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  1. In game name: Towilloughby Description of Issue: I had 1 Fancy tag, It was either for sf3 or cont, at the time i staffed both of them, As I am getting back into MC i just realised that i don't have the Fancy Tag anymore... Date/Time of Purchase: 24/12/2018 Items/Rank Bought: Fancy Tag **Sorry for the lack of proof these was bought as a gift from someone**
  2. Your Name: TowilloughbyItem Name + ID + Amount: Draconic Helm Draconic Chestplate Draconic Leggings Draconic Boots Draconic Staff of power Draconic Bow Upgraded fully on all items above^ Coordinates: X Y Z -8447 147 -17664Description of Issue: When i used to be staff i did /ci a lot and it would delete all of my items, and i can't get them back now because i am not staff.
  3. I remember playing the test run, only had one job,**Kill shiny!** and yes I killed shiny, it was fun to play with when we tried it out, miss the fun times ?
  4. *I Seen this in a old fourms post for sf3, Assuming i can do the same because there is a bug after so many day's you lose your island and im going for a bit so i want the file for myself to keep for memorys Island File Request Towilloughby IGN: Towilloughby Coords: -8480 128 -17698 X Y Z Coords
  5. Hi I have looked through all your post's and stuff so what has happening is You went to help him out at his base with JessRed about a mob issue, You died due to mobs and stuff which therefor meant your items went into a grave. When the graves was broken either you gotten hit by mobs again or you couldn't go back to it therefor some of the items despawned and some of them was floating about. And when you went to re tp to him for the items he killed you thinking that YOU had HIS items which you didn't have so it was a situation which wasn't communicated properly and people got mad. Next
  6. Can this be moved for Rev he is a Rev helper @ZengZ
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