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  1. This topic can be closed, as I opened a Inventory Rollback Request
  2. Your Name: GreynixCoordinates: x:76, y:13, z:4782Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): Death time was 3:27:52 PM 7/22/19, so the closest time before that, maybe 3:27:00 PM 7/22/19?Description of Issue: One achievement is "traveling in the nether to get 7km away in the overworld", it put me outside the borders and killed me instantly, as it's impossible to get to my gravestone, I need an inventory rollback please.Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Wow, hope that works!
  4. I have lost a diamond and gold backpack, full with very important tools and stuff, it would be great if I could get it back.
  5. Would you increase the frontier 420 m to the south, so I can have a look ?
  6. Right, I died instantly, and there was a gravestone by the nether portal in the overworld.
  7. Your Name: GreynixItem Name + Amount: Grave StoneCoordinates: x:76, y:13, z:4782Description of Issue: traveling in the nether to get 7km away in the overworld is an achievement, but here you can stuck in a wall, maybe outside the borders
  8. The OSS (Object Submission Station) can be crafted very simple, easy recipe. In the Quest Book it is under "Obligatory Hoarding Quests". In it's graphical user interface it has to show the Quests like in this screenshot I took from a YouTube video: But here on the server it is not shown:
  9. I checked the planetDefs.xml file in the config folder of advRocketery. Can you please explain, how to get the Bucket of Oxygen? If not, please remove it from the config file.
  10. [Update]: The config file of Advanced Rocketery has to be modified as the documentary says that the necessary artifact "oxygencharger" has been renamed to "gascharger": GitHub -  AdvancedRocketryDoc/AdvancedRocketry/index.php ------ Hi I have found already all planets to complete the quest line "The Last Frontier". That was out of curiosity. My next goal is to terraform the Moon. That's why I need Hydrogen and Nitrogen in huge masses. I figured out, that Nitrogen can be mined with the unmanned vehicle from the planet "AdvancedGases". Today I checked again the config file of Advanced Rocketery and saw, that the uncraftable artifact "OxygeneBucket" has been removed as necessary artifact. I will try to scan it now!
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