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  1. The server's market player is, just as the name implies, player based. We can't be forcing a minimum or maximum price for stuff, it's up for players if they want to ruin their full gameplay experience by "cheating" their way into ore-mining and just buying all the hard stuff. T/C
  2. I already told you this through Discord and In-Game, it wasn't server's fault you missclicked the sign, we don't do the refund in this case for the sole reason of you being close enough to the sign and missclicking it, if it was the server's fault or a bug where you clicked from far away and still bought it it'd proceed, but it didn't happen that way. As for the price of the quarry I didn't set it up, but you could add a suggestion post so it gets lowered. T/C (12:35 CST) Topic Re-Opened (12:45 CST): Player wants a professional answer.
  3. I'd just really recommend a Refund Request, cart probably rolled away too far by now making it impossible to get it anyways. You can get the template for the refund here
  4. Did you remove your town by yourself? If so please respond If you ever need to do a similar request you could follow this link here and follow the template so it's easier for us staff to remove it T/C -DaBe00593
  5. Thanks for your comments but this really doesn't belong in Technical Support, more in General, so I'll move it there. Next post you could try and formulate more so it doesn't look like post-farming either Keep on having fun!
  6. Refund Completed, chest placed in x: 3674 / y: 22 / z: 2493 T/C
  7. Could you post some screenshots or give me more context on when this started to happen?
  8. T/C I guess? Moved from Tekkit General to Tekkit Technical Support
  9. Brand New Town in Continuum finally arrives! Aydenopolis (Formerly known as HarryTown 2.0) Changes from HarryTown and Aydenopolis New Plot Size! (3x3 chunk sizes, can be expanded to 6x6 depending on the terrain and situation) New Aesthetics! Public RF Source (Coming Soon) Public Machines (Coming Soon) Public Farm containing all foods in-game (Coming Soon) And more!!! Send a message In-Game or through Discord (Link in my profile) for more details
  10. Could you post a link to the image that you meant to send? You can just upload it to imgur so I make sure to transfer ownership of the correct chunks.
  11. Someone posted this link in Continuum chat since the original one was terribly slow, I checked it myself and it seems virus-free. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10gGYW7O9fSOz_DnbFiui0_Zu1LUQIzp4/view
  12. Ok, I've been talking to Continuum's staff and we've come to the conclusion to not adding it to the restricted items list. I'll explain why. It's not causing any bug or exploit in the server It's not a hard item to craft It's not an item to sustain with massive income of RF The item itself is not bugged, it works whenever it pleases, it may take few mins, it may take days, that's how Sponge works. We're not adding an announcement for it either cause, as I've said, it's not a hard item to craft, you're only wasting Iron, Steel, Tin, Coal and Copper, and the item itself is needed for the quest line. T/C
  13. Is it only a Flux-Infused Pickaxe? Because if so I can just refund it really. The Inventory Rollbacks are when you lose something unique or your whole inventory with valuable stuff that you can’t remember.
  14. Look at it objectively. Most of the recipe relies on Iron, Coal, Tin and Copper, stuff that at that point you can get easily with a Void Ore Miner Tier 1, and if you can sustain a VOMT1 you can sustain the Garden Cloché. And even then, as I said, the Restricted Items list is purely reserved for Items that cause bugs and exploits.
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