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  1. IronSonicksYT

    Report [CriticLC_]

    Well as I said is my opinion, only that I think, if he was cheated is his problem, nobody forced him to do it (or if?)
  2. IronSonicksYT

    Report [CriticLC_]

    Well ... from my point of view that is not illegal, since they are not taking deals with things from the server store, at least I hoped that somebody from the staff would be connected to help but I do not wait ... so I think it is not illegal since he was the one who gave them things (Items) that was already his risk
  3. IronSonicksYT

    [Edit Prefix]

    Be patient @brunyman or @Powerwarp they will answer you in time
  4. IronSonicksYT

    Unban Pls

    Admiral_desoto is not my account, IronSonicks Yes
  5. IronSonicksYT

    Unban Pls

    Hello today I would like to ask for help, well banned for the first time by ban evade [was not my account] was my friend who went to my house, banned me for 12 days was not my fault but I accepted. The second time I do not know very well because but they added me some days of which I had to please Unban @Powerwarp @Zyko @IAmTheKay
  6. Hola adria te molestaria ir un rato a survival hay un chico con items ilegales pots que lo hacen super fuerte que mata de un golpe  is Cappers

  7. IronSonicksYT

    Disband please

    In game name:IronSonicks Rank:Premium+ Server:Pure survival Hello I would like to appeal to the forum for a baneo a little unfair [Maybe deserved] banned me for the second time for something I did not do and I joined the days of banishment I do not know because but please disbang @Powerwarp @Zyko

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