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  1. I checked the planetDefs.xml file in the config folder of advRocketery. Can you please explain, how to get the Bucket of Oxygen? If not, please remove it from the config file.
  2. [Update]: The config file of Advanced Rocketery has to be modified as the documentary says that the necessary artifact "oxygencharger" has been renamed to "gascharger": GitHub -  AdvancedRocketryDoc/AdvancedRocketry/index.php ------ Hi I have found already all planets to complete the quest line "The Last Frontier". That was out of curiosity. My next goal is to terraform the Moon. That's why I need Hydrogen and Nitrogen in huge masses. I figured out, that Nitrogen can be mined with the unmanned vehicle from the planet "AdvancedGases". Today I checked again the config file of Advanced Rocketery and saw, that the uncraftable artifact "OxygeneBucket" has been removed as necessary artifact. I will try to scan it now!
  3. Your Name: GreynixItem Name + Amount: Meat Feeder 1 , Unbreakable Wand 1Coordinates (format x, y, z): 2437, 52, -2263Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: Description of Issue: ItsHarryFan11 and RazAssassin had to butcher everyone and everything because there was a big chunk issue caused by Norburger, after the respawn my Meat Feeder and Unbreakable Wand was missing.Screenshots (Optional):
  4. I didn't check which mod this item is from, only looked at the tooltip that is can be picked up with a Pickaxe (greeen fonts). I just asked, because I have been receiving so much help on the server and everybody is so friendly. Seems to be different in this forum. I can craft it again, no problem, just waste of time. Would it cost you anything to refund it, how does it work technically?
  5. Your Name: GreynixItem Name + Amount: Matter Fabricator + 1Coordinates (format x, y, z): 2441, 52, -2262Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest:Description of Issue: Tried to pick it up my Matter Fabricator with a Pickaxe, but I only got an Advanced Machine Frame back. Screenshots (Optional):
  6. No need for Refund, but thanks for the hint. Maybe it would be better to remove the quests for Refined Storage.
  7. I have been given 3 x 16k Storage Disks as Refund after a closed issue, where I reported them missing. Now they are missing again, luckily I only have put in some oak wood, which I don't need. But I want to know, if it would be better to avoid using the Disk Drive at all, maybe it is bugged? (The timestamp in the screenshot is for UTC+1 in Germany)
  8. Thank you, great job, can I have the 3 disks refund too? 🤔
  9. Right the current location is not the original location, that is given with the coordinates xyz: 2439 51 -2257 . Unfortunately I have discovered it 1 or 2 days later. And I can't remember, when I have had finished the Disk Drive and the Storage Disks and transfered all the stuff. That would also be great, if the chests have still the contents of before the transfer. As I said, I noticed it 1 or 2 days later.
  10. Your Name: GreynixCoordiantes: xyz: 2439 51 -2257)Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): Time not sure, maybe 21/03/2019Description of Issue: I think the server crashed and I'm missing 3x16k Storage Disks in my Disk Drive, which I have moved now, without Storage Disks. I had transfered all chest contents to the Storage Disks.Screenshots (Optional): no screenshot as I was not expecting this
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