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  1. You are not IAmTheKay lol

  2. Player punished! Thanks for the report! T/C.
  3. Hello Goodnight! What modded server does it play on?
  4. Hi! Topic moved to Technichal Support Tekkit
  5. Hello! To begin with, it is something silly to put that enderchest, it has no name and it would simply be impossible to know whose it is ... it could be anyones...But yes, it's mine due to collected evidence..?Something that simply the entire team Staff knows because it is teamwork! As iiTzFermin_ said, not because a staff has that kind of thing, it means that it is corrupt .. please note that for the next time you want to report a staff member, please have conclusive or irrevocable evidence! Good night!?.
  6. Hello, as @AnonymusYo says to make this type of request there is a format.. As I said in another topic, they are abusing illegal items in an area of other matantoles players for no reason. They destroy the area for no reason, seeing clearly that it is not yours and they only do it trolling The unban request denied. T/C
  7. Your topic doesn' make much sense?? Clearly both you and VoyagerZ were immortal and in possession of illegal items. Your unban request is denied. T/C
  8. hello @riverash the video does not load.. check that everything is fine
  9. As always my warmest congratulations to the new TopVoters??
  10. Hello! I think he was in the wrong area Topic moved to Technichal Support [DW 1.12]
  11. Quiet with that haha the console will check the registry of the // we as I already told you and if there is simply no mistake made, the prohibition will be removed? The issue of protections was resolved until this happened .. But do not worry while you find out what happened on the console, be patient .. if it was not you and you are innocent, the punishment will be removed.. Tomorrow you will be given a final answer to your topic. T/C
  12. Hello nice night! for the moment we will have to wait for a GM or the administration to review all the Sponsors who have used // we if you were not the cumpable .. Because the moment as clearly seen in the images, his nickname "FearThisGod" and the user "BabelUno_ were the sponsors who were there so they are the most affected by guilt.. The duration of your ban is 7 days and the reason issued for the ban was by rule 15 Momentarily your "Unban Reset" will be denied until the administration checks your // we records.
  13. Topic Dupped Moved to Server Problems. T/C
  14. Hello good night guys! Sorry for the bad time that was put to you, the problem was already solved in the server "All the blocks placed" were removed! The administration will solve the bug of the blocks as soon as possible, any other anomaly please let it know Note: The administration will check the summary of the movements made with the // we to see who else is involved.. For obvious reasons the players FearThisGoD and BabelUno_ will be punished! Note II: The bump is every 2 days. Topic moved to Server Problems. Have a nive night! Topic Closed.
  15. Hi guy! Topic moved to Technichal Support MC Eternal. Have a nice day
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