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  2. You can try and use an unstuck, it may work . I link it here. https://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/1347141
  3. Podrias publicar la transaccion de PayPal para poder verificar tu rango? Tambien podrias decirnos que servidor era en el que tenias Premium? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Could you post the PayPal trasaction so we verify your rank? And also tell us in which server you had the Premium Rank
  4. This is quicker if you need to get sent to spawn https://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/1347141
  5. Town is still growing! Come over while there's space
  6. Review rewards normally take 1 week to go through with bruny since he's the only one able to do them, just be patient.
  7. I don't remember needing to find the Solar System planets for completing "The Last Frontier", you only really have that so you go back to earth if you need to. As for the Ionite one you don't need the ocean either unless you want the oxygen liquid from there but since there's a free water tank and basically infinite water I don't see the need for that really. Either way I asked for this to be moved to Cont Suggestions since it's posted under the wrong subforum If you need some help regarding AR you can msg me, I know most of the mod.
  8. Account Name: ItsHarryFan11Rank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: /top - /thru - /icReason for Request*: /top and /thru = I use those both to be building around in my bases and in the city project I have now the controversial one /ic = I mainly want this one since as many of Cont staff might know, I have a town project in Cont and I used /ic in case they went over their plot size limit and put their stuff back together in their plot. Considering I got to GM and never had a complaint of griefing, even I got requests of putting back stuff in their plots cause they died in my base :P, besides, I have GMC so I don't really have a reason to raid or grief people. Thank you for your time Also enable my Signature on Forums ples I have no idea why I can't have one anymore
  9. This has been a long known bug ever since Continuum started, caused by basically massive lag spikes that break the fluxducts or item/fluiducts whenever a massive lag spike goes through. The only fix for this is to restart the server, either you have to wait or ping a manager for him to restart it.
  10. Issue Resolved T/C
  11. They'll look at this request when they can, stop bumping the post.
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