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  1. Rank is applied in-game, any problems with commands?
  2. Sorry for the delay in an answer, we recommend not using Refined Storage since it's bugged as hell from 1.10 upwards, plain chests would be better, I recommend doing a refund request or just wait for the Claim Rollback to be made and then transfer all the stuff to plain chests.
  3. I don't know if this has been resolved as of the refund, if it didn that's epic, if it didn't tell me through discord or just answer here for a refund request in the things that were griefed, on the things that weren't claimed I can't really do anything since, well, you didn't claim them. As of how they got stolen there's some bugs in the GriefPrevention plugin so I'd recommend putting everything in your original claim as far inside as they can go so this doesn't happen again while we fix the issue. Also I recommend to not use item frames (in case you used them). Topic Re-Opened for 5 days
  4. RFTools is a mod that commonly gets bugged, try replacing it with another Storage Scanner, if it doesn't work just wait for them to get fixed.
  5. It could be happening recently cause of the TPS issues that Cont is experiencing lately, I suggest using transport pipes/itemducts/hoppers/vacuum hoppers/a direct chest for them to not get lost.
  6. I already answered to you on discord over this problem, told you that we have tried everything to fix this and at this point it's a compatibility issue with other mods or just resetting the files of the mod every month since it relies on the date, nothing we can really do anymore except resetting everything again every month, as I already said in discord try changing to another system. Not gonna close this topic in case something comes out as a fix soon.
  7. Items despawn after some time to prevent lag, I recommend placing Hoppers nearby or itemducts to fix this and automate it so you don't lose materials, to automate the crusher you place a chest on the output block so it doesn't drop the items to the ground, that way you don't lose stuff.
  8. I recommend doing a refund request next time, it's way faster and honestly this can be solved way easier with a refund since it's just stabilized metal, an inventory rollback would take 3 days. Refund Complete T/C
  9. Can you please follow this template to make things easier and faster? Also try to be very explicit with your description.
  10. There's currently not many dimensions in Continuum, and even if they are the Matter Receiver/Transmitted would need to be chunkloaded in the other dimension, which isn't possible right now due to chunkloaders being a WIP. I was talking about using the Elytras or the Jetpacks to move around with more ease.
  11. I couldn't recreate the same error, instead they just simply don't work, investigating in forums seems like a mod compatibility issue, I suggest using other means of transportation.
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