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  1. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request]SpongebobFan123

    Refunded the rest
  2. Towilloughby

    vote keys gone after server restart

    Hi i went to these coords and there is nothing there : (
  3. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request]SpongebobFan123

    Hi, I only put one Blutonium ingot in the chest because you did not say how many you lost. If it was more please comment bellow, Also there was no issue just normally give refunds a few days
  4. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request] SalvaCZ

  5. Towilloughby

    vote keys gone after server restart

    Hi, You're coords and your home has no claim Can you please make a claim i can put it in so no one will steal them
  6. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request] GFlix

    Refunded and contfirmed T/C
  7. Towilloughby


    Done T/C
  8. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request] GFlix

    Hi, please make a refund with this template , comment it below
  9. Towilloughby

    minecraft error

    Hi, It seems you're going to need to make a invrollback request please use this template and make a new post this will set your base back and it should be ok to go near Here is the template link
  10. Towilloughby

    minecraft error

    Hi, I am going to move this to continuum technical support aswell so its in the correct area Also i have sent you to spawn that should work if not you have filled to many items inside your inventory which has broken it and you would have to make a invrollback request, so please try and relog now
  11. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request] Jetstream55

    HI, Sorry i can't refund you because you didn't claim the area :- ( Sorry T/C
  12. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request] MMD

    Confirmed refund and T/C
  13. Towilloughby

    [Refund Request] MMD

    Hi, Done the refund request and here is a picture of where i put the chest at your /home because you didn't list any coords.
  14. Towilloughby

    Invisible wall

    Hi, I went to the max build height of the area and their is no grave. Please make a refund or a Inv rollback with this link for a template to a Invrollback: And this link for a refund request template which you need to use when making the post Refund Template I recommend making a new post for this thanks

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