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  1. ItsHarryFan11

    First trip to Luna

  2. ItsHarryFan11

    More on the duct bug

    Problem is caused by massive tps spikes and needs a server restart to get fixed, hopefully now that the modpack got updated it doesn't happen again. T/C
  3. We already have a XNet thread going on, follow-ups on the other thread. T/C
  4. ItsHarryFan11

    "Search nearby inventories for item" not working

    Which item are you talking about? Storage Scanner?
  5. Server got updated to Continuum 1.6.0, XNet is in the updated mods list. You could check if this bug still keeps happening, if not tell us.
  6. ItsHarryFan11

    Advanced Rocketry issues

    Server got updated to Continuum 1.6.0, Advanced Rocketry is in the updated mods list. Try searching for planets now.
  7. ItsHarryFan11

    Pavilion M, HarryTown

    Apartments starting at $2500
  8. ItsHarryFan11

    [Inventory Rollback] ItsHarryFan11

    Refund completed by Epic T/C
  9. ItsHarryFan11

    [Refund request] LuckyChuckie

    Refund completed T/C
  10. Your Name: ItsHarryFan11Coordinates: x=1530 z=-2484 y=63Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine) (day/month/year): 1:15 CST (19:15 GMT)Description of Issue: Threw my Tinkers' axe into the trashcan and I need it xdScreenshots (Optional): sorry epic xdd
  11. ItsHarryFan11

    [/bq_admin edit]*HowDoiName*

    So you are looking to have the quest manually completed? I will forward this to the higher ups and see if this is possible. We're working on it
  12. ItsHarryFan11

    My Skin isn't showing in the server I'm in!?

    We'll check what's going on with your player's database, give us some time to check.
  13. ItsHarryFan11

    inventory rollback #2

    We'll get into it, thanks
  14. ItsHarryFan11

    no mobs spawning

    wait for someone else to close the topic since I can't close it yet xd
  15. ItsHarryFan11

    no mobs spawning

    Talked with the player In-Game and mobfarm is fixed. T/C

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