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  1. As it can be seen on the screenshots, I punished him the same day the issue took place due to the messages he sent that were shown on the screenshots you provided. Also, if you want to report him because he's spawn camping, you need to have visual proof. And regarding him lying to a staff member, nothing can be seen on the chat. T/C.
  2. As SuperSlimesKing mentioned before, sending the IP of a server is illegal. If someone knows about your server without you having to speak about it on the chat and wants the IP, message him through private messages, don't use the general chat to send the IP since users will most likely be curious and join your server. I'd like to reiterate, promoting your server, someone else's server or doing any other type of advertising has a consequence. About you not knowing that it wasn't illegal, it's not the staff's fault that you didn't take the time to read the rules of the server, even the server's chat reminds it to players quite often… Unban Appeal Denied. T/C.
  3. Please do not necropost. (Post on old topics) T/C.
  4. Topic Moved to Network Technical Support.
  5. Topic Moved to Network Technical Support. Hello, Please edit your post and if you have proof of your inventory, use this template. Otherwise, use this template.
  6. Heyyyyy! Feliz Cumpleaños Capo :)

    1. gerry_lmao


      Muchas gracias Panda!! 🤩

  7. Topic Moved to Network Technical Support.
  8. User told me in-game he doesn't have more proof. Invalid evidence. T/C.
  9. This screenshots don’t prove anything. If you have valid evidence, send it to me.
  10. Topic Moved to Infinity Evolved Technical Support.
  11. User punished. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
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