstone loop for alternative, it may a bit complicated but can work well
  14. In that case, you should do 2 things: First, you should post the complain on complain subforum, there is a form on it and wait for staffs, he should be banned very soon Second, make refund request, use template pinned on this subforum, about 1-2 days staffs will refund for you
  15. Thanks @Towilloughby and @EPICfighters. I will begin to move the storage drawers, void ore miner with the ore processor with it and the Extreme Reactor setup out of the middle chunk as soon as I can relogin. But in the final case I'm affraid that I have to post the request to "demolish" - wipe entire base and make a refund request if I cannot stay long enough to do it. I hope that I have not to do that. Sorry for annoying you, the topic should be closed, further steps I will post on Discord or on Technical Support
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