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  1. Hi, So in my RS system i have a big RS with alot of items Each one of these are 64k drives, Everytime i try and open it it crashes me with this error Any help would be amazing, Thanks
  2. Towilloughby

    Corrupted island

    Island has been reset, So no crashes anymore. Thanks T/C
  3. Towilloughby

    Just get rid of my island

    Island is set back to default everything it fixed Thanks T/C
  4. Towilloughby

    [Island Rollback Request] Thakurz

    It will not be your island it will be your inventory. you might have had way to many items inside your bag
  5. Your Name: TowilloughbyItem Name + ID + Amount: 700 EXP lvlsCoordinates: My base Description of Issue: I was travling between the end, and the overworld the server crashed i lost all of my Exp, I got this from killing chaos dragons and its annoying because i needed it for a project i hope i can get it backScreenshots (Optional): If you can't give them back its okay its just quite annoying when its server crashed that made me lose it. Thanks
  6. Towilloughby

    SF3 Challenges

    That would be amazing, Maybe some end game challenges if you can add them or something because once you hit end game its just boring :).
  7. Towilloughby

    SF3 Buy More Claim

    I think players just wanna get to like the max to 200X200, It is 160x160 now and its about 350blocks between bases from what i have worked out. Maybe you can sell like 10X on the SF3 buycraft page, Or maybe sell it for ingame cash to give it some more Value
  8. Towilloughby

    Spawn Sign Glitched/Needs fixing

    Yusxis Fixed it : - ) Thanks a lot T/C
  9. Towilloughby

    Towilloughby's Pre Island Rollback

    I get what happened its a misstake, Just please be VERY VERY careful next time and allways check your Draconic Staff AOE!! :? T/C
  10. Your Name: TowilloughbyIsland Owner Name: TowilloughbyCoordiantes: X: -8470 Z: -17661Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 15th Wednesday 2018, Anytime on that date would be fine Description of Issue: All my items are lost i need a island setback, Thanks
  11. On SF3 when you go from spawn to the sign it should't show this This is something wrong with the open computer, Please fix as soon as you can. Thanks for reading
  12. Towilloughby

    Island Trouble

    I have heard of this glitch before, It is when players haven't been online in a month or + it Glitches out sometimes the island is there and has no perms sometimes it isn't but it still counts it as it is there, I dont know what to do with this a Higher up may be able to get it back or something. The reasons the Oak Barrels are really slow is to stop lag but when the tps gets low for some time it will take ALOT longer/ The Living Entities may still be glitch from your old island, And a higher up will have to look into seeing if it can be removed or fixed.
  13. Towilloughby

    SF3 Buy More Claim

    So This could be a good Idea and i know a few people ingame would already want to buy this, So buy more claim size for SF3 beacuse the max is 160x160 But builders who like building want more space for their island and would pay to do it, I dont know if it is difficult but its worth looking to see if it can be set up. Thanks for reading

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