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  1. Towilloughby

    [Refund request]Rotomegax

    Refunded players T/C
  2. Towilloughby

    Help! i lost my stuff! again....

    Please follow this template and edit or recomment your post
  3. Towilloughby

    Refund Request

    Item refunded in a chest in the middle of your base because you didn't put any coords . T/C
  4. Towilloughby

    (Refund Request) Sane333

  5. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request] Sedva

    Refunded player and confirmed in game T/C
  6. Towilloughby


    Yeah you right click the area from one corner to the other with a golden shovel and it will claim it so no one else can take your items Can someone move this to IE
  7. Towilloughby

    Accidentally add curse of binding item to body

    What’s the problem? Can someone please explain what is broken?
  8. Towilloughby

    Can we get a SF3 wipe soon?

    I have spoken to a lot of players since June when I started, A lot of people have come and gone I think it will be good if we get a server wipe, it’s been out for a long time, maybe it can be done for Christmas and I saw that DW and Tekkit got one so why not sf3? Leave opinions below
  9. Towilloughby

    DW 1.12 Chunk loader bugs?

    I have been asked to made this forum post from discord due to the person not being able to make it, I think the problem is that when you have a multi block structure and try to keep it chunk loaded it doesn’t work and someone’s Draconic reactor has blew up due to it
  10. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request]_The_Elemental_

    Please list the items below you want refunding please
  11. Towilloughby

    Accidentally add curse of binding item to body

    This isn’t a server problem so we can’t help, you can do /suicide to remove it T/C
  12. Towilloughby

    {refund request} tannerrobotics

    We can't refund the items you had in your drives because we don't know what you had We can give you a new system like what you had in RS but on AE2 System instead
  13. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request]TGPriest

    Refunded T/C

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